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Favorite Corded and Cordless Power Tools For Every Man or Woman's Tool Box

Contents at a Glance...

Compound Miter Saws with Stand, Laser Guide and more...
Orbital Sanders with Speed Control, Case, Dust Bag / Collection System and more...
Pneumatic Nail Guns for Framing, Hardwood Floors and more...

Compound Miter Saws
Orbital Sanders
Pneumatic Nail Guns
Compound Miter Saws
Orbital Sanders
Pneumatic Nail Guns
  • These type saws are ideal for trim carpenters, cabinetry, framers and woodworkers who demand precision in their cuts.
  • Different compound miter saws come with and without a laser marker.
  • Many come with a dust bag to help keep the saw's components and your work area dust free.
  • Sanding tools are part of the finishing process to provide a smooth, attractive surface.
  • Power sanders have the advantage of being more exact and consistent than hand processes.
  • These type sanders can save you significant time and effort when smoothing.
  • A pneumatic nailer is used to drive nails into wood or some other kind of material and is driven by compressed air.
  • There are brad nailers for trim work, coil nailers for all-day jobs shingling framing.
  • Finishing nailers are used for door casing, baseboards and molding.
  • Headless Pinners for used for crafts and delicate trim work.


Additional Power Tools You May Need




Using Power Tools Safely

Some of the things discussed here are just common sense but we often need reminders to focus on what we are doing and not get distracted by conversation and other events going on around us.

When working with corded tools never yank the cord of the hose from the receptacle to disconnect it and never carry the tool by the cord or hose. Always keep cords and hoses away from heat, oil and sharp objects.

Use tools that are double-insulated or have a 3-pronged cord and are plugged into a grounded receptacle.

Be sure to disconnect your power tools when servicing and cleaning them and changing accessories such as bits, blades and cutters.

For corded and cordless tools you should regularly inspect those tools to make sure they are in good shape and fit for you to use them.

Perform regular maintenance, like grinding or sharpening, cleaning and oiling, etc.

Buy quality, well made tools. Look for tools that are made of steel and are heat-treated.

Dress appropriately for the job. Do not wear loose clothing or any items, like jewelry, that can be caught in a tools moving parts. Wear protective equipment like leather gloves and eye protection.

Never carry tools up a ladder by hand instead use a bucket or bag to hoist tools from the ground up to a worker.

Pay attention, Think and Be Safe.

Portable Generator Reviews
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