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Predator 68530 (Gen 8750) Natural Gas /  Propane Conversion Kit to allow operation with 3 different fuels (Gas, Natural Gas and Propane).

Predator 68530 (Gen-8750) Natural Gas / Propane Conversion Kit

 Operate on 3 different fuels

Predator RV Ready Portable Generator Inverter Parallel Kit with 125V and 30A Outlets.

Predator RV Ready Generator Inverter Parallel Kit

125V and 30A Outlets

Predator 3500 Portable Inverter Generator.

Predator 3500 Quiet Portable Inverter Generator
 Parallel Capable Generator

Wheel Kit for Predator 3500 Portable Inverter Generator All Terrain.

Wheel Upgrade Kit for Predator 3500 Portable Generator

Roll over gravel, sand and dirt


Predator 62523 2000 Peak / 1600 Running watts portable inverter generator quiet CARB.

Predator 2000, Quiet 2000 Watt Inverter Portable Gas Generator, 62523

  • When you want a clean power supply for your sensitive electronics, the Predator 2000, portable 2000 watt inverter generator can do the job for you.
  • Producing 1600 running watts and 2000 watts at startup of power and weighing only 48 lbs., this 79.7cc Air-Cooled OHV gasoline engine will run 6.5 hours on a full tank (at 50% load) while providing 2 120V AC grounded outlets and one DC-12V Two Pin Outlet.
  • Pair this small generator up through parallel cables (shown above) with another Predator 2000 and double your power.
  • This small portable generator has double mufflers design to keep your generator running quiet and smooth.
  • Low oil shut down capability.
  • Electronic Overload Protection.
  • Gas tank capacity: 1.2 Gallons
  • Engine: 79.7cc, Air-cooled OHV
  • Product Dimensions: 18.52" High x 22.6" Long x 12.61" Wide..
  • Inverter technology offers stable power for electronic devices.
  • Fully enclosed high impact housing.
  • EPA III and CARB Compliant.
  • RV use with the optional RV Ready Parallel kit from Predator.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Brand: Predator
  • SKU 62523.


2000 watt super quiet inverter generator 62523 features alternate image #1. Quiet generator for camping, tailgating, RV standby, travel trailers and home use.
Available Online at: (Currently Unavailable - Similar Item) and



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Solo Stove Stainless Steel Titan Stove and Pot.

Solo Stove Stainless Steel Titan and Pot

Use leaves, twigs, pinecones and wood as fuel.

More Details

GeerTop Envelope Sleeping Bag with built in pack bag.

Coleman White Water Big and Tall Sleeping Bag

40 Degree Sleeping Bag

More Details

50 Foot Generator Power Cord  L14-30 Extension Cord 30 Amps.

Generator Power Cord L14-30 Extension Cord

50 Foot, 30 Amps, 125/250V

Sustain Supply Co Family Emergency Survival Bag, Kit gives 72 hours of supplies for 4 people during an emergency.

Sustain Supply Co Family Emergency Survival Bag

72 hrs for 4 People


Additional Predator Generator Items Viewed By Customers

Predator 2000 watt Portable Inverter Generator Parallel Kit.

Double The Power of Your Predator 2000 Super Quiet Generator

Parallel Kit for Predator 2000 Generator


Predator 4000 Peak Watts 3200 Running Watts Portable Generator with Steel Cage.

Predator 4000 Peak Watts 3200 Running Watts Generator

6.5 HP (212cc) - EPA III - Steel Roll Cage


Predator 8750 Peak Watts, 7000 Running Watts Portable Generator - 13HP.

Predator 8750 Peak / 7000 Running Watts Generator

13 HP - 420cc - CARB Special Generator


8 inch Never Flat Generator Wheel Kit for Predator Generators with adjustable handle.

8 inch Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit for Predator Generators

Adjustable Steel Handle





Forms of Alternative Energy

There is a lot of energy that we can harness if we only seek to research and develop the technologies needed to do so. We can get away from the fossil fuels and the old electrical grids by turning to alternatives to these energy sources.

One of these alternative energy resources is wind power. Wind turbines continue to be developed that are progressively more energy efficient and less costly. “Wind farms” have been springing up in many nations, and they have even become more strategically placed over time so that they are not jeopardizing birds as former wind turbines did.

Another alternative energy resource is the one that is most well known: solar energy. This involves the manufacturing of solar cells which gather and focus the energy given off directly by the sun, and translate it into electricity or, in some cases, hot water. As with wind energy, solar energy creates absolutely zero pollution.

Ocean wave energy is seen by governments and investors as having enormous energy generating potential. A generator in France has been in operation for many years now and is considered to be a great success, and the Irish and Scots are running experimental facilities.

Hydroelectric power has been with us for a while and where it is set up, it is a powerful generator of electricity and cleaner than a grid. However, there are certain limitations to the availability of the right places to set up a large dam. Many run-of-the-river, or small and localized, hydroelectric generators have been set up in recent times due to this limitation.

Geothermal energy is extremely abundant, since it lies directly beneath our feet, just a few miles below the earth's surface. This energy is produced by the heating of water through the actions of earth's fantastically hot molten core. The water turns to steam, which can be harnessed and used to drive turbine engines which in turn generate electricity. Great amounts of research and development should be put into geothermal energy tapping.

Waste gas energies, which are essentially methane, reverse the usual energy-pollution relationship by creating energy from waste that lies in the dumps and from some air pollutants. This gas is used in fuel cells and can be used in standard gasoline generators.

Ethanol is a gasoline substitute and is created from such things as wheat, sugarcane, grapes, strawberries, corn, and even wood chips and wood cellulose. There is controversy over this fuel with regards to its ever becoming truly economical or practical except in very localized areas, but technologies for its extraction and admixturing are continuously being refined.

Biodiesel energy is created out of the oils contained in plants. So far, the commercial stores of biodiesel have been created using soybean, rapeseed, and sunflower oils. At the time of this writing, biodiesel is typically produced by entrepreneurial minded individuals or those who want to experiment with alternative energy, but commercial interest from companies is on the rise. It burns much cleaner than oil-based diesel.

Atomic energy is created in atomic energy plants using the process of nuclear fission. This energy is extremely efficient and can generate huge amounts of power. There is concern from some people about what to do with the relatively small amount of waste product atomic energy gives off, since it is radioactive and takes hundreds of years to decay into harmlessness.

Compact Lighter Predator 2000 watt Portable Inverter Generator

Small light weight Predator 2000 watt portable generator for camping, boating, small appliances, sump pumps and more.



The efficient design of this inverter generator gives you more power with lower fuel consumption. Lighter weight than conventional generators it can provide you alternative power for so many things: sump pumps, camping, RV use with the optional RV ready Parallel kit from Predator, power tools, boat, small appliances and home power outages during emergencies.


Available Online At: and (Unavailable - Similar Item)


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