Meat Chopper and Potato Masher Utensil
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Meat Chopper, Potato Masher by Zulay. Handy meat chopper and masher utensil.  Hamburger, Ground Beef Chopper, Potato Masher Kitchen Utensil to make your meal preparation easier. This chopper is a simple handheld kitchen tool to break up ground meat that belongs in every kitchen.


Kitchen Meat chopper tool to break up ground meat - meat masher, chopper utensil. Easy to use hand held meat chopper kitchen utensil. Easily break up your hamurger meat, mash your potatoes, and more with this heat resistant meat chopper.

Hand Held Meat Chopper and Masher Utensil


This ground meat utensil is a simple handheld kitchen tool that every cook needs. A chopper and masher that easily breaks up foods like hamburger meat, mashed potatoes, turkey, chicken, ground beef, sausage, etc. Easily use this chopper with just your hands without getting out large equipment. The Zulay Kitchen meat chopper and masher comes with a non-slip ergonomic handle and four blades that are designed to easily and efficiently mix, chop, blend, mash and smash foods to make your cooking specialities faster and easier. This chopper utensil is very easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly. It has a straight forward design that keeps food particles from being trapped and therefore easier to clean..


You can mash avocados for quacamole, separate tuna, shred chicken and pulled pork, smash tomatoes for homemade pasta sauce and much more. No longer have a hard time separating and cooking ground meat when you have this kitchen tool. Use this meat chopper and masher to mash vegetables like sweet potatoes, fruits like tomatoes and avocado for quacamole, salads or desserts. This handy masher works like a conventional mallet and is guaranteed to get the job done in no time at all.


Use your chopper to stir ingredients while cooking them to keep them from burning. Also, stir cooked puddings to obtain the best consistency. In addition, you can use your handheld chopper to mix ingredients into ground meat without exerting a lot of effort.


This handheld kitchen chopper can also be used to mix home-made beverages and drinks.


Masher comes in multiple colors so you can choose one to match your kitchen decor.


This meat chopper 4 cross edged blades ground beef masher utensil makes a nice gift for your family and friends that like handy kitchen or cooking goodies. Easy to hold meat masher tool for hamburger meat, ground beef, turkey and more. Chopper is made from solid durable, scratch proof material.


A multi-functional utensil from Zulay Kitchen that can serve as a meat chopper or potato masher, easily stirring and chopping ground meat, mashing soft cooked foods, smashing tomatoes for sauces and a lot more...



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Ways To Use A Meat Chopper and Masher

Avocados - Smash Avocados quickly and easily for toast and guacamole.


Mash Potatoes - Easily mash both white or sweet potatoes just before placing on the table for dinner.


Meat Chopper and Masher Utensil - Handy, manual potato masher, ground beef chopper, tomato crusher, keep meat like beef separated while cooking, separate package fish, etc.


Stir Your Meat - Keep your meat separated by stiring while cooking with this chopper tool.


Break Down Ground Beef - especially when making chilli.


Separate Packaged Meat - Such as packaged fish; like tuna or salmon.


Mix In Ingredients - like spices, with ground beef, hamburger.


Crush Tomatoes - for marinades, sauces and spreads.


Breaking Apart Frozen Juice Concentrate - without thawing.

Zulay Kitchen Meat Chopper and Potato Masher.



Ground Meat Chopper - chopper and masher comes with a non-slip ergonomic handle and four blades.


Ground Meat Smasher and Chopper, Handheld



When fixing meals you often need to chop or mash ground meat, white or sweet potatoes, tomatoes, turkey, chicen, sausage, etc. This meat chopper and masher will make it so much easier and faster. You can also use this kitchen utensil to blend in spices, etc. into your ground meat before or while it is cooking.. Chopper has a long handle with a hanging hook to make it easy to keep handy in your kitchen. Comes in multiple colors to match your kitchen decor. Chop, Mash, Smash, Blend Beverages, Mix Meat and Spices, Stir while Cooking - just a handy little must have kitchen utensil to make your cooking projects easier.





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