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Discreet Generator Cover for Honda EU2000 and EU2200 portable generators.


Honda Generator Cover Weatherproof for EU2000 and EU2200 portable generators.

Honda Weatherproof Cover for Honda EU2000 and EU2200 Portable Generators

Use this weatherproof cover so that you don't advertise that you are protecting your nice Honda EU2000 or EU22200 portable generator. You will keep your generator protected from snow, rain, dirt, dust and sun while keeping it hiden from view.


These GenSkin covers have a PVC coated 600D polyeste fabric. The cover is kept secure around the bottom of the generator with a fitted elastic cord. A nice feature with these weatherproof covers is that they were designed so that you can open the velcro flap on the top and reach the handle for carrying while leaving the cover on the generator. These covers are for protection while not in use; not to be used while running.


These covers don't shrink or stretch in cold or hot temperatures and repel rain and other harmful weather elements.


Other owners report that this cover is lightweight, fits well on their Honda generator and is reasonably priced.


Cover is a light silvery non-discreet grey color.


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Honda Weatherproof Cover for EU2000 and EU2200 Portable Generators Features at a Glance

  • Weatherproof Cover - protect your inverter generator from snow, rain, snow, dirt, dust, sun and other weather elements with this GenSkin cover.
  • Snug Fit - fitted elastic cord provides a custom-like fit around the bottom of your generator.
  • Designed for Honda EU2000 or EU2200 portable generators.
  • Cover features velcro flap allowing easy access to the carrying handles.
  • Cover fits snugly over your portable generator quickly giving good protection while in storage.
  • There are no markings on this cover which allows you to not announce that you have your expensive Honda generator under it..
  • This lighweight cover doesn't stretch or shrink in cold or hot temperatures.



Available Online at:   Amazon.com   Ebay.com 


Cover Features for Honda EU2000, EU2200 Portable Generator.



Properly Maintaining Your Small Portable Generator

July 24, 2023 - If you simply cover your generator and put it away in storage for when you might need it during a power outage, you may be surprised when you can't get it to start. Just like all other items that we buy now a days, a portable generator requires proper maintenance.


It is recommended that you power up your generator at least every three months and let it run for a short while. Some people do this monthly. This will help keep components lubricated by circulating the oil throughout the engine.

It is best to store your generator on an empty tank. You can let your engine run until it runs out of gas and shuts down.


Keep your filters and spark plugs changed at least once at the start of each season, or every 200 hours. Keep a supply of filters and an extra plug on hand so you can quickly and easily change them when needed.


Keeping the oil changed is a major factor in maintaining reliability. Most new generators need their first oil change to be done after just 30 hours of use. After that change the oil after every 100 hours of use or at least once every season. Like filters and plugs, keep oil on hand so you can add some if needed.


If you have a portable generator with an electric start then you will want to have the battery fully charged before storing. If you can, plug the battery into a trickle charger to keep it fresh and ready to start when you need it.




Protect your Honda EU2000 or EU2200 generator from rain and other weather elements.



To make sure the cover on your Honda portable generator fits snugly the cover has a fitted elastic cord around the bottom. No matter where you store your portable generator you want it to be ready to use when you need. In addition to having clean filters, working spark plugs and clean oil your generator needs to be clean and dry. This lightweight weatherproof cover for your Honda EU2000 or EU2200 generator will do just that.


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