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Outdoor Large Family Camping Tents with Room Dividers for Multiple Rooms to Give Privacy and Comfort

If you are camping with your family or friends it is nice to have a little privacy. Large camping tents with removable room dividers to give multi rooms can give you some dressing privacy or the ability to have a light on without disturbing others in your camping party.

You can unzip the room divider and make one large room when needed. You may choose to do that during the day and then replace the room divider at night for everyone's sleeping comfort.

The tents shown here have room dividers that allow you to partition your tent into multiple rooms. Some tents have multiple doors as well to allow exit and entry from each of the rooms.

TimberRidge Big 10 Person Large Family Camping 2 Room Tents
HIKERGARDEN 8 Person Waterproof Family Camping Tent with Room Divider
Core 12 Person Large Family Camping Tent with 3 Rooms and 2 Doors
TimberRidge 10 Person Large Family Group 2 Room Dome Camping Tent with room divider for two Rooms, 3 Seasons.
Semoo 4-Person 2 doors 2 rooms 1 Roomy Vestibule 4-Season Waterproof Family Camping Tent with Carry Bag.
Core 12 Person Large Family Camping Tent with multiple rooms from room dividers, 2 doors and Sleeps up to 12 Persons.
  • The TimberRidge Big 10 family camping tent has special designed 'D' style door for easy entry and exit.
  • Zippers on fly and interior mesh panels offer maximum ventilation and comfort.
  • Rugged and durable polyester fly that provides extreme weather protection.
  • High strength fiberglass frame with pole pockets makes sure for good stability.
  • Room divider to create 2 rooms.
  • Combination guy ropes and stake make the tent more steady after set up.
  • Gear organizer gives more storage space than a normal style tent.
  • Peak height: 9.4 ft. Side Wall Height: 6.5 ft.
  • more...
  • This 8 Person, 2 Room Family Camping Tent by HIKERGARDEN is a great choice for camping with your family.
  • Comfortably sleeps eight persons and consists of two rooms with just 2 people needed for setup.
  • Constructed of durable 185T polyester the tent guarantees PU1000mm water-resistant.
  • One large mesh door, 5 mesh windows and mesh tent top for good ventiation.
  • Comes with separated curtain to provide divided rooms.
  • Available in Blue, Green and Red colors.
  • Tent weighs 17.4 lbs.
  • Includes Carry Bag.
  • more...
  • This roomy big camping tent has two entryway doors and three room options via attachable room dividers.
  • The CORE 12 Person 3 Room Tent sets up in 2 minutes or less.
  • The poles are pre-attached to the tent. Just unpack, unfold, lift legs into position and extend legs until they click into place.
  • Includes carry bag, tent stakes.
  • The water repellent rainfly is removable in warmer weather to expose the mesh ceiling for star gazing on a clear summer night.
  • Advanced venting system uses the adjustable air intake vent designed to draw in cool air from the ground.
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Available Online at:   Amazon    Ebay
Available Online at:   Amazon    Ebay
Available Online at:   Amazon    Ebay


GOPLUS 6 to 8 Person Waterproof Tent with 2 Rooms & Liv Rm (Tunnel)
Coleman Signature 8-Person 2 Separate Room Instant Tent with Rainfly
Tahoe Gear Coronado 12 Person Dome Family Cabin Tent
GOPLUS 6-8 Person / Man Waterproof Tunnel Camp Tent 2 Rooms and Liv Rm (Tunnel) for Hiking, Camping, Family Tent.
Coleman Signature 8-Person 2 Separate Rooms Instant Camping tents with Rainfly.
Tahoe Gear Coronado 12-Person Dome 3-Season Family Cabin Tent with 2 Rooms and 7 foot center height.
  • This GOPLUS tent is a quick and easy setup and offers great breathability.
  • It can accomodate 6 Persons to 8 Persons in your camping party.
  • Waterproof material makes it convenient when it rains outside.
  • Two large rooms and living room (tunnel) offer enough space to enjoy camping or playing games.
  • Awning extends the rain / sun sheltered area out from the living room area.
  • Room dimensions: 82.7" L x 126" W x 80.7" H
  • Living Room Dimensions: 71" L x 126" W x 80.7" H
  • more...
  • Enjoy every moment of your outdoor adventure with this Coleman Signature Instant 8-Person Tent with rainfly.
  • Only takes minutes for setup and take down.
  • There is a room divider for privacy and the spacious interior fits 2 queen sized airbeds.
  • The exclusive WeatherTec™ system and an included rainfly help keep you dry and comfortable when it rains.
  • Double-thick, rugged Polyguard 2X™ fabric of the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent helps prevent rips and tears and a ground vent provides good ventilation.
  • more...
  • The Coronado is the perfect blend of size, quality and value for your group or family's next outdoor camping adventure.
  • This camping tent has 2 large, separate areas that provide plenty of space to sleep 10 to 12 persons.
  • A generous 7' center height allows everyone to move around comfortably.
  • 2 full sized doorways on either side provide easy exit and entrance and can be completely closed, screen-only or tie back to remain completely open.
  • Large windows zip completely shut for sleeping and open for use as a screen room during the day.
  • more...
Available Online at:   Amazon   
Available Online at:   Ebay    Amazon
Available Online at:   Ebay


CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin 2 Room Tent from Room Divider
COLUMBIA 8 Person Dome 2 Room Tent from Room Divider for Privacy
Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Double Camping Shower Changing Tent
CORE 9 person instant cabin double room tent from room divider to make 2 rooms for privacy.
COLUMBIA 8 Person Dome Tent with Room Divider to make 2 rooms for privacy, Red / Grey.
Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Camping Double Shower / Changing Shelter Outdoor Tent.
  • This CORE 9 person instant cabin tent features stress-free setup in 60 just seconds.
  • The poles are pre-attached to the tent, just unpack, unfold and extend.
  • Core H20 Block Technology combines water repellent fabrics with active bead technology for faster water runoff. This paired with sealed seams and rain-resistant door / window seals are all made to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • The included room divider creates a two room tent for separate living and sleeping spaces.
  • Hanging storage pockets for gear.
  • more...
  • This 8 person COLUMBIA tent has a room divider giving you 2 rooms.
  • A tent with six large windows and zippered door.
  • It will comfortably fit 2 queen airbeds.
  • Create up to 2 rooms with the provided room divider.
  • Electrical cord access port in tent wall.
  • Omni-shield advanced Repellency technology creates a water and stain barrier for superior protection from the elements and fabric stays light even when wet.
  • Dries 3 times faster than untreated tent fabrics.
  • more...
  • This Ozark Trail 2 Room 7' x 3.5' Instant Shower / Utility Shelter Tent is the perfect way to enjoy your camping adventure more.
  • Due to the innovative pre-attached instant frame design it sets up in just seconds.
  • The shower tent includes a separate changing / utility room so your clothes and other items stay dry and secure.
  • Shelter walls are coated with a silver aluminum to give you complete privacy.
  • 5 Gallon solar shower is included and heats up in just minutes from the sun.
  • more...
Available Online at:   Amazon    Ebay
Available Online at:   Amazon   
Available Online at:  Amazon   Ebay

Camping Tents with Rooms at a Glance....

TimberRidge Big 10 Person Large Family 2 Room Camping Tent, Room Divider for Creating Two Rooms
HIKERGARDEN 8 Person Waterproof Camping Tent with Room Divider for 2 Rooms
CORE 12 Person Large Family Camping Tent with 3 Rooms
GOPLUS 6 Persons to 8 Persons Waterproof Tunnel Camp Tent with 2 Rooms and Liv Rm (Tunnel)
Coleman Signature Series 8 Person 2 Room Instant Camping Cabin Tent with Rainfly
Tahoe Gear Coronado 12 Person Dome Family Cabin Tent with 7' Center Height
CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Room Divider that Creates Two Rooms and Hanging Storage Pockets
COLUMBIA 8 Person Dome 2 Room Tent from Room Divider to give a Double Room Tent for Privacy
Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Camping Double Shower Changing Tent

Selecting The Right Tent For Your Camping Adventure

July 2, 2023 - After a fun filled day in the outdoors, it will be time to retire to your bedroom away from home; your tent. It won't give you all the comforts of home but it should be large enough for everyone in your party to sleep comfortably, it should keep you dry, even in heavy rains and your tent should keep you protected from the critters.

Don't select a tent just thinking you will sleep in it. You will want to keep your gear, food, etc. dry and you will want to be able to enjoy reading, playing cards or games on a rainy day that keeps you indoors. Some people enjoy the tents with screen porches because they give them a nice breezy area to relax away from the flying insects and out of the sun.

Think about your usage of a tent. Will you be backpacking, camping with your family or a large group, using a campsite where electricity is available or perhaps car camping.

If backpacking then you will want to consider the weight of your tent as you will be carrying it into the backcountry as you hike. If you are car camping you can get a tent that actually attaches to the open cargo area of your SUV. This will allow you to use the car space for sleeping or storing your gear and the tent space without going outside of either.

Determine the size tent you will need. Tents are rated based on the number of people it will sleep. This is usually how many sleeping bags can be placed side-by-side on the tent floor. So, if you want some space for your camping gear, your dog and / or to walk around you will want to select a tent that is rated for more people than you will actually have in your party. Think about how tall you or others in your camping party are. Select a tent with a ceiling height that will make it comfortable for everyone to walk around in.

Some tents offer room dividers to allow for some privacy. If this is important to you then select a tent with room dividers. You may also want one with multiple doors for separate entrance and exit.

Other features available in tents that you might want to consider are:

  • Mesh pockets inside the tent to hold flashlights, glasses and other small items.
  • Vestibules to leave muddy boots / shoes or store large items out of the rain.
  • Ceiling loops for hanging tent lights.
  • Electrical cord access ports to give your electrical outlets if you will have a portable generator for camping, RV or, will be camping at a campground with electricity available.
  • Inflatable air mattresses instead of sleeping bags.
  • Inflatable pillow for sleeping comfort.
  • Ease of setup of your camping tent.
  • Select a camping tent rated for the season you plan to camp. If you are going camping in very cold and incliment weather then choose a tent that is rated for 4 seasons.
  • Screen porch for bug free meals or just relaxing while you read or observe the scenery.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas of things you need to consider when researching and buying a new campng tent for your next outdoor adventure.

Have fun and enjoy your outdoor adventure.


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