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Cordless Electric Chainsaws that are easy to start. This lightweight battery operated chainsaw, 16 inch,  makes your yardwork easier than ever. Electric chainsaws with no cumberson cords, no gasoline, no emmisions to choke you, the lightweight 16 inch WEN 40V Max Brushless Battery Powered Chainsaw with battery and charger.


Cordless 16-Inch Brushless Lightweight Chainsaws with 4Ah Battery and Charger. This cordless electric chainsaw will make cutting up those tree limbs and trees after a spring storm a lot easier.

Lightweight WEN 40417 40V 16 Inch Cordless Battery Operated Electric Chainsaws with 4Ah Battery and Charger

Battery chainsaws are lightweight and easy to start. If you think, "if I just had a lightweight, easy to start battery operated chainsaw I could clear some of my own limbs and small trees", then you should consider this lightweight cordless electric chainsaw which is powered by a battery and not gasoline. It is an easy to use lightweight 40V battery operated 16 inch electric chainsaw and comes with a 40V 4Ah lithium-ion battery and charger which work with the entire WEN 40V Max Series. This battery powered chainsaw operates at a fraction of the noise level of its gas powered alternative, running at speeds of up to 49 feet per second. I was impressed with how quickly this chainsaw zipped through the trunk of a tree that I had fallen that was about 12 inches in diameter. I have used this lightweight chainsaw to clean up some other downed trees, but at this time I don't have anythng larger to cut. However, I do feel it is powerful enough to cut larger diameter trees when I have that need.


It was very easy to put together. Then, just put in the included 4 amp-hour chainsaw battery, add the bar and chain oil and you are ready to go. The auto-oiling system lubricates the guide bar and chain as you cut so as to elongate the life of both the blade and the saw.


You can forget about having to be strong enough to hold the chainsaw and yank the cord to get it started. Plus no more clogged carburetors, unhealthy carbon emissions, expensive maintenance costs and all the other drawbacks of gas powered chainsaws. Change the blades on this electric chainsaw and make adjustments without the aid of any tools simply using the tool-free chain-tensioning system. The brushless motor maximizes the efficiency of the saw, reduces maintenance and elongates the unit's lifespan. Being a lightweight myself, I love the fact that this chainsaw only weighs 12 lbs, including the battery, and that I can start it with the push of a couple of buttons.


Did I mention that it is a 16 inch chainsaw. I have had a 12 inch chainsaw (another brand) for a couple of years, but I can do so much more with this WEN 16 inch saw. Feel safer with the emergency chain brake and safety in front of the handle. Chainsaw comes with a full bar length plastic sheath.


There are charge bars (lights) on the battery so you can visually have an idea of how much battery power you have remaining, before a re-charge is required. I have not paid attention to mine but other customers report that the charging time is about 40 minutes to 1 hour.


This is electric chainsaw convenience, without the cord. This battery powered chainsaw seems to address the needs of homeowners, like myself, who want to be able to clean up small trees from storms or cut small amounts of firewood without calling someone else to do that type work for them. It also fills the bill for homeowners of being a lightweight chainsaw that is easy to start and maintain.


You will need a bottle of bar chain oil so look for that under the "Frequently bought together" heading and add it to your order, so you will have all you need to get going when your order arrives. If you need to look up something in the WEN 40417 Chainsaw manual go to this site..





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Taking Care Of Your Cordless Chainsaw

April 21, 2024 - As with all outdoor tools and equipment, properly maintaining your cordless chainsaw is the key to it's usefulness and it's life expectancy.


One of the primary items of care for your chainsaw it to check the bar and chain oil level often. Always check it before each use and then again periodically during use.

To make cutting more efficient keep the chainsaw chain teeth sharp. This will also help prevent kick backs and increase safety for the person using the chainsaw. Be sure to clean any debris from the saw after each use. After each use, put the battery back in the charger so it will have a full charge to start out with the next time you want to use your chainsaw. Keep your chainsaw stored in a dry, dust free area when not in use.


How To Sharpen the Chainsaw Chain


Sharpening the Cutting Teeth of the Chain

  • Put the chainsaw in a vise or secured holder so that the saw does not move as you are working.
  • Engage the chain brake.
  • Start sharpening the cutting teeth first. Position the file depth gauge on the chain so that the arrows point towards the chainsaw bar nose.
  • File at a right angle to the chainsaw rollers.
  • File every other cutting tooth using a smooth and even pushing stroke.
  • Turn the saw around so that the saw is facing the opposite direction.
  • Finish filing the other cutting teeth using the same motion as before.

Filing the Depth Gauges of the Chain

Depth gauges should be filed about every third time you file the cutting teeth. Depth gauges are located between the cutting teeth. Here's how to file depth gauges:

  • Put the file gauge over the depth gauge.
  • Choose "hard" or "soft" depending on the type of wood you normally saw.
  • File the depth gauge until the file comes into contact with the file gauge.



Cordless chainsaws are powered by a battery rather than an electrical cord or gasoline and are great for quick, infrequent chainsaw jobs that a homeowner might have. Being cordless and gasless this type chainsaw is pretty quick to use. Just insert your battery into the chainsaw, add bar and chain oil and move about wherever you need to cut. These battery operated chainsaws are so easy to start and use.


Occasionally, I will use a hand saw to cut up something small, but since my WEN chainsaw is lightweight enough for even this old woman to pick up and use, I have come to enjoy just waiting until I have several limbs or small trees that need clearing before I go into cutting and clearing mode with my chainsaw. Then I get out my lightweight WEN chainsaw and go to town cutting and clearing.


WEN 40V Max Lithium Ion 16 Inch Battery Powered Chainsaw with Battery and Charger for all your home yardwork cleanup. No cord on this chainsaw to tangle, trip over or accidentally cut, no emissions.  Just ligtweight and easy to start cordless chainsaw that you will enjoy using.


Battery Powered Electric Chainsaw by WEN


A great alternative to a gas powered chainsaw is this WEN cordless electric chainsaw using a high capacity lithium battery and a brushless motor. It is one of the more clean-cutting, quiet, well-balanced and productive cordless chaninsaws. This a 16 inch chainsaw that is excellent for yard cleanup of limbs and small trees around the house. Saw comes with a 40 Volt 4Ah fade-free lithium-ion battery and charger. It does not come with the bar and chain oil, so if you dont' already have some on hand, then be sure to order the oil at the same time so you will be ready to use your lightweight cordless chainsaw right away. You can forget about clogged carburetors, unhealthy carbon emissions, yanking a cord to start and other drawbacks of gas chainsaws. I have been pleased with my use of this WEN battery powered chainsaw. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.





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