2 Person, 3 Person Inflatable Pool Boat with Oars
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This small kids pool inflatable boat is perfect for cruising around in the pool or on calm waters. Use the oars to guide around the pool or just float aimlessly in the calm waters.


Kid Pool Inflatable Boat - Made for kids to have fun in the pool. Inflatable Boat Intex Explorer 2 Person Pool Boat with Oars. Cruise around in the pool or on calm waters in this inflatable pool boat with 2 oars. Kids and adults enjoy this pool boat for lots of fun in the water.

Small 2 Person / 3 Person Inflatable Pool Boat With Boat Oars for Kids and Adults

If you have kids that love playing in an inflatable pool boat and guiding it around with oars,  then give them a fun experience with a small inflatable pool boat with two 48 inch oars which will add pleasure to their time in the pool or on other calm water. These boats come with 2 oars and oar locks and are available in 2 and 3 person inflatable boats. The weight capacity of this pool boat is 410 lbs, so you as an adult may like to just relax and cruise around the pool for a while. This inflatable watercraft includes two 48" French oars so you don't just float aimlessly around; unless you want too.


This super bright colored inflatable pool boat features a grab rope on the bow, oar locks and a soft inflatable floor for rigidity and easy cruising through the water. Set also includes a high output mini hand pump so you can quickly have your boat ready to go.


The three person capacity Explorer 300 Inflatable Pool Boat has a weight capacity of 410 lbs. and the two person Explorer 200 has a maximum weight capacity of 210 lbs. Both pool boats have a recommended age group of 6+ years.


These Intex Explorer Inflatable boats have 2 air chamers with double valves. When inflated the Explorer 300 dimensions are 6' 11" x 3'10" x 1'4" and the Explorer 200 dimensions are 6' 1" x 3' 1" x 1' 4". Welded on oar locks help keep you from accidentatly dropping your oars into the pool. Kit includes a repair patch if ever needed.


Many customers have found uses for these Explorer Inflatable boats with oars in areas other than the swimming pool. Some have carried them to the beach, down rivers and more and they report that the boats have held up well. However, thay also recommend that you carry extra patch kits if you are going to try a little rocky bottom area.


These Intex Explorer inflatable pool boats with oars are made for having lots of fun in the pool or calm water and they live up to their name. So, enjoy drifting around in your inflatable pool boat, relaxing and enjoying the water. Inflatable boats are easy to put in and take out of the pool and deflate nicely for storage.


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Water Recreation Safety While Boating

July 27, 2023 - Water recreation is both fun and therapeutic. However, as with anything else in life it involves inherent risks of injury and sometimes even death. To reduce these risks and avoid accidents familiarize yourself with the following safety guidelines while boating in the pool or other water outlets.


Using an inflatable pool boat with oars is a lot of fun and kids love to take a ride all the time in their inflatable boats. They can try out the oars themselves which will make them laugh a lot while trying to steer their boat around in the swimming pool.

Learn to swim: Kids are remarkably capable of learning to swim at an early age. Either teach them yourself or enroll them in a swimming class before using their inflatable boat.


Wear a Life Jacket: A life jacket is important in case the child falls out of the inflatable pool boat at any time while using it.


Provide constant supervision: When children are using their pool boat or even just around a pool, a competent adult should be appointed as a water watcher or "lifeguard". This person might want to wear a loud whisle so they can quickly get the attention of other adults if they need help.


Learn CPR: As the water watcher you should know CPR and first aid. Take time to learn these safety items before allowing your children to use their inflatable boat on the water.


Childproof Fencing: Your building code may require childproof fencing around your pool with locked gates. You should consider this for your child's safety even if it is not required by a building code.


Supervise: When children are playing in their inflatable pool boat always supervise this activity.



2 Person, 3 Person Intex Explorer Inflatable Pool Boat with Oars for Kids Fun. Allow the kids to have fund taking the oars and guide the boat around the pool.


Small Inflatable Pool Boat, Intex Explorer


When you have a swimming pool and you want to give your kids another way to have fun other than just swimming in the pool, then get them an Intex Explorer inflatable pool boat with oars for steering. Welded on oar locks and 48" French oars make this inflatable boat a great way for your kids to have fun in the water. The two person Intex Explorer inflatable pool boat has a weight capacity of 210 lbs and the three person pool boat with oars has a weight capacity of 410 lbs. Kit includes two 48" French oars and a high output manual pump for quick inflation of the boat. Have a boat race with friends or leisurely cruise around the pool in this inflatable boat to cool off and just have fun on hot summer days. These inflatable boats have 2 durable air chambers with double valves which allow for quick inflation. Allow the kids to learn how to use the oars to direct where they want to go in the pool. Not only will it be a good learning experience, they will find it a lot fun.



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