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Extra long quick connect jumper cables with tangle free cables. These 30 ft. long portable battery jumper cables allow you to boost a battery from behind a vehicle. And the cables remain tangle free even down to -40 degrees. Heavy duty cables with quick connect kit that are great for use by tow trucks.


Car battery extra long jumper cables kit with 30 ft length. These long booster cables with quick connect kit can be used from a vehicle parked behind your car or SUV.

1 Gauge up to 6 Gauge Portable Extra Long, Heavy Duty Battery Jumper Cables with Quick Connect Plugs


If your car battery always seems to die when you are parked where a vehicle with jumper cables can't get nose to nose with your front bumper, then you will love these extra long jumper cables that can be used to jump your car battery from a vehicle parked behind your car. No more having to push your car out of a parking space or your garage just to get the jumper cables hooked up to the battery so you can get going again. These heavy duty Energizer jumper cables with quick connect kit come in 16 ft., 20 ft., 25 ft. and 30 ft. cable lengths.


The feature that I like is that these jumper cables are lightweight and I can pick quick connect cables up to store them in my car trunk or SUV hatch. This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of the metal core of the wire is Aluminum with the Aluminum core coated or "clad" on the exterior with a thin coating of copper. See additional information below about use of pure copper wire vs. aluminum / copper clad wire.


The other nice thing about these battery jumper cables is that the cable is tangle free and remains flexible even in very cold weather. This also makes them easy to place back in the carry bag for storage.


These battery jumper cables are great for an auto repair business or tow trucks to use for jump starting batteries of cars, SUVs, cargo vans, mid-size pickup trucks and freight hauling vehicles without having to move the vehicle to face the tow truck. When the quick connect kit is installed you can also shorten the time that it takes to set up to boost a dead battery.


These booster cables come in 1-Gauge jumper cables, 2-Gauge jumper cables, 4-Gauge jumper cables and 6-Gauge battery jumper cables. 1-Gauge is .289 diameter and rated at 800 Amps, 2-gauge is .258 diameter. The lower the gauge, the bigger the cable and the more current it carries.


If you have cars, lawn mowers, generators, etc. that you park for long periods without cranking then you might also want to consider an automatic battery trickle charger if you have utility power available where you are storing the items..


If your garage or barn does not have utility power for a trickle charger then consider this SUNER Power solar trickle charger that uses the sun to keep 12V battries maintained and ready to start.



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Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

March 22, 2024 - Copper Clad Aluminum Wire (CCA) means that the majority of the metal core of the wire is Aluminum, and that the Aluminum core is coated on the exterior with a thin coating of copper. Then what you have is a wire that is much lighter in weight than pure copper wire and has a higher electrical conductivity than pure aluminum and resists corrosion / oxidation slightly better than a pure aluminum wire. While pure cooper wire carries more current, a buyer must consider how often they will use them, what type vehicles you need to jump start, where you will store them and whether you want to lug around pure copper cables that will weigh about two times more than these Energizer cables weigh.


Many customers report having started all types of vehicles (cars, pick up trucks, UTVs, tractors, forklifts) with these Energizer extra long jumper cables with no problems. If you need a boost for a battery in much larger engines like commercial engines you would want to consider jumper cables with solid copper.

Installing Your Quick Connect End of Jumper Cables

Top Post Batteries:

  • Route terminal ends of the 5' cable between the bumper and grill so that the quick connect connector can be bolted to the bumper. Some users mount this end somewhere under the hood by using zip ties or velcro straps. You want it to be easy to access when it is needed. An end cover is provided to protect this section from under-hood exposure to dirt and corrosion.
  • Loosen, remove bolts from battery cable terminals.
  • Replace with included bolt through cable connectors and round end of quick connect cable and nut. Depending on your battery a spacer between the permanent cable and the quick connect cable end may also be requred.
  • Be sure you are matching up positive(+) to positive (+) and negative(-) to negative(-) permanent cable to quick connect cable ends.


The 25 foot length of your Energizer jumper cable is stored in the included carry bag and kept inside your vehicle for use when needed to boost another car, truck, etc. battery when too low to start the other vehicle. When needed the heavy duty clamps will be attached to the battery posts of the vehicle with the low battery; Red to positive, Black to negative. The quick connect plug on the other end of the 25' cable will be connected to the quick connect plug on the bumper of the vehicle with the charged battery.




Hooking up jumper cables with quick connect feature. Shows jumper cable posts and connection of quick connect pig tail.      Hooking up battery booster cables with quick connect pig tail. What you need when you need to boost your car battery to get on the go again.      Using quick connect jumper cables to boost your vechicles low battery.

Automatic 6v, 12v battery trickle charger, perfect for keeping your portable generator battery maintained.



When you have a dead battery you want to get a boost and get going again quickly. Someone that is set up with jumper cables that have quick connect plugs can do just that for you. Also, your car or truck may not always be parked where it is easy to get to the dead battery. With the Energizer 30 ft. jumper cables kit with quick connect plugs you can boost a battery from a vehicle behind the one with the dead battery. This saves having to hand push the vehicle out of a parking space or other tight location. These jumper cables are also great to have set up on your own pickup truck for use around the farm in order to boost the tractor, lawn mower, backhoe, etc. battery when needed.


These jumper cables work well with both top post and side post batteries. The clamps are designed in a way that won't let two closed clamps make an electrical connection with each other and cause a spark. Since the cables are extra long you will love the tangle free feature.



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