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Small Automatic Top Loader Portable Washing Machine

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Small portable washing machine for camper, college dorm room, RV, apartment. This portable washer is a fully automatic mini washing machine ith a simple operation panel.


Wash your laundry clean with a small automatic portable washing machine that can be used while camping, in your apartment, camper, RV, college room and otherwise small space.

Small Automatic Portable Washing Machine for Apartment, Camper, RV, College Room, Camping, Small House

Everybody likes clean fresh, clothes to wear and they can have those by using this small automatic portable washing machine, whether you are camping or living in a college dorm room. Compact and usually less expensive, a portable washer also will use less electricity and water than a larger standard washing machine. No need to keep a laundry bag of dirty clothes until you can get home to wash them. By keeping what clothes you have fresh and washed, then you need to have less changes of clothes on hand. This compact, twin tub washing machine by Bonusall has a 21.6 lbs. capacity so you can wash small to large loads. Your clothes are not easily twisted in the washer, yet you have a better cleaning effect.


The Bonusall portable washing machine is not only time-saving and energy-saving, it is easy to operate and suitable for different environments and people. Bonusall is a professional home furniture brand that produces their products with better materials. For instance this small portable washer is equipped with an excellent motor to ensure a good cleaning effect and bring you the best rinsing effect over what you have seen before.


The well designed gravity drain can suspend washing so that the water will never overflow. This washer is made of plastic to ensure that the washing machine will not rust and you will find the product durable and of high quality. This small washing machine is suitable for use in college dorm rooms, RVs, while camping, apartments and otherwise small living spaces.


You can wash small loads like underwear and socks, baby diapers, t-shirts and jeans or you can wash something larger like sheets and pillowcases in this twin tub Bonusall washing machine. The washing machine base is white in color and you can choose between a blue or gray top.


Energy efficient and lightweight (21.6 lbs) your washing time is 3-15 minutes and the spin-drying time is 1-5 minutes. You set the wash time and spin time that you desire using the knobs on the top of the washing machine. This small automatic washing machine is also availale in a 17.6 lbs. capacity if you need something a little bit smaller.


A very nice small size portable washing machine that is a fully automatic mini washing machine with a simple operation panel. Just fill the washer with your clothes, fill it with water, set a desired time and then simply start the Bonusall washing machine. Many elderly people who have downsized their living space love a small washing machine like this one.


Small portable washing machine that uses a grounded 110V outlet, comes with the needed drain hose and works well in small spaces. You set the wash timer from 0 to 15 minutes, the drain to either gentle or normal and the spin timer from 0 to 5 minutes. Washer has a nice stylish design and looks good in your apartment, college dorm room, RV or any other small living space.


Bonusall small size portable washing machine is also available in a 17.6 lbs. and a 26 lbs. model. Same features and functions, just accomodates more clothes in one load.




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Fresh Clean Clothes for Small Spaces...

August 2, 2023 - Everyone likes clean sheets on their bed and clean clothes to wear but not everyone lives in a residence where there are hookups for standard washers and dryers. So, rather than having to hand wash all the laundry or haul it to a laundromat use one of the small portable washing machines. You will be amazed at how much of your laundry you can really keep clean by using one of these small washers.


Apartment dwellers do have 110 volt outlets, a water faucet and a sink or bathtub drain, which is all that is required to wash your clothes using one of these small portable washers. Being small they are easy to move around if you want to maybe store them in a closet when not in use.

If you have a small child you know that they can go through a lot of clean clothes or cloth diapers quickly. If you do nothing more that keep the kids clothes clean and smelling fresh by using one of the small washers you will get your money's worth. But, you are not limited to kids cloths. You can wash t-shirts, dress blouses and shirts, pillow cases and sheets and even towels and wash cloths. Don't dread that trip to the laundromat. Wash your clothes at home while watching TV or reading a good book.


Another advantage is you don't have to have dirty, smelly clothes pile up in your apartment, RV or small home. Easily keep things fresh smelling with fresh clean clothes washed in your small, compact portable washing machine.


A portable automatic washing machine in a small size, that requires no standard washer hookups is the way to go when you reside in a small living space. There is no installation required and the washer is easily moveable to where you want to use it. These small washing machines are great for washing baby clothes, underwear, t-shirts and jeans and even washing your sheets and pillow cases. So much easier than hauling your dirty clothes to the laundromat to wash every few days.




Bonusall small portabble washing machine for small spaces.  High quality, durable washer made of plastic so it will not rust.



When you need a washing machine for a small apartment, small camper / RV, college dorm room, small condo or otherwise small living space this Bonusall portable washing machine in a small, compact size will fit your needs. This washing machine will wash and rinse your clothes clean in a short time. It is a fully automatic mini washing machine that has a simple operation panel. It is a really nice washer for the elderly to use. Their clothes washing needs are usually less than that of a large family and one of these small portable washing machines are just perfect for their needs.


This is a twin tub washer that allows for spinning your clothes reasonably dry after you have washed them. This portable washer, even though small in size, is equipped with an excellent motor to ensure a good cleaning effect, as well as the best rinsing effect for your clothes. Not only is the cleaning effect better, your clothes are not easily twisted together. This washer includes two deep flushes for all cycles. Yet, at the same time, the well-designed gravity drain can suspend washing thereby preventing water overflow where you are draining your water too.




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