Joytek Three Temp Warm Heated Scarf - Battery Powered Heated Scarf for Ladies and Men

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Joytek heated scarf offers three temperature modes to keep your neck area warm while outside in cold winter weather.  Cashmere-like Flannel close to skin to add to your feeling of warmth.

Battery Heated Neck Scarf for Cold Weather


Battery operated heated neck scarf. Enjoy a warm neck and shoulders when you wear this heated scarf on those frosty cold winter days.

Ladies Heated Neck Scarf for Winter

Three Temp Warm Heated Scarf for Men and Ladies - Soft Heated Scarf by Joytek

Cozy scarf for men and women with three heated temperature settings. This warm scarf provides 3 to 6 hours of heated warmth to your neck and shoulder area via a 5000mAh portable charger. The Joytek heated scarf has a carbon fiber heating element that is located at the back of your neck. With the 3 different heating levels of high, medium and low you can maintain a perfect balance between your needed heat and the expected battery life; up to 6 hours. An indicator light on the scarf changes color (red, blue, green) depending on the chosen level of heat, so it is easy for you to see which level of heat you have set. This same button can be used to turn the heating element on and off. A 5,000mAh USB rechargeable battery provides a high-tech design that you can count on. Joytek battery operated heated scarf is hand washable, making it easy to take care of your scarf.


On a cold winter day I love to wear a warm heated scarf when I go out early in the morning just to walk my dogs. These scarves are also great for winter sports; use your heated scarf for sitting in the bleachers watching your favorite team play. This is also a great scarf to use while skiing, hiking or fishing. Keep your neck and shoulders warm with a battery heated scarf while shoveling snow from your walks or most any other outside work activity. This is a great heated scarf for those who love climbing as a sport.


You will find this rechargeable heated scarf is cozy and warm even without the heat turned on. If you need a stylish way to heat your neck because you have neck pain then this heated scarf will fill the bill for you. This Joytek heated scarf is 34 inches by 5.5 inches in size.


The side next to your skin of this heated scarf is made of soft cashmere-like flannel, with outer side being a material that helps keep the heat from escaping the scarf. Scarf is lightweight, weighing in at only 7 ounces.


This Joytek heated scarf is a great gift for husband, wife, friends, parents, children and just a causal acquaintance. Give at Christmas, Birthday parties or just to say I care about you and want you to stay warm.


What you get with your order: (1) power bank, (1) heated scarf, (1) Drawstring Storage Bag, (1) USB Cable..


If you want to keep your hands and fingers warm also when you are outside on cold winter days, then take a look at these Battery Heated Gloves for that added comfort. Along with your neck, keep your hands and fingers cozy warm as well.





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How Heated Clothing Works and When to Use It...

April 7, 2023 - Heated clothing is designed to help keep you warm and cozy on those cold wintery days. This type clothing has thin wires built into the article of clothing at different points. These thin wires are connected to a battery and when turned on a low electric charge is passed through the wires allowing them to heat up. The wiring is separated by a waterproof membrane making them safe to use in damp conditions. In some cases it also allows the article of clothing to be machine washable. This also allows heated clothing to be very safe to wear.


There are all types of heated clothing on the market today, because it is so popular. There are heated vests, heated jackets, heated gloves, heated socks, heated scarf, etc. that utilize this thin wire technology to provide you with warmth during the cold winter months.


Heated clothing is usually lightweight and allows you to stay warm, yet still have the mobility that you need to move around easily vs. being weighted down with multiple layers of traditional clothing like heavy coats, bulky gloves and multiple layers of socks.


Most heated vests and jackets will have 3 heating elements, 2 heat elements located in the chest area and one in the center of your back. This heating element location has been shown to be the best for heating the body's core. Heated gloves will typically have heated elements on the back of each hand and with some styles will have wires to heat all of the fingers down to the fingertips as well. A heated scarf will usually have one heating element at the back of the neck.


A small pocket will be located in different spots on the different items of heated clothing to hold the battery. This allows the battery to be removed for recharging and to allow washing of the clothing item. A button on the clothing allows turning on and off of the battery and usually has a high, medium, low setting for the heat level. Battery life will depend on the type battery and the setting used. Max battery life is usually any where from three to eight hours. If you are going to be out for a long period of time you might choose to carry and extra battery.


Heated clothing is good for muscles, stimulating blood flo and increasing circulation which helps increase the range of motion and reduces stiffness in painful joints.


When you are wearing your heated clothing you will be more relaxed because you are warm and you will find yourself feeling sorry for those around you that are miserably shivering.


There are so many activities where heated clothing is great to have. Outdoor activities such as hunting, ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, hiking, climbing, working outdoors in construction are just a few of the ways that heated apparel will make your life so much more comfortable.


You may even like a heated vest or jacket just to keep you warm when you leave for work and are waiting for your car to warm up. Perhaps you had to walk the dog before that and not only did that heated jacket feel good, but so did those heated socks and heated gloves that you had on.


If you have a child that waits outside for the school bus, then heated clothing is a blessing for them, also. Another time that your heated clothing will come in very handy is when the power goes out and you have no portable generator that will keep your heat on for you.


If you think about your activities during the cold weather months then you will realize how many times you would use your heated vest, heated gloves, heated socks, heated scarf or heated jacket. If you have thin hair or no hair then you might even love a heated beanie hat for winter.

Joytek Heated Scarf for Ladies and Men to provide warmth to your neck area while outdoors in cold weather. This scarf heats the back of your neck.

Joytek Heated Scarf Features



Keeping your neck and shoulders warm with a Joytek heated scarf will help you enjoy your outdoor activities on cold, windy winter days. If you like outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing, fishing, climbing or watching football, etc. then you will really appreciate having a warm heated scarf by Joytek. It has a comfortable fit and keeps your neck and shoulders warm for a long time. This battery heated scarf carries a rechargeable 5000mAh power bank. The amount of heat can be controlled from a low to medium to high setting by the touch of a button on the scarf. The battery life is up to 6 hours depending on the heat setting. This Joytek heated scarf has an interior lining made of ultra soft cashmere-like flannel which is light, cozy and warm next to your skin. The exterior material is made to not allow the heat to escape easily. You will enjoy how lightweight this scarf is; weighs only 7 ounces. The drawstring storage bag that comes with the Joytek heated scarf is small enough to make it easy to carry with you when you are out and about.


This scarf is a great gift for those you love and care about. Give to your wife, husband, parents, grandparents, friends, co-workers. Makes a nice gift for most any occassion.





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