Earth Products Outdoor Adjustable Leg Fishing Chair with Rod Holder
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Comfortable adjustable leg chair with rod holder to use while bank fishing. Includes rod rest holder, drink holders and zippered storage pouch as fishing chair attachments.


Earth Products Outdoor Adjustale Leg Fishing Chair with pole holder, drink holders and zippered storage pouch. Adjustable Legs Fishing Chair with rod holder for unlevel ground.

Earth Products Outdoor Adjustable Leg Fishing Chair with Rod Rest Holder

If you want to be comfortable while fishing, sit in this Earth Products Outdoor Adjustable Leg Fishing Chair with a rod holder, 2 bottle holders and a zippered storage pouch on this fishing chair for your other small essentials. This chair will allow you to rest your rod in the holder and just relax in your chair and just watch the fish if you are tired and want to rest. If you like to recline in your chair while fishig then you can do that also. If you like to fish on a bank where the ground is not level then you will make good use of the adjustable front legs and swivel "mud" feet that will give your chair stability on that uneven ground.


With four different back positions you can recline comfortably while waiting on that special fish to bite. And the back and seat padding makes this chair even more comfortable. This ultimate outdoor portable fishing chair is designed to provide maximum long term comfort, even for extended periods of sitting while waiting on those fish to bite..


Carry this chair with you wherever you go and feel assured that it will remain sturdy even on the most uneven of terrain. The adjustable front legs adapt to uneven shorelines while fishing. You may even want to use your Earth Products fishing chair for just laying back and gazing at the stars while it patiently holds your rod for you..


This fishing chair is specially made to support healthy back and body posture and its careful padding provides you hours of added neck and back support.


While this Ultimate 4 Position Outdoor Fishing chair with rod rest has quickly become the top favorite with anglers, it also works great for concerts and other outdoor gatherings. This Earth Products fishing folding chair combines versatile design with rugged durability.


The swivel feet on the front legs help keep the chair from sinking in soft soil. A padded shoulder strap is provided for easy transport of this folding fishing chair.



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Enjoying Bank Fishing

July 14, 2023 - Fishing from places where the land meets the water's edge is what is termed Bank fishing. Rock fishing is usually when fishing from rocks. Bank fishing is typically done casting fishing bait or lures into the water in an attempt to catch some fish. Typically bank fishing is usually done with a rod and reel but traps, spears, nets and fishing lines used without rods may also be used.


Fishing from a bank has its own advantages. Many factors contribute to your success while bank fishing, such as water depth, bank structure, location, type of bait and lures and time of day that you choose to fish.

Different fishermen have their own preferences for equipment that they need for bank fishing, but most agree on the bascis like fishing tackle, rod, reel and lures or bait. Some like to use two fishing rods because the bait can be changed on one rod while still fishing with the other. A lidded container for the fish they catch is often brought along by many fisherman. Other fisherman use a stringer to hold they fish they catch. If you are a catch and release fisherman you won't need either of these items.


Many fisherman like to sit while they fish and will bring along a nice comfortable foldable fishing chair with adjustable legs so they can safely relax while bank fishing. With today's technology, some luxury equipment is available such as a fish finder which uses sonar or a camera to physically locate the fish. While this type of fishing equipment is typically used by people boat fishing it can also be used by those who are bank fishing.


Pack lightly. When fishing from the bank you don't want to carry a large load and you want to try and blend into your surroundings in order not to spook the fish. Remember to be quiet near the water which could also spook the fish. Take note of the trees on the bank where you plan to fish and know that they will regulate water temperature which will affect the fish.




Earth Products Foldable Outdoor Fishing Chair with rod rest. It's adjustable front legs make it a perfect chair for bank fishing.



Whether you are bank fishing or fishing from a boat, this Earth Products Adjustable Leg Fishing Chair with a handy rod holder will make your fishing time more pleasureable. The adjustable front legs and swivel "mud" feet make this a perfect chair for bank fishing. This is a nice padded chair with two bottle holders, a fishing pole holder and a zippered storage pouch for small items you want to keep close at hand while fishing. The four-position, reclining backrest will make you enjoy this fishing chair even more. This is a fishing chair that is designed to provide long term comfort, even on extended periods of fishing trips. Even on those days you don't want to go fishing then you will enjoy this chair for some long days of simple outdoor relaxation. This is a great chair for bank fishing on uneven ground or simply sitting on a boat to fish.



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