Savior Rechargeable Heated Winter Gloves for Men and Women
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Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable Heated Winter Gloves for men and women in Heated Clothing. These heated gloves are made of 40% lambskin and 60% polyester in the external layer and the internal part includes lightweight and ultra-soft peal cotton. Made for keeping your hands and fingers warm on cold, winter days.


Savior Electric Heated Winter Gloves for Men and Women.


Warm and Toasty Fingers with Heated Winter Gloves.

Savior Heated Winter Gloves

Rechargeable Electric, Battery Heated Winter Gloves - Savior Heated Gloves for Men and Women


Savior Heated Winter Gloves for Men and Women with Fleece Liner

Don't wear just any pair of gloves in the winter, instead keep your hands and fingers toasty warm with the Savior Battery Heated Leather Gloves with a nice fleece liner.These Savior Heated gloves are not only heated they are windproof, water-resistant and breathable winter gloves. These Savior battery heated gloves fit well for both men and women. The external material of the gloves is 40% lambskin and 60% polyester, while the inside is made of lightweight, ultra-soft peal cotton. Heating elements in the gloves cover the entire backs of the hands and all the fingertips. These heating elements can be adjusted to low, medium or high with just a simple press of a button on each glove. This same button can be used to turn the heating elements on and off. Rechargeable batteries will power the heating elements for up to 7 hours. Men and women who participate in outdoor sports, just sit in the bleachers and watch outdoor sports or work outside on cold, wintery days will love these heated gloves to keep their hands and fingers toasty warm.


There are so many occasions for use of these warm, leather battery heated gloves. Use these Savior heated winter gloves for hunting and camping, keep your hands warm with heated gloves while shoveling snow from your walks, keep hands and fingers warm with heated gloves for snowboarding or snowmobiling, when you have Raynaud's or Arthritis and want to keep your hands warm use these battery heated gloves or if you work outside or inside in a cold environment then keep your hands and fingers warm with heated work gloves that are windproof and waterproof.


The heating elements cover the entire back of your hand and all the fingertips, so your whole hand is heated in seconds. You can easily adjust the temperature from low to medium to high with a simple press of the On/Off button and get up to 7 work hours when your battery is fully charged. The gloves have the latest sensitive touch screen material on the index fingertip and thumb so you can feely frowse websites without removing your heated gloves.


These heated gloves have everything you need to brave the toughest weather conditions and keep your hands toasty warm when battling those freezing temperatures. And, with these gloves durability doesn't come at the expense of comfort. They have a breathable membrane and soft lining to provide you with a comfy experience even with prolonged wear.


It is recommended that you care for your rechargeable heated gloves by wiping clean with a mild detergent and that you do not wash them in the washing machine.


For recharging the battery of the gloves, you unzip the waterproof zipper on the back cuff side of each glove and disconnect the battery from its plug in the pocket and then move the battery to the charger. The charger light will turn green when battery is fully charged.


If you are a biker on cold days you will find that these heated gloves give you excellent dexterity and grip, along with more even heat throughout the glove.


If your hands aren't warm when you are outside in cold weather then it is hard to get work done or just enjoy your leasure time outside.





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Why Use Heated Gloves

July 27, 2023 - Heated gloves can make your life more comfortable. As we transition from the warm summer months into the fall and winter months we encounter cold morning and evenings for several months. A pair of heated gloves can make it easier to go outside and get your work, hobbies or just chores done.


Some people are just naturally cold natured and staying warm is of upmost importance to them. If you can keep your hands and feet warm then your whole body seems to be warmer. As we age it seems as if every year it gets harder and harder to keep our hands warm with a pair of conventional outdoor gloves, no matter how good they are.


In this day and time heated clothes are new technology and are no longer cumbersome or heavy like heated socks of olden days. Heated gloves feature lightweight rechargeable batteries and allow you to have three setting of warmth (low, medium, high) so you can have the warmth to match the weather and your hands.


If you work outside in the winter then a pair of heated gloves can help you get more work done because you are not constantly stopping to put your hands in your pockets and always thinking of how cold and painful your fingers and hands are.


Your outdoor activity may be no more than taking your dog for a walk on a cold winter day. Wearing a pair of heated gloves will let you enjoy the walk and let your dog get a lot of exercise rather than rushing it so you can get back inside where it is warm. If the heated gloves alone don't keep you as warm all over as you would like to be then check out a heated jacket for women or a heated vest for men to warm other parts of your body as well.


Make sure your batteries are fully charged each time your go out. This way you will be able to better manage your total runtime. If you have had them on high and know that you are going to be out longer then you might want to switch to low in order to get the best use of your battery life.


Todays heated winter gloves for men and women are a combination of technology and fashion. These gloves that are heated by battery are also lightweight and breathable. On a really cold day others around you will be jealous of your stylish gloves and your warm hands and fingers


Circulation problems and bitterly cold weather can cause numbingly cold fingers that tingle from the cold. If your hands feel like blocks of ice when your are outdoors enjoying sports or working then consider a pair of heated gloves to keep your hands toasty warm. You will be glad you did. If you want to keep more than your hands warm check out a electric heated vest for men or this Ororo women's heated vest for additional warmth..


Try these Savior warm heated winter gloves to keep your hands and fingers toasty warm on a cold winter day. Savior rechargeable heated gloves have heating elements for the back of your hand plus your fingers down to the fingertips. Men and Women find these Savior heated winter gloves just what they need to keep their hands and fingers warm while out walking the dog, participating in winter sports or when they just need a pair of waterproof heated work gloves for working outside on a cold winter day. Men who love to go hunting or riding their snowmobile also find these heated gloves great to keep their hands warm while out in the cold winter weather. This is one item of heated clothing that you really don't want to be without if you live in an area that has extreme cold winter weather.


Savior Heated Gloves for Women and Men to provide warmth while outdoors in cold weather. These gloves heat the full back of your hand and your fingertips..



Heated Gloves for Cold Weather


Keeping your hands warm with a pair of Savior heated gloves will help enjoy your outdoor activities on cold, blustery winter days. If you like outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, etc. then you will really appreciate having a pair of heated gloves like these from Savior. They are not only warm, they are stylish, windproof, water-resistant and breathable. These battery heated gloves have far-infrared fiber heating elements that cover the entire back of your hand as well as all the fingers down to your fingertips. The amount of heat can be controlled from a low to medium to high setting by the touch of a button on the glove. The battery life is anywhere from 2 to 7 hours depending on the heat setting. The soft leather palm and curved fingers of these Savior heated gloves ensure you a non-slip, strong and flexible grip while wearing them. If you are a cyclist or runner you will really appreciate what these heated gloves have to offer you in hand warmth. The outer material of the gloves is 40 percent lamskin and 60 percent polyester and the interior layer is lightweight and ultra-soft peal cotton.


If your hands are always cold because of poor blood circulation or raynaud's you will find these heated gloves give you needed warmth on those cold days in your area. If you also have cold feet and toes then you will want to check out the Foxelli battery operated heated socks as well.





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