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Waterproof BarksBar Bucket Car Seat Covers for Dogs, Waterproof Front Seat Cover for Cars with Seat Anchors and Nonslip Backing. This car seat cover has been tested to withstand extreme temperatures so your dog will be able to ride on them in your car for years.
  BarksBar Front Pet Seat Cover for Cars, Trucks, SUV - Waterproof with Non-Slip Backing and Seat Anchors  

• This Waterproof pet car seat cover is designed for front passenger seats on all standard vehicles, trucks and SUVs.
• Includes built-in rubber nonslip backing and seat anchors to prevent seat cover from sliding around while riding your pet or other dirty friend.
• Seat cover has been tested to withstand EXTREME temperatures which helps protect against damage to your vehicles seats.
• Nice quilted pattern on this seat cover for high-end look and feel.
• Very easy to install and clean. Cover is machine washable: Use Gentle Cycle.
• No more leaving your dog at home when you have the BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover for cars, trucks and SUV installed in your vehicle.
• Simply snap buckle straps around the headrest, insert seat anchor in between seat cushions and dress the bottom seat skirt.

  Available Online at:  Amazon   Ebay  

When Your Dog Comes Along For A Ride In The Passenger Seat Of Your Vehicle Then You Will Want To Protect Your Car Seat From Claw Marks, Dirt, Fur and more with a Front Bucket Car Seat Cover That Is Waterproof and Will Help Keep Your Vehicle's Seats in Great Condition.


Protective Bucket Car Seat Covers for Dogs - Most dogs love to go for a ride in the car with their owner. And, they would much prefer to do that in the front seat as your co-pilot. And they don't really care if the upholstery of your bucket seats are covered with a protective car seat cover or not.

Having your favorite companion riding along with you in the front seat of your car is really comforting and tons of fun for your dog. These pet car seat covers the bucket seats in your car are easy to install and keep clean. They are made with durable material to withstand all the rides that you and your dog will take together.

With nonslip backing you don't have to worry about your dog sliding around while traveling. There are different designs and colors to fit your vehicle.

Below you will find some of the more popular front bucket car seat covers for dogs from which to choose.


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Durable Solvit PetSafe Premium Bucket Car, Truck, SUV Dog Seat Cover, Waterproof, Quilted, Seat Anchors.
Solvit PetSafe Premium Front Bucket Car, Truck, SUV Dog Seat Cover, Waterproof, Seat Anchors

• Made from 100% cotton twill with quilting for comfort the Solvit PetSafe Premium Front Bucket Dog Seat Cover is trimmed with genuine leather accents.
• Fabric is double-reinforced at high stress locations to withstand regular use.
• A waterproof membrane helps prevent seat damage from mud, water and potty accidents.
• Waterproof zippers help prevent dirt, hair and liquids from passing through the car seat slits.
• Sta-Put seat anchors that help prevent the necessity to pull the seat cover down and a non-slip backing to help hold the cover firmly in place.
• Cotton, leather and brass come together to create a seat cover that is equal parts durability and luxury.
• Leather seat belt holder.
• more...

  Available Online at:   Amazon    Ebay 
Duragear Bucket Car Seat Cover for Dogs, MicroVelvet cover for the front seat of your car, SUV, Truck.
Duragear Bucket Car Seat Cover for Pets, Microvelvet Cover For Front Seat Of Your Vehicle

• Highly durable, water resistant with waterproof backing the Duragear Bucket Car Seat Cover has a thick padded design that repels mud and water.
• The double layer fabric design on this Microvelvet Bucket Pet Seat Cover provides a comfortable, non-slip area for your dog.
• Cover is made of High-Quality Denier Nylon Fabric on one side that repels mud and water and soft non-pilling Micrvelvet on the other side, cool in summer, warm in winter.
• Measures 21 1/4" wide and 48" long, 24" from base of seat to top & 24" for seat bottom.
• Pet Seat cover has an EZ Tuck Anchor Pocket and Post.
• Put your hand in the pocket and slide the post in-between the seat bottom and back giving the cover a neat tucked in look, while reducing cover shifting.

  Available Online at:   Amazon   
Popular ALFHEIM Dog Bucket Car Front Seat Cover.
ALFHEIM Dog Car Bucket Seat Cover, Non-Slip with Seat Anchors for Cars, Trucks, SUV

• This front car seat cover for dogs is easy to install with the adjustable headrest straps and quick release buckles.
• Durable oxford cloth fabric helps protect your car seat from claws, fur, dirt and is water resitant.
• Easy to clean - Machine washable.
• Universal fit - measures 22.5" x 20".
• Works for passenger and driver's size bucket seats.
• With the Alfheim Dog Bucket Seat Cover you can take your pet on the dirtiest of adventures and come home with a spotless clean car seat.
• Adjustable headrest straps.
• Non-slip silicon backing.

  Available Online at:   Amazon   Ebay  
4Knines Front Bucket Seat Cover for Dogs, USA Based Company, Car, SUV, Truck Bucket Seats.
4Knines Front Quilted Car Seat Cover For Dogs - Car, SUV, Trucks - USA Based Company

• Keep your pet comfortable and your car seats free of odors, stains, claw damage and other pet related damage.
• 4Knines was the original cross-stitch quilted seat protector.
• The 4Knines vehicle seat cover is just as easy and quick to install as it is to remove.
• With the non-slip material, easily adjustable straps and Velcro openings for seatbelt access this cover slides in with ease and comes out in seconds.
• The high grade, quilted top layer is waterproofed to prevent dirt and moisture from getting to your car seat material.
• 100% No Hassle satisfaction guarantee with a USA based support staff.
• Covers also available for back bench car seats and SUV cargo areas.
• These front seat covers are universal fit to accomodate most vehicles.

  Available Online at:   Amazon   Ebay  

Duke and Dixie Car, Trucks, Vans, SUV Front Seat Cover Protector for Dogs, Nonslip rubber backing.
Duke and Dixie Car, SUV, Trucks, Vans Front Seat Cover Protector for Dogs

• This cover has 3 adjustable buckles - 1 at the headrest, 1 at the bottom and 1 behind the moddle of the seat to provide a more snug fit.
• Supports pets up to 120 lbs.
• The top layer of this seat cover for your dog is soft, quilted polyester to make his or her ride as comfy as can be.
• Skirt like flaps hang over and protect the 3 sides of the car seat.
• A layer of waterproof PVC and a rubber mesh backing provides double strength anti-slip grip onto the car seat.
• Fast and easy to install so you can quickly and easily remove when you have human passesngers riding with you.
• Wash on a delicate cycle in your washing machine and hang to dry.
• This seat cover comes with a useful carrying tote that can be used for storage and travel.

  Available Online at:   Amazon  
Plush Paws Co-Pilot Vehicle Pet Car Seat Cover for Bucket Style Seats with Harness and Seat Belt to fit Cars, Trucks, Suvs, Military Camo Color.
Plush Paws Co-Pilot Pet Car Seat Cover for Bucket Seats with Harness and Seat Belt for Your Dog

• This is a new improved version with a harness and seatbelt to keep your pet in place.
• Plush Paws bucket seat cover anchor fits in between your seat and secures the seat cover in place preventing movement during curves and sudden stops.
• Non-slip silicon, best material for anti-slip.
• Velcro closures for seat belt buckles
• Use wipes, vacuum or machine wash.
• The color shown here is Desert Sand which a lot of car owners will like.
• Also comes in Black, Grey, Desert Sand, Chocolate, London Grey and Tan.

  Available Online at:  Amazon   Ebay   
Transpawt Luxury Front Bucket Car Seat Covers for Dogs, Waterproof Pet Front Seat Cover for Car, SUVs, Trucks.
Transpawt Luxury Front Bucket Car Seat Covers for All Dogs Riding Happily in Cars, Trucks, SUV With Their Owners

• This bucket car seat cover is 46" L x 24" W.
• Universal Fit with Triple Layered, Double Stitched Premium GSM Oxford Material and Climate Tolerant Non-Slip Backing.
• The cover has a side skirt that provides extra seat coverage.
• Bonus Pet Seat Belt to Keep your Dog secure while traveling.
• Quick-release clips for simple install and removal. Easy to fold up and pack away when not needed on the seat.
• Multi-layer waterproof, stain-proof construction to help keep your vehicle clean and odor-free.
• Anchor points that fit in between the seat base and back which locks the seat cover in place.
• Double Quilted and Enhanced stitching that makes this cover scratch proof and water proof.

  Available Online at:  Amazon   
Nac and Zac Deluxe Waterproof Bucket Pet Seat Covers for Cars, SUV, Trucks Front Seat.
NAC & ZAC Deluxe Quilted Waterproof Front Bucket Seat Cover for Cars and SUV with Seat Anchors

• With thick padding this seat cover is super comfortable for your pet and offers good protection for your leather car seats from your dogs claws.
• The Nac & Zac seat cover has 3 layers with the middle layer made of 100% waterproof raincoat like material.
• Non-slip rubber backing that stays in place when you dog jumps in or out of the vehicle.
• Easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum and can machine wash.
• This bucket seat cover adapts to all vehicle makes and models with headrests.
• Use for driver's side or passenger side front seats.
• Lifetime Warranty.
• Color: Black.

  Available Online at:  Amazon    

IVICY Front, Bucket Car Seat Cover Protector for Pets and Sweaty Humans.
IVICY Car Seat Cover for Dogs - Universal Protector for Front Car Seats - Fits Most Cars, Vans, SUVs and Trucks

• This seat cover comes in four colors: Red, Beige, Beige Wings and Black Wings.
• Made of ergonomic and breathable suede.
• IVICY seat cushion will not wear out and colors will not fade in the sun.
• Great protection for your cloth or leather interior car seats.
• Protects seats from spills, hair, dirt from pets and humans that have been to the gym, running, surfing and other sports activities.
• Easy to clean. Machine washable, air dry.
• Universal fit is suitable for most cars, SUV, Trucks, CRV, Vans, Jeep.
• Soft and comfortable and you can enjoy hassle free installation.
• Reasonably Priced.

  Available Online at:  Amazon   Ebay 
Duke and Dixie Backseat Hammock Seat Cover and Front Seat Cover Combo Kit.
Duke and Dixie Backseat Hammock and Front Seat Cover All In One Pack with 2 Adjustable Safety Leads

• This unique combination pack comes with everything you need to restrain your pet and protect your vehicle's seats as you drive.
• Includes a hammock style backseat or rear bench seat cover and a front or bucket protective seat cover for your dog to enjoy their ride.
• Covers can be installed and removed in seconds and are fully adjustable.
• Both covers have a soft and comfortable quilted outer layer over waterproof PVC, rubber mesh and have a non-slip backing.
• Each cover comes with a bonus storage tote.
• Includes 2 adjustabe safety leads and restraining safety belts that clip into most car's seat belt clips.
• Rear seat cover: 54" x 58", Front, Bucket Seat Cover: 46" x 24".

  Available Online at:  Amazon     
Parachute Products Heavy Duty Black Front Car Seat Cover to Protect from Dog and Cat Scratches, Babies riding in baby carseats and more.
Heavy Duty Front Car Seat Cover To Protect From Dog and Cat Scratches, Baby Carseats Scratches and more...

• This bucket car seat cover is 46" L x 24" W. Easily fits in most cars.
• Protect your investement with this waterproof bucket car seat protector for pets sold by Parachute Products.
• Textured dots on the backside insure a high friction grip to any seat.
• An easy to wipe car seat protector that can withhold the wettest and dirtiest of pets.
• Machine washable.
• This stylish quilted diamond material keeps your car looking nice and you can rest easy that the seats are protected.
• Manufacturer states that even large dogs with sharp nails will not be able to rip through their high quality material.
• Easy to install and take off in less than 30 seconds.

  Available Online at:   Amazon   
Nac and Zac Deluxe Waterproof Bucket Style Pet Seat Covers for Cars, SUV, Trucks Front Seat.
Siivton Dog Front Bucket Style Seat Cover, Waterproof, Scratchproof with Storage Bag and Extra Wide Side Flaps

• The new design of this front car seat cover has added extra width protector both on passenger back and seat skirting.
• This seat cover for dogs includes a pocket for storing treats, toys and poop bag.
• Made from 600 Denier Oxford weave polyester denser and stronger than most.
• Waterproof construction so liquids can't seep through and stain your car's seats.
• Rugged woven straps with sturdy quick-release buckles.
• Thick quilted padding for your pet's complete comfort.
• Bottom Skirt protects sides of seat bottom.
• PVC seat anchors and sure-grip rubber backing to help prevent slipping and sliding.

  Available Online at:  Amazon   

General History of Dogs



December 30, 2023 - There is no incongruity in the idea that in the very earliest period of man's habitation of this world he made a friend and companion of some sort of aboriginal representative of our modern dog, and that in return for its aid in protecting him from wilder animals, and in guarding his sheep and goats, he gave it a share of his food, a corner in his dwelling, and grew to trust it and care for it. Probably the animal was originally little else than an unusually gentle jackal, or an ailing wolf driven by its companions from the wild marauding pack to seek shelter in alien surroundings. One can well conceive the possibility of the partnership beginning in the circumstance of some helpless whelps being brought home by the early hunters to be tended and reared by the women and children. Dogs introduced into the home as playthings for the children would grow to regard themselves, and be regarded, as members of the family. In nearly all parts of the world traces of an indigenous dog family are found, the only exceptions being the West Indian Islands, Madagascar, the eastern islands of the Malayan Archipelago, New Zealand, and the Polynesian Islands, where there is no sign that any dog, wolf, or fox has existed as a true aboriginal animal. In the ancient Oriental lands, and generally among the early Mongolians, the dog remained savage and neglected for centuries, prowling in packs, gaunt and wolf-like, as it prowls today through the streets and under the walls of every Eastern city. No attempt was made to allure it into human companionship or to improve it into docility. It is not until we come to examine the records of the higher civilisations of Assyria and Egypt that we discover any distinct varieties of canine form.

The dog was not greatly appreciated in Palestine, and in both the Old and New Testaments it is commonly spoken of with scorn and contempt as an "unclean beast." Even the familiar reference to the Sheepdog in the Book of Job "But now they that are younger than I have me in derision, whose fathers I would have disdained to set with the dogs of my flock" is not without a suggestion of contempt, and it is significant that the only biblical allusion to the dog as a recognised companion of man occurs in the apocryphal Book of Tobit (v. 16), "So they went forth both, and the young man's dog with them."

The great multitude of different breeds of the dog and the vast differences in their size, points, and general appearance are facts which make it difficult to believe that they could have had a common ancestry. One thinks of the difference between the Mastiff and the Japanese Spaniel, the Deerhound and the fashionable Pomeranian, the St. Bernard and the Miniature Black and Tan Terrier, and is perplexed in contemplating the possibility of their having descended from a common progenitor. Yet the disparity is no greater than that between the Shire horse and the Shetland pony, the Shorthorn and the Kerry cattle, or the Patagonian and the Pygmy; and all dog breeders know how easy it is to produce a variety in type and size by studied selection.

In order to properly understand this question it is necessary first to consider the identity of structure in the wolf and the dog. This identity of structure may best be studied in a comparison of the osseous system, or skeletons, of the two animals, which so closely resemble each other that their transposition would not easily be detected.

The spine of the dog consists of seven vertebrae in the neck, thirteen in the back, seven in the loins, three sacral vertebrae, and twenty to twenty-two in the tail. In both the dog and the wolf there are thirteen pairs of ribs, nine true and four false. Each has forty-two teeth. They both have five front and four hind toes, while outwardly the common wolf has so much the appearance of a large, bare-boned dog, that a popular description of the one would serve for the other. Nor are their habits different. The wolf's natural voice is a loud howl, but when confined with dogs he will learn to bark.


Bucket Front Car Seat Covers for Dogs At A Glance...


• BarksBar Front Pet Car Seat Cover for Bucket Seats in Cars, SUV, Trucks - waterproof, non-slip backing and seat anchors.
• Solvit PetSafe Premium Waterproof Bucket Car Seat Cover for Pets - cover is trimed with geniune leather accent.
• Duragear Dog Bucket Car Seat Cover Fleece, Slate Color.
• ALFHEIM Dog Bucket Car Seat Cover Nonslip Backing, Adjustable Headrest Straps.
• 4Knines Front Bucket Seat Cover for Dogs, USA Based Company.
• Duke and Dixie Car, Vans, SUV, Trucks, Bucket Seat Cover Protector for Dogs Front Seat
• Plush Paws Co-Pilot Pet Bucket Style Car Seat Covers with Harness and Seatbelt for Your Dog
• Transpawt Luxury Front Bucket Car Seat Covers for Dogs Riding in Cars, Trucks, SUV
• NAC & ZAC Deluxe Quilted Waterproof Front Bucket Seat Cover for Cars and SUV with Seat Anchors
• IVICY Front Bucket Car Seat Covers for Dogs
• Duke and Dixie Black Backseat Hammock and Front, Bucket Car Seat Protector for Dogs
• Parachute Pet Supplies Heavy Duty Black Car Front Seat Cover for Pets
• Siivton Front Bucket Style Seat Covers for Dogs - Waterproof with Storage Bag and Extra Wide Side Flaps.


Dog Training Course That Actually Works...

Dog Training techniques that work in a loving manner.
You want to have a well trained dog but you also want your dog to be your faithful companion and to be happy being by your side throughout life. So, you want to train your dog in a caring and loving manner and to make it fun for both of you.

You have an intellengent dog that can learn without being punished. Your dogreally wants to please you and you just need to know how to appeal to his or her brain to help them learn to be the obedient, well-behaved pet that eveyone loves to be around.

The Brain Training 4 Dogs is a course that you can use at home where you engage your Dog on a mental level so that many problem behaviors simply fade away.

The training techniques in the Brain Training 4 Dogs at home course are gentle and force-free. They are designed to create a strong bond between you and your dog and thereby create positive emotions in your dog as opposed to fearful ones.

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