Men's Warm Heated Vest for Hunting, Snowmobiling, Camping, Bleachers During Winter Cold Weather
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Warm, Adjustable heat vest for men in Heated Clothing. This heated vest for men is perfect for staying warm while camping, hiking, hunting, skiing or just work at home during winter cold weather.


Adjustable Heated Vest for Men to stay warm during winter cold weather while hunting, snowmobiling, hiking, climbing, snowboarding, fishing, golf, outdoor work.


Mens heat vest for cold weather. Double layer pocket to isolate battery and hand.

Heated Vest for Cold Weather

Warm Battery Heat Vest for Men During Winter Cold Weather While Snowmobiling, Hunting, Skiing, Fishing, Warming Outdoor Work Vest

If you are like me and like to wear a vest to stay warm, you will love this warm, battery heat vest for men to keep you warm while outside in the cold weather. Men, this warming cold weather battery heat vest by Arris has 7 heat panels (4 on the front and 3 on the back) and 5 temperature controls (different warming areas are controlled by different buttons on the vest). It is a battery heated vest for men that will help keep you very warm while doing work outside or participating in your favorite sport, like skiing, hunting, fishing, golf, snowmobiling or camping. This sleeveless vest garment is powered by a 7.4V powerful rechargeable Lipo Battery which offers more power and better heat to the heating pads than other vests on the market. Men who work outside during winter weather most of the day love wearing a battery heated vest to help them survive the elements.


I like the soft and comfortable material that the heated vest is made of and the fact that the vest size is adjustable.


Men who work or play outside will love this heated vest that will help keep them warm and enjoying their time outdoors. I hang my vest on a hook by the door, so I can grab it and slip it on as I head outside to work. The waist size range of this adjustable heated vest is from 42 inches to 62 inches which makes it very comfortable for most any man to wear. The heating material on this vest is made from carbon fiber which is safer, softer and healthier than other heated vest material. Warmth helps stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. Depending on how you use all the heat buttons and pads, a fully charged battery will provide you from 4 hours up to 20 hours of nice warmth. You re-charge the battery for the vest using a wall charger outlet. Indicator lights will tell you when charging is complete (solid blue line and the red light on the charger will turn to solid green). From completely drained, the battery will take about 8 hours to fully re-charge.


This heated vest can be cleaned by removing the battery and then handwash or machine wash in a laundry bag in cold water. Do not twist or wring to dry. Simply hang the vest up on a hanger to dry. Many men use a heated vest to keep warm while climbing, camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, heated motorcycle vest, mountain climbing and as a battery heated vest to just keep warm while performing outside work on cold winter days. When hunting a heated vest will allow you to stay in the tree stand longer because you are warm and not freezing to death.


This electric heated vest comes with 7.4V 7200mah High capacity battery that is rechargeable. It makes a great gift for a friend or family member, especially someone elderly, that may be cold all the time. This lightweight, waterproof and polar fleece lined electric heated vest will keep men or women warm indoors or outdoors during cold weather.


To adjust the size you simply unzip the zippers under each arm of the vest and insert the panels as needed to adjust to your size. If you are a small man, then you won't need to adjust with the panels at all. There is a built-in thermal protection module in this heated vest to protect against overheating. Make sure you have a snug fit, because it will help keep your warmer.


Great heated vest - beat the cold weather with the right winter clothing, like one of these warm heated vest to wear during all you outdoor winter activities. Add some heated socks and heated gloves and you will be able to stay toasty warm while outside this winter.


Even though this heated vest is unisex, if you are purchasing for a woman then you may prefer the Ororo heated vest for women. It is a lightweight and stylish heated vest.





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Staying Warm with Heated Clothing

November 26, 2023 - There are all types of heated clothing on the market today, from socks to vests and jackets. For those who live in cold climates this type heated attire is welcome clothing to wear. Here is an idea of the different types of heated clothing that might interest you.


Heated Scarf - These scarfs, for both men and women, are usually made of a soft, cozy material and have a heat panel at the back of the neck which is powered by a small, rechargeable, lightweight battery. A heated scarf is great to wear to work outdoors or while shopping on those cold and blustery winter days.

Heated Gloves and Mittens - Heated gloves are often waterproof and windproof, as well as being heated by a small rechargeable battery. Typically the heating area covers the whole back of your hand and all fingers. People with poor blood circulation find these heated gloves great to wear during cold weather.


Heated Cap - A heated hat is especially great for those who have thin or no hair on their head. These are typically beanie type hats that, like other heated clothing, have a small, rechargeable battery in the cap that powers the heat panels which are located around the cap. There are usually different heat settings that can be made by the touch of a button and depending on the setting will provide heat from 3 to 7 hours.


Heated Vests and Jackets - This is really nice heated clothing that is available for both men and women. One of the vests for men is shown above. There are a few different styles available. The one shown here has an open V-neck design. There are vests available that have a covered neck area as well. Where heated vests usually do not cover the arms, a heated jacket will usually have long sleeves and may also have a detachable hood.


Heated Socks - These socks that are heated by a rechargeable battery seem to be more popular with men who work outside than with women. However, women who like to go camping or hiking find these heated socks to be great for those cold winter day jaunts. These socks are usually made of spandex cotton type material and are designed with a side pocket at the top of the sock to hold the battery.


Heated Pant Liner - If you love riding a motorcycle then you will love these heated pan liners. They are often made from windproof and durable Ripstop nylon and fit snugly to the body. They are worn under your outerwear to keep you warm while riding in cold weather. They have heating zones that are located in the leg and hip area.


Well, that just about covers you from head to toe with warmth provided by heated clothing items. Choose what fits your work or play situation the best for staying toasty warm.


Battery Heated Vests for Men on Amazon


Arris Men's Heated Vest Water and Wind Resistant Warm Jacket with Heat Panels (Battery Pack)

Arris Men's Heated Vest Water and Wind Resistant Warm Jacket with Heat Panels (Battery Pack). Adjustable Heated Vest for Men to stay cozy warm while outdoors in cold weather. This Arris heated vest is lightweight and perfectly suitable for wearing under a jacket or coat.



[Safe Heated Vest] When you work or play outside in cold weather then you need a heated vest made to keep men warm during these times. There is no need to be cold and uncomfortable while hiking, camping, snowmobiling, fishing, golfing or just working outside on a cold, winter day. The Arris Heating Vest is lighweight with a windproof and waterproof outer layer. Heat panels are located on the front and back of this men's warming heated vest and these panels are contorlled by 3 buttons on the front of the vest. The vest has a microfiber fleece inner material that is super soft and comfortable. This heated vest for men is adjustable from 42 inches to 62 inches simply by zipping in panels on the side of the vest. Staying warm while camping, hiking, snowmobiling, fishing, heated golf vest or working outside is a cinch while wearing this Arris rechargeable heated electric vest. This is just one of the items in heated clothing that will keep you warm and cozy during the winter. Check out other selections of heated clothing available at this link.





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