Kids Pop Up Outdoor Play Tent
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Outdoor Toys for Christmas - Pop Up Tent for Kids 18 pcs.


Outdoor Toys for Christmas - Kids Pop Up Tent.


Kids Pop Up Outdoor Play Tent with Camping Gear Set

Little campers want to have their own Pop Up Play Tent and camping gear while playing outside. This kids pop up play tent set has 18 camping toy items to let your child experience the fun of camping out in their own pop up tent.


Let your child have their on reading nook, napping space or mini play space in this collapsible Pop Up Play Tent while camping in the wild or just in your own backyard. There camping gear will consist of a battery powered pretend Gas Stove and Oil Lamp, Utility Knife, Binoculars, Cooking Pan, Plates, Multifunctional Whistle and Shovel. The 4-in-1 Emergency Survival Whistle comes with functions of flashlight, compass and thermometer.


With the press of a button the quality oil lamp lights up bright to light their way around the campsite. The pretend gas stove glows like red flame which helps make play campsites almost like real for preparing a good meal..


The fabric pop up tent is easy to set up and the inflated dimensions are 30.7" x 30.7" x 35.5", so roomy enough for small children to enjoy playing.


In the evenings, light the lantern and sit around with your children telling campfire stories. Your kids will live playing with this pop up tent for kids camping gear set you will e glas you purchased it for them..


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Teaching Small Kids to Camp

Start Out at Home


July 30, 2023 - Set up your childs own small tent in their bedroom and let them get used to spending time in it by themselves. This way the tent becomes their own personal tent just for them. Then try moving to the outdoors. Set up their pop up tent in the backyard. If you have a small tent for yourself then camp out a few evenings here and there with them. Turn on their lantern and sit around and tell some campfire stories. Eat dinner and breakfast outside in your tents. If you have a place take a shovel and dig a hole to make a small fire and cook or warm your food on the real fire. Let your little one help dig the hole with his play shovel.

Enjoy The Experience


Camping with kids can be both challenging and rewarding. It takes time and patience to develop a child into a camping adult. Don't take the learning experience too seriously. Just enjoy the time outdoors with them.


With more and more city dwellers, too many children miss the fun and learning experience of spending time in the great outdoors. When camping with your children involve them in everything you do. Have them at your side, show and explain what you are doing and why. Have them replicate what you do, so they can learn to do it themselves.


If your kids are really young let them help carry stakes, gather sticks for kindling and involve them in planning the camp dinner. Before you leave for camping take your kids to the grocery store with you and let them help think about meals that will be easy to prepare while camping.


Get your kids a good pair of binoculars made for kids. Kids binoculars are lightweight and made to fit their hands and face. Teach them to spot birds and give them the bird's names and talk to them about their colors and their haitats in nature.

Basic Fire Safety Skills


It is really important that you introduce your kids to basic fire safety. Things like having water available to properly extinguish the fire when finished. Teach them to only build fires in stoves, fire rings or fireplaces.


If your child is old enough, let them try and start the fire with matches. They will learn that they can't start a fire with just big logs. The will need small sticks to get the fire going before those big logs will burn.


These are lessons that a child won't forget once learned.


Camping gear with kids pop up tent for Christmas.



18 pieces of camping gear come with this Kids Pop Up Play Tent. Your child can learn to make pretend meals, light up their campsite with their lantern, dig holes with their shovel, watch birds and other animals with their kids binoculars and understand what their emergency whistle is used for; all these are items found in this kids play tent kit. Then when camping time is over, they can pack up their gear, fold up their kids tent shelter and head for the house tired and happy from camping out in their own play pop up tent with all its camping gear..



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