Camping Checklists and Essentials


Small Necessary Items For Camping You Are Most Likely To Forget


These are small important items for your camping checklist that you will be glad you packed and checked off you list.

  • Safety Whistle - Especially if you have children that might get lost while camping.
  • Reflective Trail Markers - Use on the camp trail or around the campsite to be able to easily find things day or night.
  • Laminated Emergency Contact Card - With all of your important medical information.
  • Child ID Safety Bracelet for Kids - information is hidden until needed and can be easily updated.
  • Book Light for Reading in Tent - Read without keeping everyone else awake - Be sure batteries are fresh before you leave and don't forget the books and reading glasses.
  • Inflatable Camping Pillow - Save space but still have a comfortable pillow to sleep on in your tent.
  • Solar Cell Phone Charger - Even though you want to get away from the phone while camping, you might need it in an emergency. Take along a solar cell phone charger to keep it ready.
  • Cash - For buying firewood, emergency medical clinic, etc. A money belt will help keep it safe and secure against loss.
  • Wallet - With Drivers License, Emergency Contact Information, Health Insurance Card..
  • Rain Poncho - Lightweight, easily fits in pocket or backpack. Resuable or disposable. They even come in family packs.
  • Mylar Blanket, Mylar Tent - Lightweight, easy to carry. Mylar blanket gives extra warmth at night or to cover someone if injured. Tent is quick shelter from unexpected rain.
  • Duct Tape / Gorilla Tape - A multitude of uses, like patching holes, sealing packages of food, cord repairs, tent repairs, hold your shoes together, etc.
  • First Aid Kit - Get the compact, lightweight, water resistant and portable one made for campers.
  • Shower Cap - Unlike a hotel, these won't be furnished in the woods.
  • Nail Clippers / Fingernail File - You are very likely to break a fingernail while camping outdoors.
  • Medications / Vitamins - Things like this that we do every day we tend to forget to pack for our outdoor camping adventure..
  • Tweezers - Needle nose surgical tweezers are great for splinters or thorns from briars.
  • Shampoo - Nature can be dusty and pollen laden.
  • Small Mirror - Can also be used as a reflector when you need help if lost on the camp trail.
  • Thick Socks - Not only to keep your feet warm, but to help prevent blisters when hiking. You might want to consider an Anti-Blister Balm Stick. They can save a lot of pain.
  • Warm Hat - There is a lot of difference in running from the warm house to the warm car vs. staying out in the cold all day. You might even like a Heated Beanie Hat.
  • Insect Repellant - Knats, mosquitoes, etc. They just love to bite some people.
  • Zip Storge Bags - For food storage, keep things clean, dry and organized.
  • Tissues / Toilet Paper - You will be glad you remembered.
  • Small Flashlight - Or, two. Don't forget extra battries.
  • Eye Drops - Windy days can make for dry eyes or you may get something in your eye.
  • Bite and Sting Kit - Quickly treat Snake Bites and Bee Stings.
  • Scissors - I even keep a small pair in the car to cut open fast food condiment packs that won't tear easily.
  • Safety Pins - If you can't duct tape it then pin it.
  • Toothbrush / Toothpaste - another item usually in the bathroom that is easily forgotten.
  • Water Filter Straw - If you run out of clean water then you will need this.
  • Sunscreen - If you primarily stay inside then you will probably need this kind of protection.
  • Sunglasses and Retainer Strap - Protect your eyes and a strap to help keep from losing your sunglasses.
  • Camping Journal and Pen - Journal your great camping experience, it will be fun to review it later.
  • Travel Sewing Kit - Sew on buttons, repair tears, etc.
  • Lighters / Matches / Sand Paper - Got to start that fire. If match striker wears out then use the sand paper.
  • Trash Bags - Clean up, keep items dry, dirty laundry bag, etc.
  • Manual Can Opener - Unless all your cans are pull tops then you will need to get them open.
  • Cooking Hot Pads and Gloves - You will most likely be cooking over a campfire.
  • Multi-tool Pocket Knife - Small saw, wire cutters, screwdriver, pliers, knife, can opener. All could come in handy at some point during the trip.
  • Spoons - Got to eat that food you cooked.
  • Aluminum Foil / Air Tight Food Containers - The air tight containers will help contain the smell of food from animals around the campsite.
  • Small Bucket - Carry water, wash out dishes, clothes, collect rainwater, etc.
  • Maps / Directions / Compass - Getting lost is no fun.
  • Bear Spray - Depends on where you are going. If bear country, then spray round the campsite to keep the bears out.
  • Marshmellow and Hot Dog Roasting Sticks - Sitting around the campfire roasting Marshmellows and Hot Dogs just makes a camping trip complete.
  • Head Band - When it is windy or you are hot and sweating it helps to keep your hair back out of your face.
  • Small Dustpan and Broom - To sweep out the sand and dirt from the tent floor.
  • Blister Plasters or Stick - When doing a lot of walking, foot blisters can ruin the pleasure of the hike.
  • Scouring Pad / Dish Detergent - If you are cooking you will have pans, dishes, utensils to wash.
  • Small Camping Table - Eat off the ground, play cards, play games, etc..
  • Comfortable Camping Chair - Sit comfortably in a folding camp chair and read or just enjoy the beautiful view that nature has to offer.
  • Collasible Bowls - Great for your pets water and food.
  • Tie Out Dog Leash - If your dog is likely to run off, then you may need a tie out.
  • Nature Coffee Mug - Get your morning started with a beautiful view of nature on the side of your coffee mug.


July 2, 2023 - With the exception of the Folding Chair and Folding Table all of these items should fit nicely in a small carry bag and once you get to the campsite you will be so glad you remebered all of them.


Preparation for Your Camping Trip

  • Take time to attend a First Aid class and a CPR class.
  • If your tent is new set it up in your own backyard before you go so you can be sure you have all parts plus this practice will allow you to set it up quicker once you arrive at your campsite.
  • Test all your inflatable items and make sure your pump works. This way you can take care of any leaks before you leave.

Camping, Storm Safety Whistle

Camping Safety Whistle

Camping Hiking reflective trail Markers in Orange, Clip On.

Camping Reflective Trail Markers

Camping Child Lost ID Safety Bracelet with Hidden Information.

Camping Child ID Safety Bracelet

Camping Book Light for Reading in Tent.

Camping Book Light for Reading in Tent

Solar Cell Phone Charger while Camping, Hiking.

Camping Solar Cell Phone Charger

Camping Emergencey Mylar Blankets and Tents.

Mylar Emergency Camping Survival Blankets, Tent

Compact Camping First Aid Kit for Campers, Hikers.

Compact Camping First Aid Kit

Camping Snake and Bee Bite and Sting Kit Extractor.

Camping Snake and Bee Bite and Sting Kit

Camping Journal Record Your Adventure.

Camping Journal - Record Your Adventure

Camping Blister Cushion Packs

Camping Blister Packs