Mortar and Pestle Set Big Size - Unpolished Heavy Granite
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ChefSofi Mortar & Pestle Set Big Size. 2 Cup Capacity large heavy granite mortar and pestle set. Big 6 inch diameter mortar & pestle set.


Mortar and Pestle
2 Cup Big Size.

Mortar and Pestle Big Size


Seasoning and Spice Tools - granite mortar and pestle set big size. Quick cleaning and zero messes when using this seasoning and spice tool. Granit mortar and pestle set.


Large Mortar and Pestle
Set Granite

Mortar and Pestle Set Granite


Large 2 Cup Capacity Granite Mortar and Pestle Set


ChefSofi Mortar and Pestle Set, Granite, Big 2 cup Capacity


This pestle and mortar set is a kitchen tool must have. This large 2 cup capacity granite mortar and pestle set big size by ChefSofi is a way to grind, crush and powder herbs, dry spices and medicines right in your own kitchen. This traditional grinding method with the pestle in this big size mortar set allows you to ensure that all cooking ingredients bring out their full aroma profiles and flavor in your meals. Your granite set provides specially ground spices and herbs to give you further control to make delicious, clump free dishes for you and your family.


Since the ChefSofi stone mocajetes mortar and pestle set is made from unpolished granite, your pestle masher's mortar cup interior provides the best, metate-like natural friction for swift ingredient grinding, crushing or powdering. With its large 2 cup capacity (500 ml) this granite mortar & pestle reduces the need for ingredient refills, making your food prep quicker for you.


Because this mortar is durable and heavy, it will not slip on your kitchen countertops while in use. The pestle offers foolproof grip while gliding across the mortar's interior, reducing the need for excess hand motions. This allows you to reduce kitchen counter messes and ingredient waste.


There are a number of applications in your kitchen for use of your big size mortar and pestle set. It is a very versatile tool and will help simplify your everyday life. Use it to pulverize seeds, nuts, coffee beans, garlic, ginger root and other herbs. Great for making homemade salad dressing, condiments and sauces, like pesto, salsa, fresh mustard, quacamole and more. You may also find that you will like using your granite mortar and pestle to grind some medications to a powder form to mix in a drink for yourself or sprinkle over your pet's food to make it easier to get them to take their meds.


When you purchase this stoneware set you will be gaining a timeless, multi-funtional kitchen tool that will aid in making your cooking time a pleasure.


Because electrical grinders have motors, the heat generated from them mutes and degrades the bright flavors of your cooking spices. Using a manual mortar and pestle allows you to not miss out on the tasty goodness of fresh herbs. Enjoy bold flavors from your herbs every time with this mortar and pestle set by ChefSofi.



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Uses for Your Mortar and Pestle when Cooking - December 11, 2023



For the best in flavor use your mortar and pestle to crush your onion and garlic. Then add in avocados and mash until you get the consistency you like. This site has a guacamole recipe made using a mortar & pestile that you might like.



Enjoy great flavor when you make your Pesto. Place all your ingredients like pine nuts, basil, Parmesan cheese, garlic and olive oil and crush into a paste. You will make your grandma proud.




You can look forward to making fresh tasty salsa with your mortar and pestle set rather than slicing and dicing everything by hand. This site has several different Salsa recipes that you might enjoy.

ChefSofi 2 Cup Capacity Mortar and Pestle Set Big Size Features at a Glance...


  • Mortar and Pestle Set - For ages a way to grind, crush and powder herbs and dry spices.
  • Uses - Make guacamole, pesto, grind, crush spices, seeds and herbs, crush pharmacy medications and more with this mortar and pestle set.
  • Granite - durable and heavy granite mortar and pestle set that will not slip on your countertops.
  • Mortar big size - 6 inch mortar with deep round shape that keeps your ingredients from jumping or spilling out of the mortar.
  • Scratch Resistant Mortar Base - the mortar has a stable base that comes with a non-skid felt base to prevent marking your countertop..
  • 2 Cup Capacity Mortar - ChefSofi set has a generous 2 cup capacity for all your recipe needs.
  • Most flavor - this mortar and pestle set releases the full range of flavors, aroma and essential oils that your herbs and spices contain.
  • Easy to use Cooking Aid - in your kitchen.
  • Easy Cleaning and Upkeep - Here is how to clean your mortar and pestle set. Because this pestle and mortar set are made of minimal-porosity granite stone, it does not have a high tendency to absorb flavors and odors from your herbs, spice, etc. This make this granite mortar and pestle set easy to clean after each use. Simply take some uncooked white rice and grind it into a powder. Dust the powder around in your mortar and over you pestle and you are done. You can also wash the set if you prefer and leave it to air dry. Don't use soap type detergent.

Mortar and Pestle Set for Spices, Garlic, Herbs, Medicines. Multiple Culinary Uses.


Granite Mortar and Pestle Set
Big Size.

Large Granite Mortar and Pestle Set


Essential Kitchen Tool - Granite Mortar and Pestle Set with a deep round shape to keep your ingredients from jumping or splling out.


ChefSofi Granite Mortar and Pestle Set, Generous Big Size 2 cup Capacity


This mortar bowl has a stable base that comes with a non-skid felt bottom to keep the granite mortar bowl from marking your kitchen countertop. The pestle is broad with a rounded base so ingredients do not pop out from under it when grinding. This is a large 6-inch mortar bowl with a 2-cup capacity which is sizeable enough for mashing small quantities of spices and herbs. By pounding and crushing the fibers of your herbs with a mortar and pestle bowl you effectively release the full range of essential flavors, oils and aroma that they contain. You will get a depth of flavor that you won't be able to acquire from your spices and herbs using an electric grinder, blender or food processor.









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You will want to choose a size, shape and material in your mortar and pestle set that meets your needs. Enjoy the depth of flavor a mortar and pestle set gives you from your herbs, spices and sauces you prepare with your mortar and pestle set.