Children's Book About Dogs, 8 Year Olds +
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Inspiring children's book about a little dog named Thelma and how her dreams came true one day. Inspirational books for 8 year olds, books about dogs for kids 8 - 10, dog story books for kids 9-12.


The Little Dog That Nobody Wanted.

Because She Had No Hair On Her Back


Little Dog Thelma with her hairless back. dog books for kids 8 - 12, loving books about dogs, childrens books ages 8-12 about dogs.


Encouraging Story For Kids

Story About Dogs for Kids 8 + Years Old


Dogs and Kids

Children often form strong bonds with dogs for several reasons:


Companionship: Most dogs are naturally social animals, and they provide constant companionship to children. They offer unconditional love and can be great playmates for kids. They are usually open to doing whatever a child wants to do. Kids can sing to them, pet them, play doctor and listen to their heart beat or wrap their pretend hurt leg in gauze.


Emotional Connection: Children often find it easier to connect emotionally with dogs. Dogs are non-judgmental and offer a safe space for children to express their feelings without fear of rejection. Kids can tell them all about their deepest feelings without being made fun of.


Sense of Responsibility: If parents will instill in a child the importance of taking care of a pet, such as feeding, grooming, and walking, it can instill a sense of responsibility in children. This sense of duty can help them develop important life skills and empathy.


Physical Activity: Dogs encourage children to be more physically active. Whether it's playing fetch in the yard or going for walks, having a dog encourages kids to get up and move around, promoting a healthier lifestyle.


Comfort and Security: Dogs can provide comfort and a sense of security to children, especially during times of stress or anxiety. The presence of a dog can help children feel safer and more relaxed in their environment. Many court systems have started having a dog available to help relieve the stress of the situation for children.


Learning Opportunities: Having a dog can be a valuable educational experience for children. They can learn about animal behavior, care, and training, which can help them develop empathy and understanding towards other living beings.


Keep in mind that animals go through their times of stress also and children need to become aware of those situations as well. The above book "The Little Dog That Nobody Wanted" can give a child an example of one of those times in a little dog's life and show how with the help of humans it can can come out on top.



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If Dogs Could Talk...

June 20, 2024 - If dogs could talk, children could learn a multitude of valuable lessons from them:


Empathy and Compassion: Dogs could share their feelings and experiences, helping children understand the importance of empathy and compassion towards all living beings.


Communication Skills: Children could learn to better communicate and understand non-verbal cues by conversing with dogs. They would learn to interpret body language, facial expressions, and vocalizations, improving their overall communication skills.


Responsibility: Dogs could express their needs and preferences, teaching children about the responsibilities of pet ownership. Children would learn the importance of caring for and nurturing another living creature.


Mindfulness and Living in the Moment: Dogs often live in the present moment, enjoying life to the fullest. Children could learn the value of mindfulness and appreciating the simple joys in life by observing dogs' carefree attitude.


Unconditional Love: Dogs are known for their unconditional love and loyalty towards their human companions. Children could learn about the importance of love, trust, and loyalty in relationships.


Resilience and Perseverance: Dogs face challenges and setbacks just like humans do, but they often display resilience and perseverance in overcoming obstacles. Children could learn valuable lessons about resilience, determination, and bouncing back from adversity.


Forgiveness and Second Chances: Dogs are quick to forgive and forget, even after being scolded or experiencing a disagreement. Kids could learn about the power of forgiveness, empathy, and giving others second chances.


Playfulness and Joy: Dogs bring joy and happiness into the lives of their human companions through their playful antics and infectious enthusiasm. Children could learn about the importance of play, laughter, and finding joy in everyday moments from listening to their pet.




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Dreams Can Come True

Even For Little Homeless Dogs




Overall, the bond between children and dogs is often based on mutual love, trust, and companionship, which can have numerous positive effects on a child's emotional and social development.


If dogs could talk, they would offer kids a unique perspective on life, relationships, and the world around them, enriching their understanding and shaping their character in meaningful ways. In this little book a little dog named Thelma shares some of her life's journey where her dream does come true one day. Her story provides inspiration and hope for young children that they too will see their dreams come true also. It is really a good read for kids (girls and boys) as well as adults.



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