Foxelli Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks - Battery Powered Socks for Men and Women
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Foxelli heated socks offer well distriuted heat to keep your feet and toes toasty warm while outdoors in cold weather on any occasion.  If you feet are always cold, you may want to enjoy your heated socks indoors as well.


Foxelli battery heated socks for Men and Women. Enjoy warm feet and toes when you wear thsee heated socks on those frosty cold winter days.


Foxelli Rechargeable heated socks to keep your feed and toes toasty warm.

Toasty Warm Feet & Toes With Heated Socks

Rechargeable Battery Operated Heated Socks - Foxelli Electric Heated Socks

Foxelli Battery Operated Heated Socks for Skiing, Hunting, Work, Walking the Dog...


When your feet are warm then your whole body seems warmer, so keep your feet heated with a pair of these Rechargeable Foxelli electric heated socks that are powered by rechargeable batteries. These rechargeable heated socks provide the ultimate in heat comfort no matter if your are trying to keep your feet warm while walking the dog, working outside or enjoying your favorite outdoor sport. Foxelli heated socks have composite fiber rechargeable heating elements that offer well distributed heat across the whole back of the foot and toes that are powered by rechargeable batteries. With the 3 different heating levels of high, medium and low allows you to maintain a perfect balance between your needed heat and the expected battery life; up to 8 hours. An indicator light on the socks changes color depending on the chosen level of heat, so it is easy for you to see which level you have set. These features on your rechargeable electric heated socks will keep your feet at a comfortable temperature for a long time. This same button can be used to turn the heating elements on and off. A 3,000mAh USB rechargeable battery provides a high-tech design that you can count on. Foxelli battery operated heated socks are hand and machine washable, making it easy to take care of them.


I find so many occasions to use these warm, soft electric heated socks. They are great for winter sports; use your heated socks for skiing, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, etc., keep your feet warm with these battery heated socks while shoveling snow from your walks or most any other outside work activity, keep toes and feet warm with heated socks while taking a lesiurely walk with your dog, or if you work inside in a cold environment then keep your feet and toes warm with a nice pair of rechargeable heated socks. If you are looking for a solution to keep your feet warm in your hunting stand, then these heated socks are for you.


You will find these rechargeable heated socks are cozy and warm even without the heat turned on. These heated socks are a perfect solution for those who have poor blood circulation and whose feet and toes are always painfully cold. The tips of your toes will be so grateful you put on your battery operated heated socks before you went outside, or even when you are just staying inside. Simply recharge your batteries when not in use or keep an extra pair of these socks charged and ready to go as a replacement when the battery power dies in the pair of socks that you are wearing.


These Foxelli electric heated socks are one size fits all. The socks material is 85% Cotton and 15% Terylene and cover your leg from the knee down.


Enjoy all your outdoor activities with these Foxelli heated socks that have well distriuted heat to your entire foot, including your toes.


What you get with your order: (1) pair of one size fits all Heated Socks. (2) 3,000mAH USB Rechargeable Batteries, (2) USB Cables, (1) User Manual


If you want to keep your hands and fingers warm also when you are outside on cold winter days, then also check out the Battery Heated Gloves for that added warmth. Along with your feet and toes, keep your hands and fingers toasty warm as well.





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Why Keeping Your Feet Warm Is So Important...

November 4, 2023 - If you live, work and play in an extremely cold part of the country it is more crucial than ever for you to be wrapped up and warm when you venture outside in the winter. This is especially important for your feet and toes.


Cold, wet feet can present such issues as painful toes and even the risk of frostbite in extreme cold conditions. Always think about the importance of keeping your feet arm and comfortable so you don't develop problems like blisters, corns and bunions.


Keeping your feet warm while out in cold weather can help keep you warm all over and help keep your health in check during a time when the body is most vulnerable to seasonal colds, coughs and other health bugs. When you keep your feet warm, it opens up the blood vessels in them to allow more efficient blood flo and help your body to redistribute heat all around it. In turn your will be more active while outside and enjoy your time in the cold winter weather.


Your best way to keep your feet and toes warm and toasty is with a pair of battery heated socks, but if you don't have a pair then here are some other ideas that will help.


You can keep your feet warmer by wearing two pairs of socks. If you plan to take this approach then you might want to get some extra pairs of socks that are a little bit larger. You might also want to choose a thinner material so as not to have too much bulk around your feet and ankles which could make walking less comfortable.


If you don't want to double up on your socks, then try adding some insulation of some sort. If the weather is dry you can pad the soles or wrap your toes with some paper. You could also try using a plastic bag in order to add a waterproofing element.


Avoid wearing breathable shoes that many sports shoes are made of now. The breathable mesh on these shoes can let the cold through in the winter which will make it harder for you to keep your toes warm.


If not using rechargeable heated socks then sweat-wicking socks and footwear give the added advantage of keeping your feet dry and less prone to injury from damp conditions in cold weather.


We have already touched on shoes to some extent, but if you are going to be outside in the cold for a period of time be sure to wear a sturdy and waterproof pair of shoes. Maybe a strong pair of boots with some weight and a decent grippy sole. These will help you with tackling harsher conditions, such as snow and ice.


Depending on your travels, you might want to consider packing a spare dry pair of socks and / or shoes in your backpack, briefcase or car.


If you are an outdoor sports fan, or you normally suffer from cold feet, your best bet for keeping your feet and toes warm and comfy are a pair of the rechargeable battery operated heated socks; as well as a spare pair of these heated socks.


Foxelli Heated Socks for Women and Men to provide warmth to your feet and toes while outdoors in cold weather. These socks heat the full bottom of your foot and your toes..



Keeping your feet and toes warm with a pair of Foxelli rechargeable heated socks will help enjoy your outdoor activities on cold, wet winter days. If you like outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing, fishing or watching football, etc. then you will really appreciate having a pair of heated socks like these from Foxelli. They have a comfortable fit and keep your feet and toes warm for a long time. These battery heated socks heating system with composite fiber heating elements distribute the heat across the whole back of the foot and toes. The amount of heat can be controlled from a low to medium to high setting by the touch of a button on the socks. The charged battery life is up to 8 hours depending on the heat setting. These rechargeable heated socks will even keep your feet very warm without the heating elements on. If you find yourself sitting in your hunting stand for hours then you will really appreciate what these heated socks have to offer you in foot warmth. Foxelli rechargeale heated socks are easy to take care of because they are hand and machine washable..


If your feet are always cold because of poor blood circulation you will find these heated socks give you needed warmth, even indoors, on those cold days in your area.





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