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Cover for Champion Portable Generator Medium Size.

Medium Size Lightweight Champion Portable Generator Cover

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Weather Resistant Storage Cover for 4800 to 11,500 watt Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator Rain Cover C90016 Large Size Cover.

Champion 4800 - 11,500 Watt Portable Generator Cover C90016 Large Size...

  • You want your Champion Generator to be clean and ready when you need it the most.
  • With this Champion Num. C90016 generator cover you can protect your Champion Power Equipment generator from UV rays, weather, dirt and dust while your portable generator is in the garage, storage shed or with a cover on the road.
  • Cover is made from durable, water resistant vinyl and is specifically designed with elastic base for a custom fit.
  • Dimensions are: 30.7" (L) x 23.6" (W) x 23.6" (H).
  • Lightweight for easy coverage and movement.
  • The inside of the cover is lined with cotton to protect your generator and prevent scuff marks and scratches.
  • Silver with Champion Logo.
  • Quality is such that it should protect your generator and its engine for years to come.
  • Cover is not designed to fit over wheels.


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Prepare For A Flood The Best Way You Can

July 21, 2023 - Believe it or not, floods are the natural disasters that are most common in America.

According to statistics, more than a hundred people are killed by floods every year. Also, more than four billion dollars are the cost of damages caused by floods. All this is according to the Red Cross of the United States.

The following are a few tips and some advice about things you could do in order to prepare yourself for any flood inevitability.

Expect The Un-expected

It is important that you clearly understand and that you are aware of any damages that a flood could cause. Some of these inevitabilities include boulders that are rolling, trees that are ripped right out from the ground, buildings that are destroyed as well as bridges, sliding debris.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask

It is also vital that you ask around your local zoning and planning office as to whether the property you are on is below the level of the flood or above it. Also, it is always good to know if the area you are in has had a history of being flooded.

This knowledge helps a lot in the preparation of activities and tasks that you need to do in case a flood does hit your area.

Familiarize Yourself

In your own community, it is best that you familiarize yourself in any or all of the warning signals or signs whenever a flood does occur.

Know what are your community’s plan for evacuation. This helps you prepare yourself as well as your family and friends as to what to do as well as the step by step drill.

Have An Insurance

It helps if you have insurance that is tailored particularly when a flood occurs. Believe it or not, the insurance usually associated with home owners will really not be able to reimburse any damages you may have that are caused by floods.

Keep All Vital Documents

These documents include any policies for insurance, passports, birth certificates, etc. All these papers should – as much as possible – be kept in a box that is waterproof and one which could be accessed easily.

Move, Move, Move

If in case your fireplace, furnace, electricity panel or water heater is in the basement or 1st floor of your house, you could consider moving what you can up to the attic.


When storms are approaching that might cause flooding in your area, move bottled water, medications, extra clothing and food to your attic area because rescuers may not be able to get to you for days.

In that way it will be a lot less probable for these to be damaged by raging floodwaters and you will have resources to survive with until help arrives..

Portable Generator for Sump Pumps

If you use sump pumps in your basement or any other area keep a portable generator available to keep these pumps working if the utility power goes off. Battery operated pumps will keep your pumps going for a while, but a generator can keep them working for days. Be sure to store your generator where it won't get wet also.

Plug It All

Plugging all trap sewers you have in your house using check valves actually prevent any floodwater from going into the drains of your house. During emergencies, using large stoppers or corks is also a good idea to plug tubs and sinks.

Check and Build

Checking with the local codes of buildings is a good idea as this will let you know whether it is okay to build walls for floods and to be used as barriers around your own house in order to prevent any floodwater from getting in your premises.

Waterproof It All

In order to protect walls of basements, seal them using waterproof compounds so that floodwaters would be unable to get in through any cracks.

Have A Radio and Some Supplies

As much as possible, keep a radio that is operated by batteries to use in case the power goes off.

Having supplies such as canned goods is a must as well as first aid kits. Do not forget a can opener of course. Store these items on the second floor if you have one.

All in all, lots of preparation is always the best defense against floods.


Floods Are Not Just Along Rivers


People don't stop to think that their basement may get flooded from some of these torrential rains that we receive. In addition, many streets get flooded in low lying areas or from clogged drainage systems. Don't let yourself get complacent just because you don't live along side a river.


Champion Large Weather Proof Custom Made Generator Cover.



Keeping your Champion generator free of dust, dirt and dry while in storage is so important to help your generator be in good running condition when you need it. These size generators are usually purchased because they are easy to roll around when you have a power outage, for power tools on your construction site, for medical equipment, sump pumps and more. This Champion generator weather cover is lined with cotton to prevent any scratches or scuffs on your portable generator.


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