FOVAL 12V to 110V Portable Power Inverter for Car, Truck, RV
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Car Power Inverter AC Converter for Car, Truck, Van, Camping, Home. This car battery inverter plugs into your cigarette lighter outlet and allows you the conversion of the 12V output to 110V AC output from your car, truck. boat battery.


Power Inverter for car, truck to power laptop while on the go. 12v to 110v inverter for car, truck to charge 110v devices while traveling.

12V to 110V Power Inverter for Car, Truck, Van, Camping, Home

Car Power Inverter - 12V to 110V Car Battery Inverter


If you are in your car, van or truck a lot and need 110V power to power your laptop, plus have some USB ports for charging your phone devices. then you should consider this 200W car power inverter to convert the 12V output from your car battery to two 110V AC plugs for using your laptop or say an air pump for your air mattress while camping. And use the USB ports on this FOVAL power inverter while in your car or truck for charging your phone, laptop, camera battery, etc. Having two 110V outlets and four USB ports for charging gives you plenty of connections for both you and your car passengers to get work done or simply charge devices for later use.


The features that I like are the small size (3.2" x 2.5" x 1.5") and lightweight (around 8 oz.). Both of these features make the car converter extremely portable and easy to use.


FOVAL car power inverter has a cord that plugs into your cigarette lighter and is 10" in length allowing somone in the back seat to be able to plug in their laptop to the inverter for use while traveling. This power inverter car charger is the ultimate car / truck travel companion for road trips, camping, vacations, emergency kits, work travel and more... It is so easy to use; simply plug the power inverter into your car cigarette lighter and enjoy (2) standard 110V plug outlets and 4 USP ports (6.2A). You might even find it useful at home for charging items or using your laptop when the utility power is off at your house.


A smart cooling fan makes this car power inverter silent when operating; so no distraction while driving. There are safety features for full protection with short-circuit, low-voltage, over-charge, over-voltage, over-load, over-temperature protection and built-in fuse. A durable metal housing provides advanced protection from drops and bumps.


There is an on / off switch for engaging the two A/C Inverter Plugs so if you only need to use the USB ports at any given time then the AC plugs can be off.


This is a great little power inverter for use in your car, truck or van while traveling, camping out or an inverter for use on your boat.


One customer suggested that you leave the power inverter off until you have started the car and then turn your inverter on.



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Why Use A Portable Power Inverter In Your Car

August 2, 2023 - A lot of new cars come with USB ports inside the cabin, which will allow you and your passengers to charge mobile devices while traveling. While this is a nice feature, these USB ports don't offer enough power to charge larger electronic accessories. If you are a camper you may want to use a pump to blow up your air mattress that requires a 110V plug. Or, you may want to bring along your electric coffee maker and plug it into the 110v outlet that a car power inverter will provide you.


In today's high-tech world there are plenty of handy devices that need more than a USB port while you are on the go and that is where a small car power inverter comes in so handy. A power inverter changes DC power from your car's 12 Volt battery into conventional AC power that you can use to operate different types of devices while in your car. Just plug your AC devices into the car power inverter and you have portale power.


The power inverter draws its power from the 12v car or truck battery. The power is drawn out of the car or truck battery by the inverter and therefore it will need to be recharged unless you are recharging by running the automobile motor. If you chose to use your inverter with your vehicle motor turned off, it will work for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the condition of the car or truck battery. You should start the car / truck engine every 30 minutes to hour and let it run for 10 minutes to recharge the truck or car's 12v battery.

Car battery power inverters are a convenient way to convert your truck or car's 12V battery power to AC electric power, which can then be used to power a range of small appliances, such as, TV, laptop, coffee maker, etc..


Even though there are different types of car converters, the ones most easy to use are the power inverters that plug into your car's cigarette lighter or 12v accessory socket. They are usually small and lightweight and easy to store away in your car or truck console when not in use.


The exact charging capacity of a car inverter is determinded by the wattage specification set by the manufacturer of the inverter. The more expensive models generally supply more watts. Larger converters may need to be connected directly to your car battery.


For safety purposes keep the power inverter for your car dry. Do not allow it to get wet from spilled drinks or possibly rain blowing in one of the car windows. Avoid placing the inverter on or near the heating vents or in direct sunlight. The ideal temperature for your power inverter is between 50 degrees and 80 degrees F. In order to properly disperse heat generated while the inverter is in operation, keep it well ventilated; maintain several inches of clearance around the top and sides of the car inverter. Place your 12V inverter on a reasonably flat surface, either horizontally or vertically.


Car power inverters are a nice accessory for your car, truck or van. They plug into your vehicle cigarette lighter and convert your truck or car's 12v DC battery power to 110v AC power outlets so your passengers can use their laptop while traveling. These inverters also provide USB ports for charging devices while in your truck or car traveling.


DC to AC Power Inverter for Car, Truck. Convert 12V car battery power to two 110V AC outlets.  Includes four USB ports for charging phones, tablets, etc. while traveling in your car.



When you have a passenger that needs to use their laptop while traveling in your car and they need AC power then have available for them this portable car power inverter. You can actually have two passengers because this little power inverter has two 110V plugs that can be used. In addition it has four USB ports for charging devices while on the road. It is a 200W car charger power inverter that is small in size, lightweight and has a durable protective cover. It has a integrated very silent cooling fan that helps reduce heat and prevent shortages. There is an on/off switch so you can turn off the 110V outlets when not in use. People who travel by car with their job love this portable power inverter so they can keep all their devices charged while on the road. It can also be used for camping, vacations, road trips, remote job sites and even use at home when the utility power is off. Plugs into your car or truck cigarette lighter, so very easy to use.



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