Pepper Spray Keychain for Protection
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SABRE pepper spray keychain SABRE pink pepper spray keychain protection for women and men. Nice pink girly pepper spray keychain by SABRE. With a keychain pepper spray women will always be ready to defend themselves and their children from that unexpected attacker. Womens Pepper Spray keychain so that protection is always with you.


SABRE pepper spray keychain, black SABRE womens and mens pepper spray keychain, Black. Use the SABRE keychain pepper spray defense while running, in your car and for protection from dogs while walking.

SABRE Pink Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release for Women

Guys or girls, if you want to protect yourself while out and about, always carry this SABRE Keychain Pepper Spray with quick release, on your key chain. Your SABRE Pepper Spray on your keychain allows you to spend less time worrying about your surroundings and gives you more time to enjoy the moment. For safety purposes women and men can carry a pepper spray keychain to give them an equal advantage over an attacker that is bigger, quicker, stronger than they are or just catches you off guard at some point. This SABRE pepper spray more than levels the playing field for you.


This pepper sprayer for your keychain has a powerful stream delivery that protects with increased accuracy and reduces wind blow-back. The reinforced sprayer safety helps prevent accidental discharge, giving you peace of mind while transporting.


The finger grip design of the pepper spray key case gives you a better aim when you need to use it for protection. When seconds count the quick release key ring makes your pepper sprayer easily accessible when your keys are in the car ignition or door lock. The ten foot range on this pepper sprayer allows you to keep a safe distance from the attacker. The SABRE keychain pepper sprayer has a 4-year shelf life from date of manufacture and is capable of 25 bursts of spray .


Packaging includes links to free training videos so you can stay safe with your industry leading SABRE pepper defense spray keychain and the knowlege you will have to maximize your personal safety. If you are a petite woman or have a disability that limits your ability to physically defend yourself, then you need to carry this pepper spray on your keychain with you at all times. It is lightweight and easy to carry.


UV marking dye helps police ID the suspect after you have escaped and reported the incident. Due to the incredible sales of this pepper spray , SABRE has been able to donate over 1 Million Dollars to the National Breast Cancer Foundation since 2008.This easy to use, compact SABRE Pink pepper spray key chain is the number one selling pepper spray sold worldwide.


This pink pepper spray keychain is equipped with a quick release key ring, is immediately accessible by allowing you to separate your pepper spray case from your keys which will increase your safety while unlocking your car doors. Hopefully you will never find yourself in a situation where you will need to use your pepper spray but knowing that you have your SABRE handy on your keychain will give your great peace of mind.

Available in Pink Pepper Spray Container and Black Pepper Spray Container.



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Know How To Use Your Keychain Pepper Spray Effectively

November 15, 2023 - Adding pepper spray to your self defense arsenal can provide men and women with an effective, non-lethal way of defending themselves or their family from potential assailants. As with so many things we don't look for ways to prevent a problem until the problem happens. The same is true with self-defense tools. We don't purchase them until we have become a victim of crime. A study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals 34% of female undergrads have experienced sexual assault in their lifetime. These statistics do not take into consideration the number of people who have sufferred an attack during a robbery attempt. A pepper spray is a quick and easy-to-learn option for one to use to defend themself.


How To Use Pepper Spray

SABRE pepper spray keychainSABRE pepper spray keychain

Knowing how to use your pepper spray before you need it will give you more confidence that you will be able to defend yourself if need be. It will only take you a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your new pepper spray defense tool. But it is key to being able to quickly use it if your ever find yourself in a situation where split second decisions are crucial.

First, Get Familiar With Your Pepper Spray

Each manufacture's canister is a little different in size and conture. You will want to know the feel of the pepper spray canister that you purchase. This way when you grab it you will be aware of how to adjust it and hold it in your hand. It will just be second nature to you. Practice a little bit by taking it out of it's holder or off your key ring and just hold it in your hand getting the right grip. Do this with both hands a few times.


All pepper spray canisters come with a safety lock to prevent accidental discharge. Locate the safety lock on your canister and practice releasing it. Do this several times until you are able to quickly release it without thinking. As we said earlier, being able to quickly and accurately use your pepper spray during a dangerous situation is key to your safety.

Keep Your Pepper Spray Close By

You want to be able to instantly access your pepper spray canister when you need it. The bottom of a purse or in the glove compartment of your car is not a good location. A key chain or belt loop is a good option for quick access of your pepper sprayer. Or, if you are out running or taking a stroll just in your hand would be good. You may want to keep a canister in the car in case you forget your first source, but remove it from its location in the car and lay it on the center console or somewhere quickly accessable.


Many pepper spray containers come with a carrying case that has a snap closure on the top. If you feel you might be in a vulnerable situation then it would be good to release the snap early so you can draw the container out quickly if you need it.


Practice Your Aim

Pepper spray is designed to cause facial irritation on the assailant and to temporarily blind your attacker so you can escape. So, your ability to hit the assailant's face and eyes is very important. When under duress you won't necessarily be thinking clearly so you need to practice gripping the spray canister and aiming it where you want the stream to go. You can do this with the safety on so you don't accidently spray your own eyes. If you want to practice spraying a stream of the pepper spray then put on a pair of good googles before your release the lock and spray.


Some people find that using their thumb to discarge the spray allow them to keep a firm grip on the canister and maintain their accuracy.


When being attacked, if you can try to take a step or two back while drawing your pepper spray. This will reduce your profile and create distance making it harder for the attacker to hit you, while also giving you a little more time to aim and spray from your canister. It will also allow you to bend your knees a little for a stronger stance. Don't give your attacker some part of you to grab by fully extending your arms while spraying.


Rememer to move quickly after spraying your attacker. If they have been blinded they may be wildly swiping at the last position where they saw you. You also want to avoid any mist clouds from getting in your on eyes. When you run don't drop or throw down your pepper spray, it is still a valuable weapon.


Know Your Spray Patterns

There are 3 possible spray patterns that your spray canister may use and each pattern requires a different technique.


One pattern is a sprayer that shoots the liquid or gel out in a stream like a kid's squirt gun. To get the best use of this type pattern is to spray from ear-to-ear across the eyes in a horizontal motion. Stream type sprayers typically have a long range and make it easier to target a single person, but do require you to be accurate.


Another pattern is the run-of-the-mill mist spray. This one is the most likely to affect your assailant when in range. Your best approach with this type sprayer is to spray up and down an attacker's face.


The third spray pattern is a foam spray, which fires from the sprayer like the foam coming out of a can of shaving cream. This type is best used in a circular motion while aiming toward the assilant's face.


A Tool In Your Self Defense Kit


Your pepper sprayer for your keychain is just one tool in your self defense kit. There are other things you can do to fight off an attacker in conjunction with using your pepper spray canister. Yell to the top of your lungs throughout the attack. This may very well deter the attacker while atttracting help from others. You may want to practice yelling also. Go to a football or basketball game and while yelling with the crowd thing of it as a practice session for your defense kit. If you are not accustomed to yelling then you may find yourself speechless when surprised be an attack.

SABRE pepper spray keychainSABRE pepper spray keychain

You are not required to warn a person that you are going to spray them with pepper spray. Do not make them aware that you have a canister because they may overpower you and take it from you. They will find out you have one as their eyes are swelled shut, which is the best way for them to learn.


There are person alarms that you may choose to also carry with you. If you have your car fob available and your car is close by set off your car alarm. These things along with yelling loudly will draw attention to your situation and that in itself may very well cause the assailant to run away.


Learning to use pepper spray to defend yourself does not take long. So, take a few minutes and become familiar with your pepper spray canister and you will be armed to defend yourself when need be.


Self defense SABRE pepper spray keychainSABRE pepper spray keychain for women to use in self defense.



Take your SABRE keychain pepper spray with you everywhere. It fits on your keychain and has a quick release key ring. This black or pink pepper spray keychain is an important tool in your self defense toolkit. The SABRE pepper spray has a safety clip to help prevent accidental discharge. It produces a powerful 10 foot stream delivery that reduces wind blow-back and keeps you at a safer distance from your assailant. The SABRE comes in pink or black colors and has a durable key case with finger grip. Be prepared. Protect yourself with your pepper spray keychain from an attacker that is bigger and stronger than you are. Sprayer is capable of 25 bursts and has a four year shelf life from date of manufacture.



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