Car Seat Covers for Dogs That Have Seat Belt Holes for Humans
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Dog Car Seat Covers with Car Seat Belt Access Holes

To protect your car fabric, or leather, back seats you need a good cover for the dogs to sit on but you also need one with seat belt access holes so your kids or human friends can still ride safely in the back seat of the car or truck when necessary.


Dogs love to ride in the car but they are not known for wiping their feet before jumping into the uncovered back seat. In addition, those toenails leave scratches and tears in your nice fabric or leather car seat covers. Then there is all the dirt and fur that your dog seems to leave in the car when they exit.


But, your four-legged friends do love to ride and be with you wherever you go, so to keep you and the dogs happy you have to choose the best dog car seat cover to keep your car clean. If you are covering the back seat then use a car seat cover that has holes for the car seat belts so you can allow kids, etc. to still ride in the back seat without taking the dog cover out all the time.


These four choices top the list of car seat covers so your dogs can ride, yet still have seat belt access holes for the two-legged riders.


Dog Car Seat Covers with Seat Belt Holes


Grey colored car seat covers for dogs that have seat belt holes for humans.


These tan, gray and black car seat covers for dogs have full protection side flaps and seat belt holes for safety when humans ride.

Back Seat Car Seat Protective Cover for Dogs with Seat Belt Access Holes for Other Riders

This heavy duty, nonslip bench pet car seat cover is waterproof and has a non-slip backing and comes in a universal size to fit the bench seats of cars, trucks and SUVs. It is designed to be comfortable for your dogs as well as protect your fabric or leather back car seats from your dog's scratches, dirt and excess fur. Velcro flaps open to allow use of the seat belts when children or adults are riding.


This car seat cover is also great to protect against damage from baby car seats and from messy spills by your older children. The material on this quilted heavy-duty cover is waterproof and has a soft non-slip mesh on the back. There are side-flaps to also protect the sides of your seats as your dog enters and exits the car.


If you like to take your dog camping with you or out on the trail then for sure they are not going to be very clean with they get back into the car's backseat. And their excitement from the wonderful day they have had might be a little rough on the car's seat covers as well.


This one is easy to install and to keep clean. Just put 2 straps over the corresponding back headrests, tuck in 2 seat anchors and wrap 2 elastic straps around the seat corners. You can vacuum or clean with a damp cloth. It is machine washable if you want to remove the car seat cover and give it a good wash occassionally.


Car seat protector is 49" L x 56" W and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Customers report this to be a well made cover and it is working out well for them.


If your vehicle has a center armrest, this seat belt cover will not allow the use of it while the cover is installed.


These car seat covers are available in black, grey and tan colors.



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Bucket car seat covers for your pets who like to sit in the front seat along side you.



Maybe your four-legged friend likes to ride in the front seat for a better view. Then you will probably need a front seat dog cover to keep those fabric or leather seats in good shape also. Check out these selections of front, bucket seat covers for your dog so he or she can ride in style with you.



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