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Portable Generator Accessories - Indoor, Outdoor Generator Covers, Cords, Parallel Cables

As with all things we buy today here are some add-on accessories that you will find useful to go with your portable generator that gives you alternative electricity. You will want to protect your moveable generator from the outdoor weather elements when not in use with a secure fitting cover for your portable generator, use safe extension cords, keep your portable generator oiled and well maintained and with some of the generators you may even want to parallel two units together for more available electrical power.

Even if you store your portable generator in a shed or garage you will want to keep it covered and dust free so that it is ready for use when you need it the most. If your generator has an automatic start feature then you will definitely benefit from a battery trickle charger to keep your battery from draining down and not having enough power to start your generator when you need it. If you do not have electrical power available then you can use this solar powered trickle charger by SUNER Power to charge your 12V batteries.

If you live in a snow prone area you may even need one of the generator covers you can use to shelter the unit while it is running and in use outside.

Always think about generator safety when using your portable generator.

9 Cover and Accessories for Portable Generators Contents at a Glance...

Specifically Designed Champion Weather Proof Large Portable Generator Cover, C90016, Lightweight with Elastic Band
Vinyl Cover for Champion Generator - Weather Proof Portable Generator Rain Covers for Outside, Medium Size with Elastic Band
Lightweight Champion 3100w Water Resistant, Vinyl Cover for Inverter Portable Small Generator
Custom Fitted Outdoor Storage Cover for Honda EU2000i Portable Generator - Water Resistant Generator Rain Cover, Silver
Honda Large Universal Generator Cover for various models of Honda Generators, Waterproof Fabric
Westinghouse WH2200i Universal Small Portable Inverter Generator Cover
Honda EU1000i, Eu2000i, and Eu3000 Handi Companion Parallel Cable for Linking Two Identical Honda Generators Together
Commercial Duty DEK Universal Portable Extension Cord for Generators
DEK Universal Generator Accessory Kit Comprehensive Maintenance Kit

Additional Portable Generator Accessories You May Need

Handy Wheel Kit for Honda Generator 3000 Cart
Storage Cover for Your Honda EU3000is Portable Inverter Generator
Transform Your Heavy Champion Generator with a Wheel Kit
Camco Heavy Duty 30 Amp RV Generator Adapter Plug - Safely Distribute Power from the 30 Amp Male RV Receptacle to two 15 Amp Female Receptacles.

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Champion Large Weather Proof Cover for Portable Generator
Champion Medium Weather Proof Portable Generator Cover
Champion Inverter Small Generator Water Resistant Cover
Large Weather Proof Custom Made Vinyl Portable Generator Covers for Champion Generator Lightweight, Water Resistant C90016.
Cover for Champion Generator, Medium Size Cover for Portable Champion Generator.
Small Champion Vinyl Inverter Generator Cover for 3100 watt Champion inverter generator.
  • Specifically designed weather proof cover for Champion generators to provide a custom fit.
  • Lightweight large Champion generator cover for easy coverage and travel.
  • Elastic band for a secure fit.
  • Cover is made from durable, water resistant vinyl.
  • Fits generators up to 28.7" x 22.8" x 23.6".
  • Hand wash to clean.
  • Specifically designed for Champion generators to provide a custom fit.
  • Medium size lightweight, waterproof cover for easy travel and coverage.
  • Has elastic band for a secure fit.
  • Made from water resistant, durable vinyl.
  • Designed for 2800-4750 watt generators, but also fits generators up to 25" x 23.6" x 20.3".
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Cover fits Champion 3,100 Watt Small Inverter Generators (manual and remote start units).
  • This cover will protect your generator from inclement weather.
  • Elastic band for a secure fit.
  • Lightweight cover great for storage or transporting your generator.
  • Water resistant vinyl.
  • Lettering may be black or yellow.
Available at:  Amazon    Ebay
Available at:    Ebay
Available at: Amazon    Ebay   


Honda EU2000i Generator Weather Cover, Silver Water Resistant EU2000i Portable Generator Cover
Honda Universal Large Generator Cover - Fits Larger Honda Generators
Westinghouse WH2200i Portable Inverter Generator Cover, Black
Honda EU2000i Portable Silver Generator Cover - Water Resistant Protective Rain and Dust Storage Cover for Honda Portable Generator EU2000i in Silver Color.
Honda Universal Large Generator Covers in Silver Waterproof Polyester Fabric rain cover.
Westinghouse Woven Vinyl Canvas Small Inverter Portable Generator Cover for Westinghouse home generators.
  • This protective storage cover is custom fitted for the Top Rated Honda EU2000i super quiet portable generator.
  • Cover is a water resistant rain cover and has an elastic band for a custom fit on the generator.
  • Cover material is urethane coated polyester.
  • Self-adhesive strap cover over the generator handle.
  • Dimensions: 19" L x 19" W x 16" H.
  • Some customers feel the gray cover helps as a theft deterrent vs. the recognizable red of the generator.
  • Cover is also available in Camouflage.
  • Fits larger Honda generators models EB4000XA, EB5000XK2, EB6500XK1, EU6500isA, EU7000iS, EM4000SX, EM4000SXK3 and EM6500SXK2 .
  • Cover has an elastic band for a custom fit on your Honda generator.
  • Cover is silver color and is designed to keep your generator clean while in storage.
  • Dimensions: 27.25" L x 21.375" W x 25" H.
  • Waterproof for rain protection, breathable polyester fabric.
  • Keep your small Westinghouse WH2200i inverter portable generator clean and scratch free with this woven vinyl canvas cover.
  • Contains one accessory pocket for extension cord, parallel kit for WH2200iXLT, tools, product manual and other items you want to keep close at hand for your generator.
  • Velcro top flap is perfect for easy handle access to assist with carrying.
  • Elastic bottom makes a secure fit and easy on / easy off.
  • Universal fit - will fit most inverter generators measuring approximately 20" L x 14" W x 17" H.
Available Online at:   Amazon    Ebay 
Available Online at:   Amazon    Ebay
Available Online at:   Amazon  


Honda Companion Parallel Cable
DEK Universal Generator 25 ft. Extension Cord
DEK Universal Generator Accessory Kit
Honda Companion Parallel Cable for Linking EU1000i, EU2000i and EU3000 Handi EU Honda Generators together.
DEK Universal 25 ft Portable Generator Extension Cords Commercial Duty.
DEK Universal Generator Accessory Kit for Generator Maintenance.
  • Honda Genuine accessory for select EU Honda Generators.
  • Companion Parallel Cable for Honda EU1000i, EU2000i and EU3000 Handi Generators.
  • Not for use with EU3000is Generator.
  • Linking two identical units together will give you extra power when you need it, without having to trade up for a larger, heavier unit.
  • Please note that you can only parallel two identical model units together.
  • Honda also offers a special Companion version of the popular EU2000i with a built-in 30-amp receptacle, this model is designed specifically for parallel operation with another EU2000i.
  • This commercial-duty portable generator extension cord is compatible with L14-30 outlets and helps reduce harmful voltage drops.
  • This 25 ft. cord can be used with 2 additional DEK Universal Generator Extension Cords for a reach of up to 75 ft.
  • 10/4 commercial duty cable rated for up to 240-Volt.
  • Lighted end of cord shows when power is on.
  • UL Listed.
  • Be storm ready with this DEK Universal Generator Accessory Kit for power outages.
  • Kit includes a universal generator cover, a 25 ft. extension cord, a 3 ft. Y-adapter, fuel stabilizer, oil and an oil filter.
  • A comprehensive maintenance kit for all generators with L14-30 outlets.
  • 6-outlet Y0adapter converts 240-volt outlets to 120-volts and is rated for up to 30 amps.
  • 25 ft. 10/4 generator power cord handles up to 250 volts and 7,550 watts.
  • Includes 1 oz. of fuel stabilizer, 2 qt. of oil and an oil funnel.
  • Power cords are UL listed.
Available Online at:  Amazon    Ebay
Available Online at:   Amazon    Ebay
Available Online at:

6 Additional Generator Accessories You May Need

Sportsman GENCOVER-XL Universal Extra Large Weatherproof Portable Generator Cover to Protect Your Valuable Investment
Gentent Wet Weather Safety Canopy Tent Cover to use Outside with Portable Generator while In Use and Running, GreySkies StormBracer
Generac 6875 iQ2000 Storage Dust Cover for Small Portable Generator Shelter Weather Cover
Durable Nylon DuroStar Large Weather Resistant Cover for Portable Generators Dust Guard Protector
WEN Universal 56404 Weatherproof Medium Size Cover for Portable Generators
Classic Accessories 79537 Large Portable Generator Cover Black

Additional Portable Generator Covers

Porch Shield 100% Waterproof Universal Generator Cover
Champion Running Generator Covers for Use in Rain and Snow
Champion Weather Resistant Storage Cover 2800 Watt or Higher Inverter Generator

Universal Extra Large Weatherproof Portable Generator Storage Cover
Gentent Wet Weather Safety Canopy for Portable Generator While Running
Storage Cover for Generac 6875 iQ2000 Portable Generator
Sportsman GENCOVER-XL Universal Extra Large Weatherproof Portable Generator Outdoor Covers for dust,rain, snow, sun, etc. for extra-large units. This generator cover won't stretch ad shrink in hot or cold temperatures.
Gentent Wet Weather Safety Canopy Cover for Portable Generator Tent Outside while in use and running in nearly any wet weather condition.
Generac 6875 iQ2000 Small Portable Generator Storage Shelter Cover.
  • Protect your portable generator from dust, rain, UV rays and inclement weather with this Sportsman Series extra large universal generator outdoor cover.
  • A durable 600D polyester with a PVC coating keeps your generator dry and sheltered when not running.
  • This generator cover won't stretch and shrink in hot or cold temperatures.
  • For 15,000 watt generators with an approximate size of 37"L x 25"D x 27.5"H.
  • This universal generator cover has an elastic adjustable cord in bottom hem for slip-on fit.
  • This canopy tent cover by Gentent allows you to safely protect your portable generator while in use and running in rain, snow nearly any wet weather condition.
  • This cover looks a bit like an outdoor grill cover, but it is invaluable because it protects the generator electrical outlets while allowing air to circulate and fumes and heat to escape.
  • Universal fit cover for most portable generators 3.5 kW up to 10 kW.
  • Maintains portable generator's natural cooling airflow and keeps your generator portable and covered while running..
  • This cover for the Generac iQ2000 portable generator has an adjustable opening for the handle allowing you to carry it while generator is covered.
  • Cover protects your generator from weather, UV rays, dirt and dust while in storage or during transportation.
  • Integrated elastic shock cord for secure fit.
  • Cover keeps your generator clean from dust and ready to use.
  • Cover fits other inverter generators up to 20" L x 13" W x 17" H.
Available Online at:  Amazon     Ebay
Available Online at:   Amazon     Ebay
Available Online at:  Amazon     Ebay


DuroStar Large Weather Resistant Portable Generator Dust Guard Cover
WEN 56406 Universal Weatherproof Generator Cover Medium
Classic Accessories 79537 Portable Generator Cover, Large, Black
Large DuroStar Weather Resistant Portable Generator Dust Guard Cover Protector.
WEN 56406 Universal Weatherproof Medium Size Generator Cover. The durable exterior of the WEN  weatherproof generator cover is made of high-grade UV and water resistant vinyl to fight hail stones, rain, sleet, snow and even sun.
Classic Accessories Large Heavy Duty Storage Cover for Portable Generators Black.
  • Durable nylon cover that protects your generator from long term exposure to rain and moisture, abrasive dirt and grime, damaging effects of the UV rays of the sun and helps insulate it from scratches while keeping your generator looking good for years to come.
  • Will fit generators with or without handles and wheel kit.
  • Custom fits all DuroStar and DS1000E, as well as DuroStar DS4000WGE models.
  • Dimensions: 30" W x 22" D x 22 1/2" H.
  • DuroStar Logo on the front.
  • Nylon outside, moisture barrier on the inside.
  • The durable exterior of the WEN universal weatherproof generator cover 56404 is made of high-grade UV and water-resistant vinyl to fight rain, hail, sleet, snow and even sun.
  • The inside of the cover contains a cotton lining to prevent scratches and scuffs on the body of your generator unit.
  • Although this generator cover has been specifically designed for WEN generators between 3,000 and 5,000 watts, it will actually fit any generator up to 25" x 24" x 21" in size.
  • Its elastic-banded base and drawstring allows the cover to adjust for a variety of generator shapes and sizes.
  • Large generator cover that protects your generator motor while in storage or on the job site.
  • Heavy duty fabric cover that protects your generator from snow, rain, sun damage, tree sap, birds and dust.
  • Fabric is coated for maximum water resistance and repellency.
  • There are two holes in the cover for handles and velcro fastners on one side so you can easily place the cover on and take it off when needed.
  • Large size fits generators up to 7000 watts, measuring 31.25" L x 23" W x 19.26" H.
  • Elastic shock cord in the bottom provides a custom-like fit.
Available Online at:  Amazon     Ebay
Available Online at:   Amazon     Ebay
Available Online at:  Ebay


Why Do You Need A Portable Generator Cover Accessory?

November 12,
2023 - In the wake of bad weather and power outages, portable generators can literally be lifesavers if you use medical equipment that requires electrical power, or they might just be considered a lifesaver because they give us the comforts that we are so accustomed to from our electrical devices that we depend on to provide heat, lights, coffee, meals, hot water for a nice shower, way to charge our cell phones, tablets, etc.

Like with so many other pieces of equipment we use today, generators must be properly and safely maintained and used.

You can't run a generator, even a small portable generator, in your house due to the exhaust fumes.  You also need to keep the generator at least 5 feet away from your home, especially doors and windows, even if they are closed.  Carbon Monoxide can seep into your house and poison you in your sleep.  Some people might shy away from using a portable generator for home use because of this fact, but you probably drive a car everyday even though if you left it running in your attached garage you would be subject to the same type noxious fumes.

Even though you need to run your generator outside for proper ventilation you can't just leave it outside unprotected either.  You must provide some type of cover for it when not in use and also when in use if rain, snow and ice are falling. Rain and snow can seep into your generator, causing corrosion and the worst of all things, electrocution.

The inclement weather causes a need for an alternative source of electrical power but then it gets in the way of using the best alternative source in a portable power generator.

Generator Covers for Storage Only

If you have a covered, well ventilated place to use your generator during the utility company's power outage then you most likely only need a good canvas or vinyl cover for storage.  Even in storage your portable generator can be harmed by dirt, dust and moisture, so keep it well covered and ready for the next time you need a source of electrical energy for your home use.

You can get a good generator cover specific to your brand and model of generator or a universal fit one will normally cover a number of different models and brands. For instance most Honda generators, like the EB2800i generator cover are designed to fit a specific model so there is a tight snug fit for your unit. If you want a non-discreet cover for your Honda EU2000 or EU2200 then check out this weatherproof generator cover that is both lightweight and durable.

They come in different colors.  Some people like to also keep their portable gas or propane generator covered with a dark colored cover as a theft deterrent.

Lifesaving Portable Generator Cover While Running or In Use

There is only a couple of generator covers that I would recommend you use while your generator is running.  One is the GenTent Wet Weather Canopy for use as a cover on portable generators while they are running and the other is the IGAN Heavy Duty Generator Rain Shelter which is good for use while your generator is running and also while it is in storage.

The GenTent cover looks like an outdoor grill cover, but it protects the generator electrical outlets while allowing air to circulate and fumes and heat to escape.  It is a fiberglass frame clamped onto the generator and topped with heavyweight, vinyl-coated fabric.

Just being able to use your generator during very inclement weather and save the food in your fridge is worth the cost of a GenTent cover or the IGAN Generator Rain Shelter cover not to mention all the other conveniences that this alternative power will provide you to make your life easier.

Can't Afford A Cover for Your Generator.

You can operator your portable generator under a Carport, Boat canopy with all 4 sides open or a tarp overhanging a tree.

But, remember, never use your generator inside an enclosed space like your home, a shed, garage or trailer, even if doors and / or windows are left open.

Other Items You May Need For Your Portable Generator

If your generator has an automatic start feature then it has a 12v battery to provide power to the starter. Most of the automatic start battery portable generators do not have a pull-cord backup, so if your battery is dead then you won't be able to start your generator when you need it. Check out this 12 volt battery trickle charger to keep your generator battery charged and ready to provide power to your starter when you need your portable generator for alternative power.

You will probable also need a good heavy duty generator extension cord to connect your generator to your home or RV. The GearIT 30 Amp generator extension cord comes in 25 foot, 40 foot and 50 foot lengths. The color of this cord makes it easier to see in the dark which is a nice safety feature.

If you own a motorcycle that you use occasionally for fun rides to just enjoy those nice spring and fall weather days, then it probably sits idle a lot of the time. Use this Foval smart trickle charger for your motorcycle battery so it will be charged and ready to start your motorbike when you are ready to enjoy your ride.

Pay attention, Think and Be Safe.

Portable Generator Reviews
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