LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern Light
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Camping LED Rechargeable Lantern for Camping, Emergencies. This rechargeable camping lantern light is perfect for charging your cell phone and providing light while camping and during power outages at home.


Camping Lights from a rechargeable lantern for power outages, fishing and camping. Battery powered emergency and camping lantern with a port for charging your cell phone as well. This rechargeale camping lantern light will hold a charge for 9 months when not in use.

LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern for Power Outages, Camping, Outdoor Activities

If you are like me and like to have lights during a power outage or while camping, you should consider this Tough Light LED rechargeable camping lantern to keep your campsite or home well lighted and safe. It is an easy to use battery powered rechargeable camping and emergency lantern and has a port for charging your cell phone also. This lantern will hold a charge for 9 months or more when not in use, which makes it a great light to have on hand for those unexpected utility power outages. You can just charge it twice a year, a feature that works good for my schedule. If you are using your LED lantern a lot you can make use of the battery life indicator to see if you need to recharge.


Lantern provides an amazing 400 super bright lumens from a premium 6000mAh Lithium-ion battery. Need to use this camping llight during the rain? You can, because the military grade rubber and plastic molds with built in rubber O-rings, provide IPX-6 (extremely waterproof, impenetrable by weather, waterfalls, and even a non-sustained total soaking) water resistance.


When you are camping this rechargeable lantern keeps inside your tent or your outside campsite area well lighted (it has an 85 foot light stream). Fortunately for me this Tough Light Lantern can handle a drop from 5 feet with no damage. When using to light inside your camping tent then you will probably like the built-in hanging hook whick can be used to hang your light at the top of your tent, to give you hands free lighting and a good distribution of light throughout the tent. A USB cable and adapter are included so you can recharge your lantern and use the USB-C adapter to charge your USB-C devices as well. If you have an emergency while out camping you not only need light for yourself, but to help others who are searching for you to locate you. That's why the Tough Light Lantern features an SOS and Red Hazard Flashing light.


This bright camping lantern will allow you to enjoy longer days while out on your outdoor adventures by providing adequate light around the campsite on into the evening.


This lantern is small and lightweight, yet tough and durable enough to withstand a bunch of boy scout troops (See Amazon reviews). Operation of the lantern is simple. Simply press a button for low, medium, high and off. This simple to use rechargeable lantern comes with a user's manual that offers some tips on ways to use the lantern other than during camping fun.


Lighting modes range from reading light to bright LED lights that will easily illuminate any room, camping site or tent area. If you accidentally drop your rechargeable lantern into the water you can easily retrieve it because IT FLOATS.. The 400LR lantern lasts 200 hours on low-setting of 40 Lumens from just one charge.


You can choose from external lantern colors of Blue, Mud (Brown/Bronze) and Yellow (Yellowish Green). The light output from the lantern is white.



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Tough Light Lanterns Best Practices

January 15, 2024 - The indicator light will remain solid red when charging the Tough Light Lantern and will turn solid green when fully charged. Depending on how drained your lantern battery is and what strength of the charging USB you are using is, your charging time to a full charge of the battery will vary from 1 to 7 hours.


To charge your Tough Light 400-LR lantern always use a USB charger and only use the Tough Light charging cable that came with your rechargeable lantern. Your mobile phone charging cable may not make a secure connection because your Tough Light lantern has a deeper charging port that requires a longer male end on the cable to make a secure fit.

The power bank on your Tough Light lantern can send a charge to another device, such as, phone, camera, tablet, etc. Each of your devices should receive a charge through it's on designated cable. For example, use your I-phone charging cable to connect to the Tough Light rechargeable lantern to charge the I-phone.


When you press the button to turn the Tough Light "ON", the battery life indicator light serves the purpose of letting you know how much battery life you have left. A solid green light means 100% to 75% battery life left on your lantern, a flashing green light is 75% to 40%, a solid red light is 40% to 10% left and a flashing red light is 10% or less and indicates it is time to recharge your lantern. If you see a flashing red light when the lantern is turned "OFF" this does not indicate anything about the battery, but is used as the emergency beacon light that lets you locate the lantern in pitch dark when camping or during a night time power outage or emergency.


Your Tough Light rechargeable LED lantern is designed to be held at your side around hip level in a normal walking position (not up at shoulder level). The diffuser cap is designed to "throw" light upward and outward to illuminate your field of vision. Also, for those times when you just need a flashlight stream, from the hip position, you can tilt the lantern forward to get a "flashlight" effect..


Usually having light "above" you is the best vantage point. To get even more light, remove the diffuser cap and hang the lanternlight upside down. In this position a large area is illuminated and it is easy on the eyes.


When you need light close at your fingertips, set the lantern to medium and low settings with the diffuser cap on. Using the high, medium and low settings gives you lighting for a whole room to work with a soft lamp type light in small places.


The Micro USB cable that comes with your rechargeable lantern fits conveniently in the battery compartment. Simply hold the cable together with a rubber band and then twist off the bottom cap and carefully store the USB cable next to the battery. This design allows you to always have the charging cable available wherever your lantern goes. When storing the cable be gentle and avoid touching the red and black battery leads. Be sure to twist the bottom cap until it locks into its full water resistant position.


The Tough Light lantern has a dim red light feature that is designed for when you need light but don't want to be seen or draw attention to yourself. It is not designed to be bright, but rather to broadcast a dim red light.


If you do not use your lantern regularly be sure to recharge the battery evey 6 to 9 months so it will be ready for long use in case of an emergency. With regular use of your lantern you can get up to 50,000 hours of rechargeable light and power.






Reliable lanterns for power outages. Tough Light LED Rechargeable lantern to carry or hang.  Great lanterns for camping, outdoor activities after dark and at home during utility power outages.



When you do things after dark then a good, reliable lantern is a must. The Tough Light lantern shown here is a lightweight LED rechargeable lantern that can give you up to 200 hours on low setting from just one full battery charge. Other indicator lights show you the charging status of the battery and when you need to recharge. This handy lantern is compact, full featured, lightweight and will keep you in the light during dark hours. It comes with a USB cable and adapter for recharging your lantern and handy hooks for hanging when you need that feature. .



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