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Portable, clean, quiet, reliable solar power generator for RV, Camper, CPAP machine. EF ECOFLOW River Portable Solar Rechargeale Power Station to use while camping, with your RV, to power your CPAP machine, home power outage backup generator. Power up to 13 devices at one time with this solar powered generator. May be recharged from AC Outlet, Solar Panel or Car charge port.


EF ECOFLOW River Portable Solar Power Station with 6 1800W (3300W) Surge AC Outlets, Solar Battery Generator for RV, Outdoor Camping, CPAP Machine, Home Power Outage Backup.

EF ECOFLOW River Portable Power Station Solar Generator with 6 1800W AC Outlets for RV, Camping

Have enough juice to power a lot of electrical items by using the ECOFLOW River Portable Power Station solar generator with 6 1800 watt AC outlets while camping, traveling in your RV or for backup as a solar generator during a power outage at home. When you are camping outdoors, or on your RV trip, you still want to power your toaster, electric fry pan, laptop computer, electric grill, CPAP, etc. and you can have these comforts easily with your solar powered generator station. Recharge the ECOFLOW River Power Station to full capacity through AC cable in 1.6 hours and solar recharge time is 4 hours. The EFDELTA can also be fully charged through a 12/24V DC 10A Max car charger port in 10 to 12 hours.


You can recharge and use the EF ECOFLOW River Solar Generator at the same time, which is nice because you can use your generator during the day and, when sun is available it will be replacing that power at the same time. If you need an electrical power source around your property or, on a jobsite. you will love this portable power solar station to allow you to use items like a circular saw, drills, bench grinder, air compressor, welding machine, etc. wherever you need that power without having to string an electrical cord long distances.


When your utility power fails at home you can still power lights, refrigerator, your CPAP, television, microwave oven, coffee maker, blender, toaster, laptop computer, hair dryer and even your washer; up to 13 devices simutaneously. Even if the utility power is off for a long period, you will still be able to recharge your ECOFLOW portable power station from your solar panel and the sun's energy.


Overload Protection - when the input current continuously exceeds 20A while charging, the overload Protection Switch button will automaticaly pop out.


The ECOFLOW Portable Power Station is compatible with any solar input panel on the market up to 400w. Solar panels are sold separately.


Power Station is easy to lug around at just 31 lbs. The display screen will show you real time data on hours / watts / % of battery left. The ECOFLOW River Portable Power Solar Station is clean looking, very well designed and easy to use. No Gas / No Fumes / Serious Power.



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Things That Really Need Power When Camping or During A Power Outage

January 31, 2024 - Not too long ago we would just carry batteries for the flashlight and make sure we had change for the pay phones when we went camping or just out for the evening. Today we have so many handy electronic devices like Weather alert apps, GPS, hunting and fishing apps, cell phones, etc. that make our life easier and safer especially when camping or hiking out in the great outdoors. But, most of these things have to be re-charged after a while in order to keep them working. So, you need some type of power source available, even out in the wild.


While tent camping or RV traveling you may also want to still enjoy your favorite cup of coffee made with your electric coffee maker that you brought along from home. Maybe you would like to carry a small electric fan to keep you comfortable while sitting and reading or having your meals. Perhaps you would like to power lights for the tent or outside area in the evening so that you can extend your pleasure time while camping. And, of course, you need to keep your cell phone and laptop charged for use while enjoying your outdoor adventures. What better way to power these things than with a small portable solar power station.

You may also find that you need power for similar items when you are at home and the utility power goes off. At home you will also need to keep power to your refrigerator and freezer to keep from losing all that expensive food you have; not to mention not having to clean up the mess that is made when it all thaws out. In addition, you might want to use an electric grill in order to have some hot meals during a power outage. A portable solar power generator station is easy to move around to serve your power needs.


You can charge your portable power backup from an electrical outlet when your power is on or, by solar panels when you have no utilitity power available. You also have the option to charge the ECOFLOW River Portable Power Station from your car. Charge times will vary depending on your charging source.


Solar powered generator station for your camping or home needs will provide generated electrical power to make your life so much more comfortable when you have no utility power available; be that while camping or during a home power outage. With the ECOFLOW River portable power generator station you can recharge and use the station at the same time.



EF ECOFLOW 110 Foldable Portable Solar Panel for EFDELTA Power Station for Outdoor Camping, RV, home power outage.



If you do not have access to utility power then charge your ECOFLOW River Portable Power Rechargeable Solar Station with this 110W portable solar panel. The chainable feature on this solar panel enables you to chain a maximum of 4 ECOFLOW 110W solar panels together with the MC4 cable in order to re-charge your solar powered generator faster. Designed with a rubber handle and flexible bracket stand which can be used to adjust the angle from 0 to 180 degrees. The solar panel can easily be folded into a storage pouch for easy transport. The carry pouch is made of a special durable fabric material to protect your solar panel from occasional rain. This 110W solar panel combined with the ECOFLOW River portable rechargeable power station generator is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, sports events, picnic and for emergency power outages at your home.



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