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Generator Covers for 3000 to 10000 Watt Generators. Durable and waterproof Champion running generator covers for your portable generator during rain and snow.


Champion Storm Shield severe weather portable generator covers by GenTent.

Champion Running Portable Generator Weatherproof Covers While Running

If you want to keep your portable generator covered and dry while using it outside, then use this Champion portable generator weatherproof cover to protect your generator while running it during inclement weather. For safety purposes cover your portable generator while running it outdoor. When it is raining or snowing you also need to keep it covered with a good functional heavy duty generator cover that is designed to use on a running generator outside and still allows for proper ventilation while the generator is in use.


This weatherproof cover fits most portable generators from 3000 watts to 10,000 watts and safely lets you run your generator outside in the rain or snow while avoiding CO poisoning, generator damage or electrocution.


No need to take the cover off your portable generator to refuel and the natural airflow design allows for generator operation and maintenance while the cover in in place. The refuel area remains easily accessible and dry while you are refueling.


This Champion waterproof cover is easy to install. A toolless installation installs easily in 3 simple steps with its self-attaching design. Clamp it, frame it and then cover it. The high-strength clamps and fiberglass frame rods connect directly to your portable generator, while the detachable wrap-around electrical panel skirt keeps the generator outlets covered and dry while using your generator in the rain or snow.


This cover is a durable waterproof cover that includes high-strength frame rods designed to withstand winds up to 70 mph, snow loads up to 18 inches and rain up to 12 inches per day.


You need to not only protect your portable generator investment, but you want to make sure you have a cover for your portable generator while running outside in inclement weather. Customers seem to report that this portable generator cover is thick, sturdy and a great fit and that it does indeed hold up during high winds.

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Champion Running Generator Covers For Rain and Snow Features at a Glance

  • Your portable generator will not be damaged from wet weather and will run safely.
  • Cover your generator while running it in almost any weather.
  • From any angle your generator electrical outlets remain dry in all types of wet weather.
  • One key feature is your portable generator remain easily moveable.
  • Featuring a large refueling door, easily refuel in seconds with no need to disassemble or remove the cover.
  • Generator stays cool naturally - cooling air is not blocked.
  • Full access to change the oil and maintain your generator with the cover attached.
  • The Champion Power Equipment 100376 Storm Shield Severe Weather Portable Generator cover is created and patented by GenTent.
  • It is designed for portable open frame generators from 3000 watts to 10000 watts.
  • Cover has a self-attaching design and installs easily in 3 simple steps.
  • The Storm Shield cover has the ability to withstand up to 70 mph winds, snow loads up to 18" and rain up to 12" per day.
  • Champion cover has a 1 year limited warranty. and free lifetime technical support
  • Champion running generator covers are made in the USA.



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Using A Transfer Switch with Your Portable Generator

July 22, 2023 - When you purchase a portable generator and do not use it in conjuction with a transfer switch, then you will have a bunch of cords running into your house through a door or windows and you will not be able to power hardwired appliances like a water heater or well pump.Therefore, it is safer to run your generator and power devices via a transfer switch.


A transfer switch is a small board that looks somewhat like a circuit reaker panel that is installed within a few feet of your circuit breaker panel. Generators rated for 5,000 watts and above need to be used with a transfer switch.

Not using a transfer switch and trying to connect your portable generator directly to your electrical service panel could endanger utility workers who might be working on power lines, fry your appliances and / or damage your portable generator.


A transfer switch lets you safely and easily power the electrical items you need most; your refrigerator, a sump pump, your hot water heater, lights, computers and more. Power to these devices can come from your generator or your utility company, but not both.


Generator Cover for Rain or Snow Usage - Regardless of how you use your portable generator you need to keep it covered while using outside in rain, snow and just inclement weather. This cover will permit your portable generator to stay dry and to run safely because it has a waterproof cover over it. Use a good functional heavy duty cover that allows you easy access to the generator outlets so you can easily plug in your electrical cords.


Champion generator covers to use while running in rain or snow.



For safety purposes you need to run your portable generator outside in a well ventilated area. However, for safety purposes and to protect your generator investment you need to keep your portable generator covered while running in rain or snow. This Champion running generator cover for rain and snow by GenTent solves that problem for you. You will be able to refuel, change oil and maintain your generator without removing the cover. Just a perfect cover for all that inclement weather when the utility power is off. This Champion waterproof cover includes high-strength frame rods designed to withstand winds up to 70 mph, rain up to 12" per day and snow loads up to 18 inches.



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