Women's Lightweight Heated Vest
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Lightweight heated vest for women in Heated Clothing. This heated vest for women is perfect for staying warm while walking the dog, cold indoor environments, outdoor winter activities.


Stylish Heated Vest for Women to stay warm during outdoor winter activities or in some cold indoor enviorments.

Heated Vest for Female Person


Outerwear Heated Vest for Women with heating element in the collar for warmth around your neck area..

Keep Warm Womens Heated Vest

Warm Electric Heated Vest for Women - Ororo Women's Heated Vest

Ororo Battery Heated Vest for Women during Cold Weather.


If you like to wear a vest to stay warm, you will love this warm, battery heated vest for women by Ororo. Ladies, this heated vest will keep you warm and comfortable while doing any of your outside activities in winter temperatures. It has 4 carbon fiber heat panels (left and right front stomach, upper-back and collar) and 3 heat settings (high, medium and low) that are set with just a simple press of a button. These panels and heat settings on the vest will generate heat across your core body areas. This battery heated vest will help keep you very warm while doing work outside, sitting in the stands at your favorite sports activity or just taking your dog for a long walk.. This women's heated vest is powered by a rechargeable 7.4V Battery and heats in seconds. Women who work indoors in a cold environment most of the day love wearing a battery heated vest to help them get through the day. If your hands are cold all the time, keep them warm with the dual pocket heating zones.


With a fully charged battery you get up to 10 working hours (3 hours on high, 6 hours on medium, 10 hours on low heat).


These heated vests are lightweight, yet insulated (FELLEX® cotton, and eco-friendly sustainable material for even better insulation). This enhanced filling material provides you with perfect long-lasting warm outerwear. The fabric and the carbon fiber heating elements are completely safe for hand and machine washing. The battery for this vest has a USB port for charging smartphones or other mobile devices. The battery is rechargeable up to 800 times and has rounded corners for more comfort in your pocket.


This heated vest for women sports a neat and tailored design and can be worn in many ways with unrestricted movement. The vest is water and wind resistant. It is even nice to wear underneath your favorite winter jacket. The carbon fiber heating elements are small and you do not notice them when wearing the vest.


I have always been cold natured. so this stylish vest is great to wear when working in an office that is always way to cold. I can even tuck my hands in the pockets of the vest and warm them up a bit every so often. These heated vests make great gifts for most any occasion and they are also great to give to an elderly friend or family member at most any time. If you have a male friend that you would like to purchase a heated vest for then check out this heated vest for men that they will love especially if they go fishing, hunting, snowmobiling or just work out in the cold.


The Ororo heated vest comes with a universal travel adapter for charging the battery. It is a foldable US plug and interchangeable EU & UK plugs are included. Vest is available in black/red, gray and white colors.


This heated vest for women has two pockets that zip close on the outside so nothing accidentally falls out and the battery pack slips into its own inside vest pocket. If you have neck pain then you will love the heated panel in the neck area of the vest which keeps your neck and shoulders warm while out in the cold. This vest is a favorite in heated clothing for women who spend time outside on cold winter days.


If you are a women that is in and out of your car during the day with work or shopping this heated vest is for you. If you take your dog for walks on chilly days, tailgate or attend outside sporting events when it is cold or just work in a cold environment then this vest is for you. It is lightweight and stylish outerwear that is easy to use most anywhere.





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Heated Clothing for Staying Warm

July 27, 2023 - Heated outerwear clothing for men and women can keep you warm from head to toe now days. You may just need a heated cap if you have thining hair or if you always have cold feet and would love some heated socks to keep them warm, they are available for you to purchase.


There are also heated scarves, heated gloves, heated pant liners and heated vests and jackets. Different situations require different articles of clothing and you may find that you need several of these items of apparel.


Most types of heated clothing have various heat panels to warm different parts of your body from a small rechargeable battery. The panels normally have different heat levels so you can have low, medium or high heat depending on your needs. The heat panels are turned on and off and the heat levels adjusted from a small button on the clothing item.


Heated clothing has thin wires built into the material that heat up when a low electric charge is passed through from the battery. This type heated apparel is designed to not overheat or get too hot. The wiring in the heat panels is separated by a waterproof membrane making them safe to use even in damp conditions.


Heating clothing for women is designed to be lightweight and very stylish. You can go with just a vest over your shirt or under your coat or you can opt for one of the heated jackets with long sleeves.


A heated vest for women is a good example of heated clothing to allow you to stay comfortably warm while outside in the winter. These heated vests have heated elements that can be set to low heated vest, medium heated vest or high heated vest. They make a big difference in how warm you feel when outside in very cold weather.


Heated mens and womens clothing can make the difference in a pleasant or miserable day out on your motorcycle, snowmobiling, hunting, walking the dog or just going to work either inside or outside. A heated vest, jacket, heated gloves and socks are even nice to have when the utility power goes off at your home during the winter months.


Ororo Heated Vest for Women to provide warmth while outdoors in cold weather. This heated vest is lightweight and has a heated neck area as well. Pockets on the vest help keep your hands warm while wearing it.



When you just take your dog for a walk outside in cold weather then you need a heated vest made to keep women warm during these times. There is no need to be cold and uncomfortable while tailgating, hiking, going for a walk or working in a cold office environment. The Ororo Heating Vest is lighweight with a wind resistant and water resistant outer layer. There are four heat zones on this heated vest (two underneath the front pockets of the vest, one on the mid back area and one in the back neck area). These zones have 3 heat levels and are controlled by just the press of a button that is conventiently located on the front of the vest.. The 7.4V cUL/UL certified battery allows your vest to heat up in just seconds. You get up to 10 working hours on a single charge, using the low setting and it has a USB port for charging smartphones. Staying warm while working or playing outside or in a cold inside environment is greatly improved when wearing this heated vest for women. This is just one of the items in heated clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable in a cold environment. Find something else you might need in heated clothing available at this link.





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