Ororo Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket
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Slim fit heated jacket for women in Heated Clothing. This heated jacket for women is perfect for staying warm during outdoor winter activities, while walking the dog, cold indoor environments.

Ororo Womens Heated Jacket


Stylish Slim Fit Electric Heated Jacket for Women to stay warm during outdoor winter activities.

Slim Fit Heated Jacket for Women

Slim Fit Electric Heated Jacket for Women - Ororo Women's Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood

Stay warm with this slim fit womens battery heated jacket by Ororo. Ladies, this Ororo heated jacket with built in heater and a detachable hoodie will keep you warm and comfortable while doing any of your outside winter season activities. The detachable hood is specially designed for chilly wintertime mornings and extra protection around your head and neck on windy, damp days.This heated jacket for women has a soft shell fabric exterior and a fleece lining ensures you don't lose any excess heat and enjoy comfortable warmth while wearing it. 3 carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas which are the left and right chest area and the mid-back. These heating elements can be adjusted to low, medium or high with just a simple press of a button on the jacket. The jacket's slim-fit design relieves you of worrying about bulkiness. Women who work indoors, in a cold office or attend meetings in cold conference rooms will love snuggling up in their Ororo heated jacket. This electric heated jacket is thin enough to layer a longer coat over it when needed on an especially cold wintry day.


Heating panels in the jacket heat up in seconds with the 7.4V UL/CE certified battery. The panels provide up to 10 working hours, depending on the heat setting you use. Battery used to heat the jacket also has a USB port for charging your smartphone or other mobile device. With a battery setting of medium you can expect around 6 hours and using a battery setting of high you can expect around 3 hours of heat life.


This slim-fit heated winter jacket for women is 100% polyester and is machine washable (remove the battery from zippered pocket before washing). The carbon fiber heating elements and the jacket construction has been designed to endure 50+ machine wash cycles.


This heated jacket for women sports a slim-fit design which gives you a more stylish appearance while also keeping heat close to your body.. This women's jacket is water and wind resistant. Durable YKK zipper give you easy open and closure of the jacket.


I have always been cold natured. so this stylish long sleeved jacket is great to wear when working in an office that always seems sub-zero. You might want to just leave one at the office for use even when the A/C is on. Since the hood is detachable you can just unzip it and take it off when using this jacket indoors. These electric heated jackets make great gifts for most any occasion and they are also great to give to an elderly friend or family member at most any time.


The battery heated jacket comes with a universal travel adapter for charging the battery. It is a foldable US plug and interchangeable EU & UK plugs are included.


This Ororo heated jacket for women is available in black, purple and black / purple colors and in small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. Some customers have wished for a x-small size as well.


Also, customers have pointed out that the pockets on the jacket have a nice innner lining and are warm, but are not heated.





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Staying Warm in the Winter with Heated Clothing

July 27, 2023 - Staying warm from the inside out is a first step for being warm on a cold winter day. Drink a hot drink, like coffee or your favorite tea and eat hot soup or chilli for your lunch meal. Hot oatmeal at breakfast is another good warm you up food. Also, it is important to stay hydrated while out on those cold winter days. So, you might want to carry a thermos with a hot drink, especially if you are out camping or hiking during the winter season.


Unless you have a really thick head of hair then you will find a cap, especially a battery heated cap, will help retain your body heat and keep you warm.


If not wearing a heated vest or heated jacket then you may want to stuff your pockets with hand warmers, especially if you are sitting in cold bleachers at some outside sporting event. Wearing a t-shirt under your outer shirt or some insulated underwear can be really warming for sitting in those cold bleachers also. Exercise warms you, so stand up and cheer a lot.


Cold weather blankets like the Mambe cold weather blanket are nice to wrap around your shoulders. They are windproof and water resistant so really nice to have if it is a bit damp outside. These blankets are also really nice to have at home when their is an extended utility power outage.


Don't forget your gloves when you go out. With some of the heated vests and jackets you can warm your hands in pockets, but you might need your hands exposed to the weather by holding the dog's leach or gathering firewood while camping. Battery heated gloves are also available, and depending on your type of outside activities, you may want to purchase a nice warm pair of some heated gloves..


Heated womens and mens clothing can make the difference in a miserable or pleasantly warm day while out walking the dog, camping, riding your motorcycle, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing or just going to work either outside or inside. A battery heated jacket, vest, gloves and caps are even nice to have when the utility power goes off at your home during the winter months. Most heated clothing is designed to be machine washable in a small portable washing machine or in a standard size washing machine.


Heated vests and jackets are powered by a small rechargeable battery attached to heat panels located in the vest or jacket. These heated vests and jackets are available for both men and women to wear and stay warm on those cold winter days. You can adjust the heat setting from low to high by the touch of a button on the vest or jacket. Heated clothing comes in handy for so many occasions, so check it out and see what works best for your lifestyle.


Ororo Heated Jacket for Women to provide warmth while outdoors in cold weather. This slim fit heated jacket is lightweight and has a removeable hoodie.

Heated Winter Jacket Features



If you like your arms to be covered and warm also then you will probably prefer a heated jacket made for women rather than the heated vest. There is no need to be uncomfortable and cold while hiking, tailgating, going for a walk with the dog or working in a cold work environment. The Ororo Heating Jacket is lighweight with a wind resistant and water resistant outer layer. There are three carbon fiber heating elements on this heated jacket. These zones have 3 heat levels and are controlled by just the press of a button that is conventiently located on the front of the jacket. The 7.4V cUL/UL certified battery allows your jacket to heat up in just seconds. You get up to 10 working hours on a single charge, using the low setting and it has a USB port for charging smartphones. Staying warm while working or playing outside during the cold winter season or in a cold inside environment is greatly improved when wearing this heated jacket for women. If you think a heated jacket with long sleeves and a detachable hood is a bit more than you need for your weather area, then you might prefer the women's heated vest with similar heat elements and heat levels..





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