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About Us


We here at CSP, Inc. love the beauty of the great outdoors. We love the streams and lakes, the wildlife of the forests, the rainbows, watching the birds, the trees and plants, bird watching and all the beauty their is to offer while camping, hiking or just in our own backyard. We seek to share with others not only the beauty we find and experience but also products that make it more pleasurable to get out and relax in nature as often as possible.

Modern day products make "roughing it" not so time consuming or hard, so that you can truly relax and take in all the beautiful scenery that nature has to offer. For instance, a good tent that can be set up quickly and give you shelter from the wind, rain and snow that might arise while you are otherwise enjoying your outdoor adventure. Also, we are so accustommed to the conveniences that electricity has to offer us, we want it everywhere we go. So taking along a small portable generator to allow you to have lights, heat, charged electronic devices is just what you do.

These type products are also needed to survive at home when an emergency comes calling at your door. We try to search out some of the best in this line of products and share with you their strong freatures as well as ours and others experiences with these products so you can make the best purchase decision for you and your family.

CSP, Inc. was incorporated in 1983 as a software development company providing services to large corporations and evolved into a website development company with an outdoor products research directions in 2008.



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