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Large Outdoor Family Instant Cabin Style Camping Tents

Cabin Style Family Camping Tents - Near-vertical walls on cabin style camping tents will give you maximum overall peak height for tall people and overall livable space for your camping family and friends. Some of the cabin style tents come with nice features like room dividers for privacy, awning or vestibule for sun and rain shelter for your gear, etc. These cabin tents are great for cots and airbeds to give you a comfortable night's sleep while tent camping.

You want your tent shelter to be large, roomy and comfortable. Yet, you need to think about what type of vehicle you drive and how easy it is going to be to transport your tent. Plan ahead as to setup space you will have for your tent at the location where you are going to camp.

If you are also tall in height and looking for more headroom in your tent, then check out these popular cabin style camping tents with tall center ceiling heights for 4 persons to 12 persons.

Coleman 6-Person Family Camping Instant Cabin Tent with Integrated Rainfly
Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent. Easy and quick setup of this Coleman cabin tent.
  • Enjoy every moment of your outdoor camping adventure in this family-sized Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent.
  • This Coleman cabin tent is made of doule thick fabric, making it less likely to rip than other camping tents.
  • Integrated rainfly offers extra weather protection with better airflow.
  • This instant cabin tent can be set up or taken down in just 1 minute.
  • Has integrated storage pockets and tent fits 2 queen-sized airbeds.
  • This instant tent has pre-attached poles that make setting up camp as simple as unfolding, extending and securing.
  • Dimensions: 10' x 9' x 6' center height.
  • Carry bag included for storage and easy transport.
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Tahoo Gear Prescott 12-Person Family Cabin Tent with Room Divider
Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person 3 Season Family Cabin Camping Tent, Blue / White with Room Divider.
  • Regardless of where you are going for your relaxing weekend outdoors, this Tahoe Gear 12-Person 3-Season family cabin tent will allow you to settle in comfortably.
  • Features a unique shape with a generous roof height for moving around.
  • Comfortably sleeps 10 to 12 campers.
  • Easy to assemble shock corded fiberglass poles allow for easy set up.
  • The Prescott has an open and airy design including floor air vents to further increase ventilation.
  • Room divider provides privacy to either side or can be open for one large open space.
  • Large zip windows and rain fly for incliment weather.
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Tahoe Gear Ozark 16 Person Large Family 3 Season Cabin Tent
Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent with Tall Center Height.
  • Large yet practical and comfortable, the Tahoe Gear Ozark cabin tent is perfect for groups and families while camping.
  • Large windows zip completely closed for sleeping and open for use as a screen room on those nice days and nights.
  • Generous 7' center and wall height to allow you to move around easily throughout the tent.
  • Easy to assemble shock corded poles and pin and ring system allow for quick set up and take down.
  • Open mesh design provides excellent cross ventilation throughout the tent.
  • Rain fly canopy extends out over the door for extra coverage and includes guy ropes on each side for securing tent in windy weather.
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Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent with Room Divider
Wenzel Kodiak 14 x 14 Feet 9 Person 2 Room Family Cabin Dome Tent for tall person, full coverage rainfly and room divider.
  • A literal home away from home, the Kodiak Family Cabin Tent has 2 rooms, straight-walled, high ceiling design for tall person.
  • With 168 square feet of tent area, the Kodiak sleeps up to 9 people comfortably.
  • Tent is well ventilated with a large mesh Dutch "D" door, over 7' center ceiling height, 2 bay and 2 picture windows and a fully vented roof.
  • Stay dry with the full-coverage rain fly and welded polyethylene floor.
  • Equipped with rear lockers, two gear lofts and two hanging pockets allows you to stay well organized.
  • Sewn-in room divider creates 2 rooms
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Ozark Trail 12 Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent, 7 Closeable Windows, Rainfly
Huge 12 Person 3 Room XL Instant Cabin Tent Family Camping Hiking Hunting Easy Setup Tent, 7 Cloaeable Windows.
  • Large instant cabin tent with 3 Room capability.
  • The Ozark Trail 12 Person XL 3 Room Family Cabin Tent is easy to setup, no assembly required, poles pre-attached to tent.
  • Room for the use of 3 queen sized airbed mattresses.
  • Taped factory sealed provides Dry zone camping with leak protection.
  • Factory welded 6" tub floor.
  • There are seven windows that are fully closable.
  • Electrical cord access to provide all those comforts that electricity can provide.
  • Carry bag and tent stakes included.
  • Ground vents fit air conditioner.
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Browning Camping / Hunting Big Horn 8 Person Two Room Cabin Tent
Browning Camping Big Horn Family / Hunting 2 Room 8 Person Cabin Tent with 2 doors.
  • 2 Large doors allow easy entry into either room individually of this Browning Cabin Style Tent.
  • Tent has extra large zippers on the doors and straight side walls allow more room for sleeping cots or air mattresses.
  • Great ventilation with 2 doors and 6 windows.
  • Mesh storage pockets to help keep your personal items organized.
  • Pole clips that quickly snap over the tent poles make it this tent easy to assemble.
  • Factory sealed fly and floor seams give best weather protection.
  • Wall divider to create 2 rooms.
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Bushnell Shield Series 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Large Mesh Windows
Bushnell Shield Series 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with 72 inch center height.
  • With the new Bushnell Shield Series 6 Person instant cabin tent you will have large mesh windows for maximum airflow and panoramic views.
  • Privacy panels on windows allow for zip shut when needed.
  • Water repellent fabric, tub flooring and fully taped waterproof seams seal your tent from the rain.
  • Spacious interior has a 72" center height and room for 6 campers..
  • Poles come pre-attached to the tent for quick setup.
  • Also available as 9 person Instant Cabin Tent for your larger group.
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Trek Tents 245C Canvas Family Cabin Tent with Rainfly 7 Person
Trek Tents 245C Family Canvas Cabin 9 x 12 Heavy Duty 7 Person Tent with Rain Fly Cover.
  • With this Trek Tent you get 100% cotton walls and roof and a heavy-duty vinyl-coated canvas floor for long wear.
  • There is a nice wide front screen door with zip rain flaps.
  • Three extra large screen windows with inside zip storm flaps an no-see-um mesh screens.
  • Center ridge has sleeve pole tunnel for "no-sag" appearance.
  • This cabin tent is good for all seasons.
  • Interior sewn in pockets for storage of your small items.
  • 1" diameter powder coated steel frame.
  • Chain-linked poles for easy setup.
  • Rain fly, stakes, storage bags and instructions included.
  • Sleeps 7 persons.
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Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Style Tent
Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14 x 9.
  • If you want more space inside your tent then you will love the cabin style design of the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent which has double door design for easy access to the tent.
  • This nine person instant cain tent features 60 second stree free setup. The poles are pre-attached to the tent; just unpack, unfold and extend.
  • The fully taped rainfly on the Core 9 is removable in warmer weather to expose panoramic mesh windows and ceiling.
  • Core H20 Block Technology combines water repellent fabrics with active bead technology for faster water runoff.
  • This Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14' x 9' features zippered privacy panels on doors and windows.
  • It also has a large doule door design for convenient and easy access to the tent.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...


1. I am very tall and need a tent with some headroom. Is a cabin style tent good for me?
Yes, cabin style tents usually have a tall ceiling. The vertical standing walls of a cabin tent give you more headroom all around the inside of the tent. For example, the Coleman Echo Lake cabin style tent has a 7' center height and the peaked roof provides enchanced wind and rain resistance. The Eureka Jade Canyon is a 4 person stand up tent that you may also like.
2. Do cabin style tents have a lot of windows?
Campers tend to like cabin style tents for camping because of the large windows which give them a great view of nature while sitting cozely in their tent. The Ozark Trail 12 Person Tent shown above has seven fully cloesable windows and a factory welded 6" tub floor.
3. We need a tent where we can set up bunk cots for our kids.
The vertical walls of a cabin tent are really best for your needs. The straight walls and taller center height of cabin tents just give you more room for tent style furniture. Using bunk cots also make best use of your tent floor space.
4. My wife is very claustrophobic so what type camping tent is best for her?
The overall volume of a cabin tent is larger and has a more open feel than a dome camping tent and therefore less claustrophobic. The Browning camping Big Horn tent not only has straight walls to give you more volume inside the tent it has 2 doors and 6 windows to help ease someone's claustrophobic feeling.
5. Do cabin tents come with room dividers?.
Yes, they do. And actually because of the tall center height and straight walls you can have two rooms by using the room divider that are rather roomy. The Wenzel Kodiak 2 Room Cabin Tent is a good choice of a camping tent with room divider for multiple rooms.


Tips For Making Your Hiking and Camping Trip A Safe One

October 10, 2023 - Study the hiking trail you plan to take on your outdoor adventure. Get a map of the area ahead of time but don't forget to take the map with you when you head out.

Consider the trail difficulty level. If you are new to hiking don't take on the most difficult trail right away. If you know someone who has hiked the trail before ask them for tips on how to enjoy your hike and if they had it to do over would they hike that trail again. If you don't know anyone to ask in person then do an online search for the particular trail name and you can probably find comments on some forums or blogs.

You may also be able to use Google maps to look at the trail before you take off on your adventure. Not only look at the trail you will be taking but look at exit routes if there is an emergency like a forest fire or very bad weather brewing.

Things to consider taking with you on your hiking trip:

  • Fully charged Cell Phone. Might want to consider one of the Solar Cell Phone Chargers to take along with you.
  • Food and Drinks, take some extra in case the trip gets extended for some reason or, a fellow hiker didn't bring enough for themselves.
  • Bottled water in case you are not close to a stream.
  • Be sure you are dressed for the weather in the area. Rememer that the top of the mountain is a lot colder than the bottom where you start out. You might want to consider a heated vest for men or heated vest for women to help keep you warm in the colder area.
  • Well fitting Hiking boots.
  • Good camping tent to fit the season.
  • Sleeping bag, hammock, sleeping mat or pad. Think about the night weather for the area to decide your sleeping environment.
  • Decide how you will shelter if you encounter heavy rains. Look at these lightweight rain shelter tarps for that unexpected rain.
  • Don't forget your map.
  • Take lots of pictures for your memories.

Consider the weight of everything you plan to take because you will be carrying it while you walk the hiking trail. One of the lightweight mylar blankets is a good option to keep you warm and will take up little space in your backpack. Don't forget it is colder at the top of the mountain than it is at the base.

Learn about the animals in the area where you plan to hike and know what to do if you encounter some of these animals while hiking.

Be sure to let friends or family members know where you are going on your hiking trip, when you are leaving and when you plan to return. If you fail to return on time, then there will be someone to notify rescue personnel and will be able to give them a general location of where you should be. Take along a lightweight solar cell phone charger in case you get stranded and need to keep your cell phone or other electronic devices charged so you can get help.

Many hiking parks in the United States have onsite campgrounds. This means you could combine your outing into a hiking and camping adventure for even more fun.