Double Camping Cot Bed for Two People

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KingCamp Double Camping Cot Bed for two Persons.  Sleep comfortbaly on this 2 person camping cot bed in your tent, outdoors while camping or just in your own backyard. Add an inflatable mattress to make this double camping cot bed even more comfortable.


If you are a heavy weight person you will enjoy this double camping cot bed for two while on your outdoor adventures. This oversized double cot bed is 84.5 inches x 55 inches giving you plenty of room for two people to sleep comfortably.  The weight capacity is 550 lbs. on this double camping bed by KingCamp.


Who Is This Double Camping Cot For?

This cot is even suitable for very tall people. Its dimensions are: 84.5 inches by 55 inches. As you can see it provides a lot of space.


You will need a vehicle to transport this cot because it remains a bit long when packed and it's weight is 35.3 lbs. It is a double cot so not one that you would carry in your hands or as a backpack item. It is equipped with wheels which will make it easy to move from your vehicle to your camping tent.

So, you can see that this is a cot that works best for:


  • Outdoor use in places where there is vehicle access, which is a large number of places where you may plan to camp.
  • A heavy set or tall person that wants more room to sleep than a single cot will offer them.
  • Two persons who enjoy sleeping together, even when camping out.
  • Home use in the case of unexpected company. You can easily keep it readily available in its storage bag.
  • An emergency situation for yourself, a friend or neighbor.


Features You Will Love About This Double Cot Bed.


  • Just spread the cot; no assembly, no tools.
  • The design of this double cot is no end bars. You have full length of the bed with no pressure spots.
  • All metal surfaces, including the corners, of this camping cot for two are completely covered giving you flaps at places where you need to grab the bar during setup of the cot or when you fold it down.
  • If you choose to use an inflatable mattress, there are elastic bands in all corners used to hold the mattress in place.
  • The durable carry bag is designed with a handle, wheels and straps to make moving your double cot around easy.


Camping cot for two heavy duty durable carry bag with wheels. Transport this double cot bed easily in the included wheeled carry bag.


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For a more comfortable night's sleep, add an inflatable mattress to this camping cot bed for two shown here. Sleep comfortably with your mate or if you just like more room for yourself you will enjoy this double cot bed by KingCamp.



July 2, 2023 - Even though the two person KingCamp double size cot camping bed is very comfortable you may choose to have even more comfort by adding an inflatable mattress. This cot is designed with corner straps to help make sure your mattress does not slip around on the cot. There is a center bar on the cot that some may find uncomfortable and the added mattress will help provide more overall comfort. With or without this added mattress, you will find that the KingCamp double cot bed will give you one of the best night's sleep while sleeping outdoors on a camping cot during your camping adventure..


You can also choose to use sleeping bags, either single or double, when camping outdoors, even on the KingCamp camping bed.


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