Ultralight Camping Tarp Shelter, Tarp for Rain
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Lightweight, waterproof Rain Shelter Tarp for Camping, Hiking and Backpacking.


Lightweight rain Shelter Tarp for Camping

Ultralight Quick Ripstop Camping Rain Shelter Tarp Kit



If you are tired of using heavy tarps to keep you dry while hiking, camping, backpacking then you need to check out this Ultralight Waterproof Camping Tarp Shelter for Rain that also comes with everything you need to use. Everything in this tarp kit fits into the included stuff sack and weighs in at 14 to 27 ounces (depending on size of tarp). The kit includes lightweight tarp, reflective guy line, line-lok adjusters and six aluminum Y-stakes that are 7075 grade aluminum.


There are different sizes and cuts of this tarp so you can build an A-frame shelter or if hammock is more your way to go then pick one of the catenary cut hex tarps to keep you and your gear bone dry while in the great outdoors..


The tarp, which is grey in color, is 30 denier ripstop nylon and has a silicon coating on the outside and a PU dual-coating on the inside along with fully taped seams providing you with a waterproof experience.

This Sanctuary SilTarp is made by Paria Outdoor Products which is a business located in the mountains of Colorado.


This lightweight complete tarp set shelter for rainy days gives you a way to stay dry when nature tries to ruin your outdoor adventure with rain or snow. These rain tarps for camping are lighweight, easy and quick to setup and take down, small to pack and durable.

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Multi-purpose Quick Lightweight Rain Shelter Tarp When Camping Outdoors

August 27, 2023 - A multi-purpose tarp is almost a must when staying outdoors, be that camping, hiking, backpacking or maybe just for a homeless person. You want a tarp to be durable and keep you dry but at the same time you need for it to be lightweight, especially if you are carrying it in your backpack.sizes of camping rain shelter tarp


Rain shelter tarps for camping come in different dimensions. When you want something versatile then the flat tarps that are square or rectangular are good choices. Shaped rain shelter tarps are lighter and easier to setup but have some limited configurations.

Even though there are a number of different configurations for tarp shelter, the basic A-frame tarp shelter is probably the most common. It is an easy configuration and quick to setup and take down when you are ready to move on. Even as a child you probably had something similar made from an old sheet to play under. All it takes to get setup is your tarp, a couple of trees or poles and some sturdy cordage to tie to them in order to make your ridgeline. Then tie it out on the sides to some corner stakes and you will have a dry spot from rain or snow.


It takes a bit more work but you can configure your tarp to be an enclosed shelter for bad weather. These configurations are actually very stable and can hold up to some fairly strong winds and rain.


Weather or not you are just having a fun camp out or actually trying to survive the elements, having a lightweight rain shelter tarp along with you will make for a dry environment when the rains come. These type tarps fit nicely in a backpack, without a lot of added weight.



Lightweight, Waterproof, Durable Rain tarps for Camping.



Fast A-frame setup of the Ultralight and Waterproof Ripstop Silnylon Rain Tarp Shelter for Camping shown above. This rain tarp comes in a tapered, flat and hex cut to meet your camping needs. This kit provides you with a silicon-nylon tarp, 6 micro line-lok adjusters, 60 feet of reflective guy line and 6 aluminum Y-stakes all in an included carry bag. This ultralight camping rain shelter tarp provides unlimited pitching options, top notch waterproofing and high quality materials to make it the perfect lightweight camping shelter.



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