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Unique Outdoor EzyRoller Neon Red Ride On Toys for Kids.


Outdoor unique EzyRoller Blue Ride on Toys for Active Kids.

Sit Down EzyRoller Outdoor Ride On Toy for Active Kids

Your child can ride smoothly across outdoor sidewalks and playgrounds on this unique, fun ride on scooter toy for energetic kids.


Unlike other ride on toys the EzyRoller has no pedals. A foot bar allows your son to get this riding toy moving with easy, alternating leg movement on the foot bar. This riding machine lets your kids, no matter their age, curve their way into carefree fun. They will become addicted to the motion.


Sitting low to the ground, your child's body shouts orders while the legs and feet respond, pushing back and forth against the foot bar to move uniquely into fast action play.


There are uncommon and endless play possibilites. Your child gets to invent all types of things to do with free hands - like playing basketball with friends while maneurvering around teammates on their EzyRoller.


The way the Ezyroller ride on toy combines the control of a bike and the fun of a scooter makes it a very unique outdoor toy for kids to enjoy. There are no chains or batteries, it simply moves silently.


This ride on toy is suitable for children 4 years and up and supports riders under 150 pounds. It is designed to be used on flat / smooth surfaces indoor and outdoor. Your child sits on the seat with their back firmly against the back of the seat and their feet on the push bar. They will then push on the right foot and then the left foot to advance their EzyRoller forward. They also use their feet to direct turns.

If you are having trouble getting your boys to do anything outdoors then you need this unique and fun EzyRoller Outdoor Ride on Toy for Kids.


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How To Encourage Your Child To Play Outside

April 8, 2023 - When children are young they like to be mommy or daddy's little helper. So, to get your child interested in things outdoors allow them to "help" you do outdoor things like sweeping the steps or driveway, watering the garden or flowers on hanging clothes out on the line.


Maybe you live in a rural area where they can help you feed the chickens or gather eggs. I have a neighbor who's three year old loves to help pick the blueberries. In rural areas the mail boxes are not on the house. It is sometimes a good little walk to go get your mail. Allow your toddlers to make the trek with you each day to pick up the mail. You might even mail something to your child ever so often so they can look forward to getting their own mail.

It is just fundamentally healthy for your child both physically and emotionally to spend some time outdoors each day, especially if they find it fun to do.


Have a family affair by having a picnic, even if it is just in your own backyard. Have a nature scavenger hunt. Invite some of their friends to come and enjoy the hunt with them.


Kids usually love to play in water. Set up a sprinkler for them to run in and out of on a hot summer day. One way to water the grass at the same time.




Great unique outdoor ride on toy for kids.



Get your kids to actually play outdoors with their friends on this unique EzyRoller Ride On Toy for boys and girls. This uncommon ride on toy allows them to have their hands free to play games or throw balls and have lots of outdoor fun with their friends. The EzyRoller is one of the best in outdoor ride on toys for kids to have fun with while playing outdoors with their friends. Not only are they having fun, they are getting lots of good exercise which is great for their health and well being.



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