Battery Heated Beanie Hat - Rechargeable Heated Hat by SvPro
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Svpro warm winter heated hat. Black pinstrip battery heated beanie hat.


Battery operated heated beanie hat. Enjoy a warm head when you wear this heated hat on those frosty cold winter days.

Battery Heated Beanie Hat - Soft Heated Hat by SvPro

Cozy heated beanie hat for men and women with three temperature settings. Men, this warm battery heated beanie hat provides up to 7 hours of heated warmth to your head and ears via a 7.4V 2200mAh portable rechargeable battery. The SvPro heated beanie hat has heating elements on both sides of the hat that will keep your head and ears warm. With the 3 different heating levels of high, medium and low you can maintain a perfect balance between your needed heat and the expected battery life; up to 7 hours. A button on the front of the beanie is used to turn the heat on and off and to set the heat level of high, medium or low. A 2200mAh USB rechargeable battery provides a high-tech design that you can count on. When using your battery settings, keep in mind that it takes several hours to re-charge the battery. This SvPro battery operated heated hat is hand washable, making it easy to take care of your hat.


On a cold winter day I love to wear a warm heated beanie hat when I go out early in the morning or late in the afternoon just to walk my dogs. It is so easy to slip on and it heats up quickly. These heated hats are also great for winter sports; use your heated hat for sitting in the bleachers watching your kids team play. This is also a great beanie to use while skiing, fishing or hiking. Keep your head and ears warm with a battery heated hat while shoveling snow from your walks or most any other outside work activity. This is a great heated beanie hat for those who love climbing as a sport.


You will find this rechargeable heated hat is cozy and warm even without the heat turned on. It comes in three styles / colors: Black Pinstripe Heated Hat, Black Striped Heated Hat and Wine Red Heated Hat. They are made of a high quality breathable, soft and heat insulated acrylic faric with a polyester lining. There is a pocket built-in to the hat for the battery.


This hat is breathable, windproof, lint-free and quick drying from hand washing or maybe getting wet with snow.The material actually provides good warmth even without turning on the heat elements.


This SvPro heated hat is a great gift for husband, wife, brother, sister, friends, parents, children and just a causal acquaintance. Give at Christmas, Birthday parties or just to say I care about you and want you to stay warm during the winter months..


What you get with your order: (1) rechargeable battery, (1) charging adapter (1) heated beanie hat, (1) user manual.


This is a small piece of heated clothing and easy to carry most anyhere you go. This is a must add to your heated apparel wardrobe.


If you want to keep your neck and shoulders warm also when you are outside on cold winter days, then take a look at this Battery Heated Scarf for that added comfort. Along with your head and ears , keep your neck and shoulders cozy warm as well, especially if it is a windy winter day.





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Importance of Keeping Your Head and Ears Warm in Cold Weather...


November 4, 2023 - Exposure to cold is not only uncomfortable but can lead to serious illness. Always be aware of the days temperature before you leave the comfort of your warm home. When exposed to cold weather for a long period of time it can create a number of health problems. Your fingers and toes will tingle and the cold can increase your chance of hearing loss. So, it is important to keep your ears warm on those cold winter days.


You must keep your head dry and warm just like all your other body parts, during the winter to keep your heat in. How much heat you lose through your head depends on how thick your hair is and how much energy you use on those cold, winter days. If you go out on a cold day without a hat, you are likely to feel the cold most around your face, ears and top of your head; especially if you don't have a lot of hair.


People have a tendency to cover their body with warm clothing but forget to cover their head and ears until they are outside and it is too late if you don't just happen to have a hat or cap in your coat pocket. Many men will tend to try and get by with something as simply as a ball cap. Where this will help some it gives your ears little protection. Women will often cover their head, ears and neck with a long scarf, which will do a pretty good job of keeping their head and neck area warm.


You want a hat or cap that fits snugly and doesn't allow any body heat to excape. It is also nice if your hat or cap is somewhat waterproof for those light misty rain days. If it is snowing or raining heavily you are probably going to need an umbrella or a poncho with a hood.


In this day and time heated clothing is a delight to have and wear. You can just about keep you body toasty warm from head to toe with different items of heated clothing. Heated clothing stimulated blood flow thereby increasing circulation, is good for muscles both of which increase the range of motion and reduces stiffness in painful joints.


When you are staying warm from your heated clothing you will find that you are relaxed and enjoying your activities even though they are out in the cold, windy weather.


Even if you just love your heavy coat that you wear in the winter, you will be so much more comfortable and warm with a heated beanie cap, heated gloves and heated socks. Some pieces of heated clothing are nice to have even if you just work in a cold office building. You may not want to wear your heated beanie cap at work but a nice heated vest might come in just right to help you stay warm.


Just keep in mind that you need to keep your head and ears warm and protected when you are outside in cold weather and one of the best ways to do that is with a beanie hat that is battery heated.


SvPro Heated Beanie Hat for Women and Men to provide warmth to your head and ears while outdoors in cold weather. One of the best in battery powered heated hats.



Keeping your head and ears warm with a SvPro heated beanie hat will help you enjoy your outdoor activities on cold, windy winter days. If you like outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing, fishing, climbing or watching football, etc. then you will really appreciate having a warm heated beanie by SvPro. It has a comfortable fit and keeps your head and ears warm for a long time. This battery arm inter heated hat carries a rechargeable 2200mAh large capacity Li-Polymer rechargeable battery. The amount of heat can be controlled from a low to medium to high setting by the touch of a button on the hat. The battery life is up to 7 hours depending on the heat setting. This SvPro battery heated beanie hat is made of high quality soft, breathale and heat insulated acrylic fabric with a polyester lining. It is durable, lint-free and quick drying. It is recommended that you hand wash your beanie hat. Be sure to remove the battery from it's pocket before washing.


This heated hat is a great gift for those you love and care about. Give to your wife or husband a heated hat, parents, grandparents, friends, even gift a heated hat to one of your co-workers. Makes a nice gift for most any occassion, even if it is just because it is a cold winter day.





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