Sharp Majestic Bombay Pointed Needle Nose Surgical Tweezers
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Sharp pointed needle nose surgical tweezers. These medical grade precision surgical tweezers are perfect for using to extract splinters, ticks, glass removal, chin hair, eyebrow hair and more. Precision sharp needle nose pointed tweezers for all your plucking needs.


Sharp Needle Nose Surgical Tweezers
Pointed Stainless Steel Tips

Surgical Tweezers


Tweezers needle nose surgical - Majestic Bombay pointed sharp needle nose surgical tweezers with ultra strong grip for plucking the tiniest of eyebrow hairs, chin hairs and more.


Needle Nose Surgical Tweezers
for Eyebrows, Splinters, Ingrown Hair

Needle Nose Surgical Tweezers


Precision Surgical Tweezers for Ingrown Hair, Eyebrows, Splinters, Ticks, Glass Removal and more...

Surgical Tweezers - Seemlessly handle all your tweezer needs with the surgical pointed stainless steel tips on these needle nose surgical tweezers that meet perfectly together. The ease of use of this tweezer which is a hand-crafted surgical steel tip tweezers that deliver precise and clean removal of nose hairs, splinter removal and eyebrow hair removal. Easy to use, these pincers (surgical type forceps) feature super strong design and have calibrated ends that ensure precise retrieval. This surgical tweezer tool is great for nose hairs, facial hair removal, shaping eyebrows and the sharp needle nose tips give precise and easy removal of ticks, glass shards, wood splinters, metal pieces and ingrown hairs so keep your Majestic Bombay tweezers close at hand because you never know when you will need them.


Unlike standard tweezers, the versatile design of these Majestic Bombay tweezers will easily allow you to pluck regular length eyebrows, hard to pinpoint baby hairs and even ingrown hairs. The feature of an ultra strong grip that will let you pick up the smallest individual hairs effortlessly. An added benefit is that regular use of these needle nose tweezers for hair removal for both men and women will result in clearer, smoother, more beautiful skin.


It is so easy to get a small splinter from wood or fiberglass in your hand or finger, yet very hard to remove that splinter without a good pair of surgical tweezers. I keep a pair of these tweezers in my bathroom cabinet, my purse and my car console. They have come in handy so many times for me. They come in a nice tweezer carrying case which helps protect them whereever you put them. If you work with sticky plants it is so easy to get a briar in your finger or arm and these needle nose surgical tweezers with their fine tips are a pain saver. Children are always getting stickers or splinters in their hands and rarely want to stand still for you to use the old fashion way and dig out the sticker. These ulta strong grip tweezers will allow you to remove those stickers and splinters quickly and with little to no pain.


Tweezers have other uses than for plucking hairs and splinters from your body. Many people use a pair of tweezers to pick animal hairs off sweaters and other clothing items. People who like to cook will keep a pair of tweezers in the kitchen to do things like remove cracked egg shell from a broken egg. Others will use their set of tweezers to grab crumbs from underneath the stove burners. Tweezers are also good for tightening loose screws on your eyeglasses. For some of these tweezing tasks you may want a different style that doesn't have quite as fine of a point as the Majestic Bombay tweezers have.


These Majestic Bombay needle nose surgical tweezers come in different colors. You may just prefer a certain color or you may want to have a certain color for your tweezers and a different color for your husband's tweezers.


You will want to take care of your surgical tweezers so they will last you a long time. Use them for tweezing only. You don't want dirty tweezers around your face and eyes, so sanitize your tweezes and dry them well. Be careful not to drop your surgical tweezers and bend the points. Store them properly.





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How People Use Their Tweezers...

March 22, 2024 - Tweezers are considered a must for ones beauty routine. A trusty pair of good surgical type tweezers can be used to pluck and shape stray hairs so you can have perfectly shaped brows all day.


Get a more precise application of your false eyelashes by using a pair of needle nose tweezers to hold and place your false lash strip or individual lashes.


Use your tweezers to help create an intricate nail art design. Once your base coat is dry, then dip a pointy pair of tweezers into a different nail polish color and draw your nail art design. You can also use your tweezers to precisely add decals and gems to your manicure.


If you are just beginning to get a few of those gray hairs and you don't like how they show your age, then use your tweezers to pluck a few as they appear. At some point you may find you have so many that you may just need to head to the salon for a solution.


If you like those glittery festival makeup looks, then don't think that others are using their fingers to individually apply these gems and rhinestones on their face. Nope, it's all done with tweezers. Use them to pick up and place stones on your face for a glitzy, fun festival look.


But, tweezers of different and varying styles are great for other uses also. Use tweezers for removing the plastic cover sheet from double sided tape or the tape from band aids. If you are glueing something small then use your tweezers to hold it in place until the glue dries. You can also use your tweezers to pick up a small screw from a large pile of screws or from where it was dropped into a small space.


Tweezers come in handy to remove stuck toast from the toaster or to get crumbs from under stove eyes to keep them from burning on the next use of the stove. A safety use for tweezers is while nailing a small screw into the wall. Hold the screw with your pincers and save those fingers while nailing.


Fine point tweezers are used by both men and women for chin hair removal, splinters, tick removal and so many other things. A pair of sharp needle nose, stainless steel surgical tweezers are best. Keep a pair of needle nose tweezers on hand to rescue you from so many little mishaps or grooming needs.


Sharp needle pointed surgical tweezers for your body routine. Tweezers come in multiple colors. Use these surgical tweezers for eyebrows, splinters, nose hair, wood splinters, glass chards and more.


Needle Nose Surgical Tweezers
in Multiple Colors

Sharp Pointed Tweezers




When you need needle nose tweezers for your eyebrows, facial hair tweezers, chin hair tweezers, to pluck fine hairs or tweezers for splinters that you want to be precise and easy to use, then you can make good use of these pointed needle nose surgical tweezers. The tips are very pointed and easily grab any fine hair without pinching your skin. But, pay attention when using them and don't accidently poke yourself with the tips of the tweezers. The surgical steel tips of these stainless steel needle-nose tweezers meet perfectly. They come in multiple colors in case you want to keep your pair of tweezers separate from someone else's or if you just prefer one color over another. Make removal of hair, splinters, glass, etc. easy with your new super strong tweezer tips with calibrated ends.



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