To My Beloved Granddaughter Necklace
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Granddaughters always hold a special place in Paw Paw's heart. This small, but meaningful heart necklace shares your love for your granddaughter in a way that she can rememer that forever.


Granddaughters to Grandpa are special. And, Granddaughters love to hear how much grandpa loves them. With this heart shaped necklace they can know that love the rest of their life.


To My Granddaughter Heart Shaped Pendant Necklaces


Heart Shaped "To My Granddaughter" Necklaces

To My Precious Granddaughter - Heart Shaped Necklace

To my Granddaughter, Show your sweet granddaughter how much you love her with one of these beautifully designed small silver or gold plated Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace by gifting one to her on a special occassion or, at any time just to let your granddaughter know you are thinking about her. This To My Granddaughter necklace will be a piece of jewelry that she wears around her neck a lot and will cherish always because it came from her Grandpa. These necklaces have a 22 inch chain and are 100% made in the USA.


Jewelry For Young Women - From Grandpa


Necklace to my Granddaughter, No matter their age your young and precious granddaughters are always looking for Grandpa's attention and love. And, special jewelry designs are loved by girls and women of any age. A necklace from grandpa is something that they will wear and cherish no matter how old they get to be. Because grandpa's and granddaughters have a special bond all through life.



Granddaughter Necklace From Grandpa


Granddaughters love their Grandpa and they especially always want to hear how much Grandpa loves them. When you give your granddaughter one of these Heart Shaped Necklaces showing your words of love, it will not only enforce your love for them, it is something they can proudly wear to tell the world that their grandpa loves them. They can also just hold it and read those words of love on any day when they feel a little down for whatever reason.





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Grandpa's and Grandma's Are Made For Love


July 28, 2023 - Grandpa's have big strong arms to protect you and big laps for you to sit on and feel safe. Grandpa's will take the time to teach you about things like how to build a playhouse, how to plant flowers, how to ride a scooter, how to swim and so many other things.


Grandpa's love their granddaughter and grandsons and love spending time with them. They are always interested in what is going on in their granddaughter or grandsons day. They listen when no one else in the family seems to have time to listen.

Grandparents let children take their time when shopping, helping with the cooking or other chores around the house, even when they don't get it done quiet right the first time, or even the second time. Grandparents know lots of stories and take time to share them with their grandchildren. Kids love to be outside and so do grandpa's. Grandpa will take you fishing, camping, for a ride on the motorcycle (even though mom objects) and just on a nature hike. When outdoors grandpa's love to teach their grandchildren all about nature. They point out the birds, squirrels, insects, deer, etc. and teach you all about them.


It is no wonder that when the grandchildren get to visit Grandpa and Grandma their are lots of hugs and kisses.




From Grandma - To My Sweet Granddaughter. A beautiful, small necklace  to give to your granddaughter to express your love for her.




Heart Shaped Necklace For Granddaughter


Grandma's are just as special as Grandpa's to granddaughters. Grandma always has lots of hugs available for her precious grandchildren. And granddaughters especially look forward to those hugs when visiting Grandma.


With this bright colored heart shaped to my granddaughter pendant necklace Grandma can make sure that her granddaughter has something that she can always turn to when she needs Grandma's love. She will proudly wear her necklace so she can let others know that her Grandma loves her always.



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Colorful and Meaningful Wall Hanging for Kids


Another item of interest for kids is a colorful wall hanging with a meaningful message about kindness or an inspirational or motivational message for their young minds. A wall hanging for kids bedrooms, school classroom, church youth room, your home foyer, etc. These little hanging messages quietly provide a teaching moment for kids without words being spoken.



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While visiting Honey's Store for your "To My Grandaughter" necklaces, check out some of these additional products. If you have children they will really benefit from the Kindness Wall Posters which can be hung on their bedroom walls, in their school classrooms or on the walls in the church youth rooms to be a silent reminder to show kindness to others no matter their background or skill set..


If you admire the job that President Trump did for our country during his term in office show that respect with a Donald Trump coffee mug which has a powerful message of thanks for what he accomplished for we Americans who still value our freedom, during his term as President of the USA. It also shows others what you want our President to be doing for our nation.


There are other mugs, jewelry items, ornaments available. New products are being added, so please visit Honey's store often. Thank you for your interest.

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