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Honda generator 3000 wheel kit transport cart for Honda EU3000is portable generator.

Wheel Kit for Honda Portable Generator EU3000is - Solid Never Flat Tires - All Terrain Cart...

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Honda Generator Wheel Kit for EU3000is - Never Flat Tires, All Terrain Tires, Honda generator big wheel kit.

Honda Generator Wheel Kit fits EU3000is - Never Flat Tires, All Terrain - Red Color...

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Honda EU3000is Generator Cover, Silver

Honda EU3000is Portable Generator Silver Cove



Honda EU3000is Generator Camouflage Cover

Honda EU3000is Generator Camouflage Cover

Hide Your Generator



Wheel Kit for Honda Generator EU3000is - Solid Never Flat Tires, All Terrain Transport Cart with Knobby Tires, Your Honda generator off road big wheel kit.

Wheel Kit for Honda Generator EU3000is - Solid Never Flat Tires - All Terrain...

  • This versatile All-Terrain wheel kit transport cart fits the Honda EU3000is Portable Generator and this Honda generator off road wheel kit is designed to handle most any terrain; knobby tires make it easy to push your Honda generator cart across mud, sand or up a ramp into the back of your truck bed.
  • When there is a power outage I don't want to find that my generator tires are flat from just sitting up in storage and I want to be able to move it quickly and easily to the spot where I need to generate some power.
  • Big 10" SOLID polyurethane tires eliminates the chance of a flat when you most need to move your handy generator.
  • Wheel kit comes with 2 industrial strength steel Axles, 4 powder-coated big wheels with NEVER FLAT tires and heavy duty bearings, all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions.
  • Easy installation. No modifications required.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 24" x 31"

Available Online at: Amazon.com and Ebay.com

Additional Honda Inverter Generator EU3000is Wheel Kit Options

Reliance Controls corporation Honda 06424-ZS9-000AH EU3000is Small Inverter Genrator 4 Wheel Swivel Kit.

Reliance Control Corporation Honda 06424-ZS9-000AH EU3000is Inverter Generator 4-Wheel Front Swivel Mobility Kit...

  • Save your back with this innovative 4 Wheel Swivel Kit for the Honda EU3000is Inverter Generator.
  • Front swivel casters on this wheel kit make turning easier.
  • Two 6" SOLID rear tires eliminates the chance of a flat when you most need to move your Honda generator.
  • Powder-coat finish matches the EU3000is trim for a sleek look.
  • 4-wheel capability perfect for easy transportation.
  • Easy installation. Remove 6 bolts and 2 nuts which are reused to install the wheels to the generator.
  • This, of course, will raise the overall height of your generator if you happen to be storing it in a tight place.

Honda Front Swivel Mobility Wheel Kit for EU3000is Portable Inverter Genertors.

Available Online at:   Ebay.com

Honda 06425-ZS9-020AH EU3000is Inverter Generator 2 Wheel and Handle Mobility Kit with Telescoping Handles for EU3000is portable generator.

Honda 06425-ZS9-020AH EU3000is Inverter Generator 2-Wheel and Handle Mobility Kit with Telescoping Handles for EU3000is Generator...

  • Wheel kit is lightweight, durable construction with easy opening telescoping stainless steel handles and rubber dampened pre-assembled base.
  • 8" industrial-rated rubber wheels.
  • Genuine OEM Honda Part, replaces 06425-ZS9-010AH.
  • Made for easy maneuverability of your Honda EU3000is portable generator.
  • Easy installation with basic hand tools.

Honda 2 Wheel Kit with Telescoping Handles for Honda EU3000is Inverter Generator

Available Online at:   Amazon.com  and  Ebay.com

Other Items You May Need For Your Honda Generator...

Honda Generator Remote Control EU3000is EU30is Two Transmitters.

Honda Generator Remote Control EU3000is EU30is Two Transmitters

Make Your Portable Generator Truly Portable with Remote Control


Honda EU3000is Inverter Generator 1 inch Steel Exhaust Extension, 5 foot length exhaust extension.

Honda EU3000is Inverter Generator 1" Steel Exhaust Extension

5 foot exhaust extension allows for safe venting of exhaust fumes from unoccupied enclosed area.


Taking Care Of Your Portable Generator


Caring For Your Portable Generator Checklist

Whether you are using a portable generator for work, recreation or as an emergency backup, you want it to work when you need it. As with so many things that we depend on to make our lives easier, your generator will require proper care and maintenance.

Keep A Stock of Oil and Filters

Most brands of new generators recommend their first oil change after just 25 hours of use. Beyond that, an oil change is typically recommended every 50 to 60 hours of use. So you need to have on hand enough oil and factory filters to last a few days, especially in case of a long utility power outage.

Re-filling the Gas

Let the engine cool first. Then pour slowly to avoid filling the tank to the brim or allowing it to overflow onto the generator. Remember that when you need to re-fill during a power outage it may be dark, so a strap on LED head light might be nice to keep on hand close to the generator. It is also recommended that you do not let the genertor run completely out of gas before re-filling to avoid damage to some brands of generators.

Stale Fuel Is Not Good

Repair shops recommend that you empty your fuel tank and the carburetor once your storm season has passed or you are not going to use your generator for several months. You can empty the generator tank and then run it until it is out of gas. Then when the generator is needed again refill it with fresh, stabilized gas.

Use Heavy Duty Extension Cords

It is nice to be able to move the noise of a generator away from the house some. Be considerate of your neighbors though. Moving the noise away from your house but closer to theirs is not good.

Don't exceed a 100' between the generator and your appliances. Be sure to use a heavy-duty 12-gauge extension cord. Lighter cords or longer runs mean more voltage drop and can cause premature appliance motor burnout.

Gasoline Cans

Buy high quality gas cans that you can easily pick up and pour gas into your generator without spilling it. Think about how much you can actually lift. It is nice to have a lot of gas on hand but if the can is so heavy you can't easily lift it and pour it into your portable generator then that too will be a problem.

Re-locating Your Generator

The weight of some generators make them a little cumbersome to move about. You may need your portable generator to power appliances in your house at some times and to usse with power tools in an out building at other times. Maybe you even want to loan your generator to a family member or neighbor when you have utility power and they don't. If your generator did not come with a wheel kit or cart then you would probably want to invest in one so you can easily roll your generator off road across any terrain to get it where it needs to be. These wheel kits are easy to install and having wheels on your portable generator will save a lot of heavy lifting on your part.

Protect Your Investment

You may want to get a strong chain or cable and a pad lock so you can secure your generator to something like a pole to keep someone from stealing your unit. Gas needs to be also stored some place that can be locked to prevent theft.

Keep Your Battery Charged

If you have a portable generator that has an electric start then you will need to make sure that your battery stays charged, because most of these generators do not have a pull cord backup. Get an automatic battery trickle charger to keep attached to your generator battery while it is in storage. This will help ensure that your battery won't be dead when you need to start your generator.

Keep It Covered

Keeping your generator covered while in storage and while running is also very important. Even if you store your portable generator in a dry garage or storage shed you need to protect it from dust accumulation. If storing your generator outside, like under a carport, you will also have moisture damage and possibly UV rays to consider. A good generator cover to use while running out in the rain and / or snow is the IGAN heavy duty generator rain shelter, which will allow your generator to be covered from the elements even while safely running it. Another option for a generator cover while running is the GenTent Wet Weather canopy. It is a universal fit cover for most portable generators from 3.5kW to 10kW. If you just need to cover your generator while it is in storage and not in use then check out the various brand and sizes of covers at this page.
Wheel Kit for Honda Generator EU3000is -Solid Never Flat Tires - All Terrain Cart.

Rolling your Honda generator around on wheels is so much easier than having to lift it. With a set of ramps you can just roll your generator up onto your truck bed rather than having to get someone to help you lift it all the time when you need to move your portable generator to another location.


Available Online At: Ebay.com and Amazon.com


Wheels for 3000 Honda Generator - Wheel Kit Fits Honda EU3000is Portable Generator

August 2, 2023 - If you are a person who struggles to pick up anything over 20 lbs. and you want to be able to move your Honda EU3000is portable generator even just around your home area, then you will love the All Terrain Wheel Kit with Never Flat Tires that is made to fit the Honda Model EU3000is generator. You will be able to easily roll your Honda portable generator across the yard even if it is rough or muddy. And don't worry about the tires being flat because these are solid never flat tires. They will be ready to go when you need to roll.


Available Online At: Ebay.com and Amazon.com


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