Cold Weather Camping and Survival Blanket
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Charcoal Mambe Cold Weather Waterproof / Windproof Blanket for Camping Outdoors. Stay warm while outdoors with this Mambe large cold weather windproof camping blanket in charcoal color. Best outdoor cold weather waterproof blanket for camping, sports events, survival.

Charcoal Cold Weather Essential Waterproof Blanket


Going camping in cold weather, then you will need this waterproof camping blanket to keep you warm. Essential version of the Mambe cold weather waterproof blanket for warmth in extreme weather conditions.

Red Mambe Large Cold Essential Weather Blanket

Mambe Large Cold Weather Waterproof / Windproof Warm Camping Blanket, "Essential"


I started out looking for a battery operated cold weather blanket that we could use to stay warm on our camping trips, but found that the customer reviews for these type blankets were not that good and usually I would need to recharge after each cold night's use. That meant I would need to have on hand a small gas generator or a solar powered generator to handle keeping the blanket batteries charged.


I also looked at the blankets with the heat packs for cold weather and they seemed pretty good as far as staying warm but once again I would have to carry extra heat packs for a multi day camping trip.


So, when I found this Mambe cold weather blanket that was both waterproof and windproof I grabbed it for up for coming camping trips. While just reading about this cold weather blanket I seemed to just feel the warmth it would offer.


I could also picture using this blanket in other extreme weather situations like sports events that we would attend and just to help stay warm in our own home during a utility power outage during cold weather. Another stay warm item that I have come to love is some of the heated clothing like heated vests, heated gloves and the heated beanie caps. They are heated with a small rechargeable battery and will just keep you toasty warm while out walking about in cold weather.


The fact that the Mambe blanket is waterproof and windproof with a thick, warm and soft fleece side was most attractive when thinking of those cold stadiums while watching games. It has a generous size of 58" x 84" (approx. 5' x 7') for complete coverage, not just your shoulders, like some other outdoor blankets.


The draw string stuff sack bag is a nice little plus to make it easy to store away or carry with you different places. There are multiple colors to choose from, like Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Charcoal, Navy and Royal Blue.


I always like to buy USA made products and this blanket is proudly Made in the USA ( Fall City, WA) and is guaranteed for life. And since I'm a pet lover and I saw on their website where they contribute to pet rescue organizations I was immediately drawn to their products.

This is the "Essential Version" and for a little bit more money they have an "Extreme Version" (see below) that you might prefer.


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Mambe Large Cold Weather Windproof / Waterproof Camping Blanket, "Extreme"

As indicated above Mambe also makes an Extreme Version of their waterproof, windproof cold weather blanket which can be used for camping, sports events and a need for emergency warmth.


The Extreme blanket is designed for colder weather conditions and includes an innovative reflective lining to help block the loss of radiant body heat. If your car breaks down or you are stuck in traffic for hours the warmth of this blanket for cold weather conditions will be most welcome. Also, these are great sports stadium blankets, camping blankets and emergency situation blankets.


Like the essential version the extreme is 100% waterproof and windproof, but the extreme has Polartec® Classic 300 Fleece where the essential has 200 Fleece.


Both blankets have fleece on one side and waterproof dense nylon on the other side. Both windproof, waterproof blankets come in different colors.


The extreme comes in two sizes, small (48" x 58") and large ( 58" x 84").



Available Online at:  

Purple Mambe Essential Cold Weather Camping Waterproof, Windproof Blanket.

Blankets for Camping in Cold Weather

August 24, 2023 -The Mambe cold weather blankets may seem a little pricey at first look, but once you wrap up in your cold weather blanket while camping out or while sitting in the outdoor bleachers at some sporting event where it is windy and cold you will thank yourself for having made such a wise purchase. This versatile, high quality fleece blanket is thick, warm, soft and comes in multiple colors. You will enjoy the draw string stuff sack that comes with the blanket because it makes it so much easier to carry to some event and also store when not in use. And, if just pure warmth isn't enough, this waterproof blanket is made in the USA and guaranteed for life. This cold weather blanket is not just for staying warm while camping but will be really a survival blanket when the power is out at your home on a cold winter night. Keep one in your car for those times when you are stranded in traffic for hours on cold, wintry days or nights.



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