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Generator Covers for 3100 Watt or Higher Inverter Generators.


Champion Weather Resistant Portable Generator Storage Cover for 3100 Watt or Higher Inverter Generators.

Champion Weather Resistant Storage Cover 3100 Watt or Higher Inverter Generator

A Champion Inverter Generator is a handy item to have around and you need to protect it with a good Champion Weather Resistant Cover that is made for 3100 Watt or higher Champion inverter generators. These covers are made for keeping your inverter generator clean and dry while in storage. They are not to be used on the portable generator while it is running.


Once your cover is on your inverter generator, the elastic base will provide a custom like fit for a powerful protection for your generator and its engine. To further protect your generator the cover has quick-access zippers which make it easy to access the generator's carrying handles while under the cover. The water-resistant vinyl exterior of this Champion storage cover will keep your inverter generator and its engine protected from sun and UV damage, rain, snow, debris, dirt, cobwebs, dust, tree droppings and more.


The inside of this generator cover is lined with cotton to protect your inverter generator from scuff marks and scratches. Cover is designed to fit inverter generators that measure: 25.1" L x 17.3" W x 18.3" H.


Some owners are concerned that the Champion logo on the cover is like advertising to a thief that you have a nice Champion inverter generator. The logo is only on one side so you can store your unit with the logo against a wall and leave the plain side out.


If you use your inverter generator at a dirty jobsite or just store it around your house waiting for the next power outage, this Champion cover will provide essential protection for your unit.


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Champion Weather Resistant Storage Cover for 2800 W or Higher Inverter Generators Features at a Glance

  • Weather Resistant - protect your inverter generator from rain, snow, dirt, sun and more with the cover's tough vinyl exterior.
  • Great Fit - strong elastic base provides a custom-like fit for your generator.
  • Designed for Champion 2800 watt or higher inverter generators.
  • Cover features convenient zippers allowing easy access to the carrying handles.
  • Cover fits over your inverter generator quickly giving good protection while in storage.
  • Champion support includes 1-yr limited warranty.
  • Inside of the cover is lined with cotton to help keep your inverter generator from scuff marks and scratches.



Available Online at:   Amazon.com      Ebay.com


Cover Features for Champion Inverter Generator.



Ways That People Use Their Inverter Generator

March 21, 2023 - I have a small inverter generator that I primarily use to power my freezer that is located in an outbuilding next to my main house. The main home has a much larger portable generator attached via a transfer switch that powers most electrical items in my house when there is a power outage. But the building where the freezer is located is on a different breaker box and therefore not convenient to power from the house breaker panel. In addition to being available to provide power for the freezer when there is a utility power outage, I can easily pick this generator up and use it in the barn or other locations on the property if needed. It provides enough watts to power things like lights, power tools, fans on hot days, etc.


Many handymen, plumbers, builders take a small generator with them to jobsites so they can use their power tools in areas where no utiltiy power is available. This might be new home construction sites, barns, sheds in rural areas, etc.

Of course, small generators are used by campers, tailgaters and for other outdoor events.


Many homes use a small portable generator to power their sump pumps during storms to prevent flooding in their basements and crawl space areas. Your sump pumps will last a few hours on a battery but can last for days on a maintained portable generator.


In this day and time many people work from home and they need an inverter generator to keep their modems and computers working during a power outage. These outages can happen just on a pretty sunny day when no storms are anywhere close by. In my area, a small plane went down several years ago and clipped a power line on the way down. Out power was out that day for around 7 hours.




Champion small portable generator covers.



To make sure your inverter generator is tightly covered the elastic hem on the base of the cover gives you a custom tight fit. Whether or not you are using your cover at home during power outages or while out and about camping or working, your portable generator will be clean and ready to go when you need it. If you should be using your small generator for your sump pumps and leave it stored in your basement or crawl space so it will be close by the pumps when the power goes off, you still need to keep it covered from dust and dampness while not in use.



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