WEN Large Service Rolling Utility Cart with Handle
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Large service rolling utility cart. This WEN extra large service rolling utility cart with two shelves is perfect for kitchen items, cleaning supplies, teachers, garage work space, grocery items, etc. Heavy duty cart with 500 lb. weight capacity.


WEN 73004 500 lb extra large gray service utility cart on wheels, heavy duty plastic.

Large 500 lb. Capacity Service Rolling Utility Cart with Handle for Garage, Kitchen, Cleaning Supplies, Teachers, etc.

Heavy Duty Large Rolling Utility Cart, Gray, Plastic, With Shelves and Handle


Having a heavy duty utility cart with wheels and shelves is so handy for use in your garage, in the kitchen, to be rolled around with cleaning supplies and so much more. This WEN large 500 lb. capacity service rolling utiity cart has two shelves and an inhandle storage space for small quick need items, like your morning coffee. Underneat the handle storage is a metal bar for hanging towels or rags for easy reach while working. This WEN utility cart rolls with four non-marring casters; two are static wheels and two are 360° swiveling wheels for maximum and easy control. Each shelf of the cart can hold up to 250 lbs. giving you a total of 500 lbs. of reliable carrying capacity. Each of the two shelves have a moulded edge around the shelf to keep items from rolling off.


Use your utility cart in your garden. It is made of easy-to-clean polypropylene material and can be easily cleaned; no rust, no dents. The low to the ground bottom shelf makes this the optimal unit for gardening and lawn care. Use your rolling utility cart with handle to keep your cleaning supplies organized to make your cleaning job faster and easier. If you move computer equipment then this heavy duty utility cart will help you move that equipment around where it is needed at your office. You can also eaily transport up to 500 lbs. worth of packages around a warehouse.


The 500 lb. capacity cart comes in a 17" x 30" (40" including handle) and a 24" x 36" (46" with handle). There is also a smaller rolling cart available that has 300 lb. capacity. It's dimentions are 16" x 32" and there is no inhandle storage space on that unit.


If you are helping someone move, or moving yourself, then this utility cart with wheels and a handle would be a big help. Load it from the car, roll across the parking lot to the door. You will need a small ramp to traverse steps. It fits well in most elevators and through standard doors.


Want to have dinner on the patio? Then load all your dishes, utensil holder, food, naplins, drinks, etc. on your handy utility cart and just roll in one trip to the patio. Makes for easy clean up when dinner is over.


If you sew or like arts and crafts you will find a good use for your WEN Service rolling utility cart. Cart is easy to move around with all your supplies wherever you need them.



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Types of Utility Carts


April 9, 2023 - A utility cart is a unit on wheels with shelves and a handle that is designed to move things like tools, equipment, cleaning supplies, garden needs, packages and any other items you need to move from place to place within a given area. Service carts that roll are also good for doctor's offices, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and rehab facilities. Some people who use these carts in their garage refer to them as tool carts. Auto mechanics will often use a utility cart to move their tools from vehicle to vehicle in their garage. Being able to roll a number of items around at one time rather than carrying them is so much easier on your back.


As with the WEN utility cart shown above, most utility carts have edges around the shelves so that items do not fall off while using or moving the cart, a pushing handle and wheels for rolling the cart from place to place.


Today, utility carts are generally made from plastic or stainless steel or a combination of the two. Hospitals typically use stainless steel because it better withstands harsh cleaning solutions and sanitizing chemicals. Some carts may be fully enclosed and may also have a lock to protect important documents or medications.


Folding Utility Carts


A folding utility cart is a collapsible hand cart with a hollow metal frame with wheels and is lightweight and easy to roll along on a floor. The shelves are open on all sides and usually have baskets that are removable so that an entire group of supplies can easily be delivered to one location. These type carts usually have a smaller weight capacity than other carts.


Some of the folding carts are shaped like a small wagon and are used for gardening items or to use in a grocery store while shopping. Since they are lightweight they are easy to move around for these type functions.


Linen Carts


Transporting linens to and from a laundry area is usually easier and faster when using a utility cart. A utility cart may be a rolling multi-leve shelf unit or a plastic bin on wheels. It may be made of metal or plastic. Some linen carts may have canvas covering the entire unit with elasticized edges in order to maintain a tight protective layer to keep the cart and contents clean.


Utility Wagon Carts


A utility wagon cart is typically used outside. They normally look like a child's wagon but with higher sides that are often removeable to create a flatbed on wheels. Many people use a wagon cart to help with all their gardening needs. They move mulch, soil, plants, gardening tools, etc. all about their property. They have sturdy wheels and a handle like a typical wagon for pulling the cart where you need it. Here is an example of a heavy duty steel utility wagon cart with removable sides that will support up to 1000 lbs. in capacity available on Amazon.com.








2 Shelf Multi-purpose Rolling Utility Cart by WEN. 500 lb. weight capacity, rolls for easy mobility, in-handle storage on the cart, towel rac on the handle and more...



This is such a handy rolling service utility cart with a handle for pushing or pulling. Use this utility cart for tools, etc. that you use in your garage or barn. Use both shelves of this rolling cart to have extra storage in your kitchen of items that you use frequently and need quickly at your finger tips. Great cart for laundry supplies in your laundry room. Having a party on the patio or deck, then roll drinks, snacks, utensils, etc. easily out to where the fun is. Have a business with a warehouse area, then this will be your goto utility cart for all sorts of things. Love to garden; this rolling cart will hold all your gardening tools, plants, watering can, fertilizer, etc. and it won't rust if it gets wet. It comes in different cart sizes and has easy to clean surfaces. The 5" non-marring casters (wheels) provide effortless and smooth mobility without scuffing surfaces. Each shelf of this heavy duty cart has a 250 lb. weight capacity.



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