Bialetti Pasta Pot with Locking Strainer Lid
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Instant Pot Pasta. Bialetti Pasta Pot with Locking Strainer Lid. Oval 6 Quart pasta pot with strainer lid for easy draining of your pasta, black.


Bialetti Pasta Pot with
Draining Holes in Pot Lid

Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid


Stainless steel Oval Bialetti 6 quart pasta pot, multi pot with strainer lid. Oval design of this pasta pot accomodates noodles without breaking. Small elongated pasta pot with strainer holes in lid.


Bialetti Pasta Pot
Stainless Steel

Small Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid


Bailetti Pasta Pot with Strainer Built Into the Locking Strainer Lid - Elongated Oval Shape Pasta Pot

Bailetti 5.5 Quart Oval Multi-Pot with Locking Strainer Lid, Stainless Steel


You will love the built-in straining holes on the lid of this Bailetti Pasta Pot. This lid locks into place on the pot so it is safe and convenient to drain the excess water. This cookware is not just a pasta pot, it can be used to cook vegetables, soups, potatoes, stews and more. The pot's elongated oval shape inspired by Italian style and design accomodates all shapes and sizes of pasta. The twist and lock strainer lid with built-in holes on this pasta pot makes it safer and easier to drain water from the pot safely. Use the Bailetti pot to cook pasta from longer spaghetti and lasagna to shorter penne and farfalle noodles. The nice feature of heat resistant handles that stay cool during cooking and also provide a comfortable grip while handling is something you will learn to love about the Bailetti Pasta Pot .


This pasta pot is made of durable aluminum construction with PFOA-free nonstick interior that provides even heating and also makes cleaning the pot quick and easy for you. To care for your Bailetti cookware, hand washing is recommended.


A 5.5 quart pasta pot with locking strainer lid, the Bailetti comes in Red, Stainless Steel, Black, Blue and Purple pasta pot colors so that the Bailletti pot you choose can fit right in with your kitchen decor. This Bailetti pasta pot is has a locking strainer lid so you can safely drain excess water.


Bialetti began in Italy, but today has become a leading brand around the world because of their high-quality products ring functionality, simplicity and beauty to the kitchen. Their advanced technology and distinctive styling combine to create cookware that is simply beautiful and simple to use. Bailetti brings a multitude of styles and colors to their growing product line, yet their Italian heritage and passion for cooking live on.


As with all cookware you will want to season the Bailetti pot good before your first use. If you have been trying to drain your pasta and veggies using older, heavy pots, you will find this pasta pot is much lighter, cooks well and draining from the locking steamer lid to be a minimal effort task.





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Various Types of Pasta Noodles and Shapes for Your Cooking Pleasure...

January 15, 2024 - Not only is pasta a staple in Italian cuisine, the country exports 1.5 million tons of pasta a year.


Pasta is shaped and dry dough made from flour and water and sometimes egg. It is used in many forms in a variety of delious food dishes.




Since spaghetti is a favorite in many households, you may have seen it on your kitchen table very recently. Spagetti is made from flour, semolina and water. It is commonly served with a variety of meats, sauces, vegetables and other food ingredients. Derived from the Italian words for 'thin strings', spaghetti refers to cylindrical, thin strands of pasta that are usually about 10 inches long.




The difference in spaghettini and traditional spaghetti is that spaghettini is a lot thinner than spaghetti yet thicker than vermicelli. Whether you realize it or not, the thickness of the pasta noodles make a significant impact on the taste and flavor or your past dish. Tomato-based or olive oil-based sauces are best used with spaghettini. Exotic dishes are commonly served with spaghettini due to its delicacy and visual appeal.




Compared to spaghetti, linguini pasta. Linguini with clams is what this pasta shape is famous for in most Italian restaurants. But, linguini is used in other pasta dishes as well.




A long, flat noodle, Fettucini is commonly used with creamy pasta sauce dishes such as Fettucini Alfredo and other cream sauces. This is a thicker, more dense noodle.


Flat Pasta


Used to make Lasagna dishes; made from pasta sheets layered with meat, tomato sauce, cheese and vegetables. Enjoy many different varieties such as vegetarian, meat, seafood, etc.


Short Cut Pieces of Pasta


Fusilli is a short to medium-sized tightly ound pasta that is ideal for saucy dishes due to the grooves in its shape. These grooves hold on to a lot of gravy, plus they look appetizing as well. Another short cup pasta is macaroni, a favorite for many people. It is perhaps the most versatile of all available types of pasta. The little tubular shape of macaroni is slightly arched like a bent arm, giving it it's name of 'elbow macaroni'. It is a perfect pasta shape for using in soups and baked pasta dishes.


Decorative Cut Pasta


For a pretty looking type of pasta you will want to use Farfalle, the Italian word for butterflies). This pasta is pinched in the middle to look like bow ties and along with the decorative cuts at the sides it is just fascinating to look at and eat. It kind of reminds you of a butterfly with wings spread open.


Rotelle is another decorative cut pasta that fascinates children a lot because it shape is similar to tiny wagon wheels. Pair Rotelle with some thick sauces or serve with a health salad for children and adults alike to enjoy.


Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid


A pasta pot with a strainer lid allows you a way to easily and safely drain your pasta. These type pasta pots have straining holes in a lockable lid. The Bialetti pasta pot shown above has an elongated oval shape of the pot design to accomodate all shapes and sizes of pasta.


Pasta Fork


This fork type cooking utensil is handy for removing and serving pasta, such as linguine and spaghetti, that would normally slide through the holes of a pasta colander / strainer.

Bialetti 5.5 Quart Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid Features at a Glance...


  • Pasta Pot - Versatile and Multipurpose pasta pot with strainer lid by Bialetti for cooking pasta, vegetables, potatoes, soups and etc.
  • Locking Strainer Lid - Straining holes in a lockable lid on the pasta pot to make draining easy and safe.
  • Non-stick Aluminum - provides quick even heating and makes cleaning of the pasta pot easy. PFOA free non-stick interior.
  • Bialetti Oval Pasta Pot - cook all sizes of pasta without breaking in this Bialetti oval pasta pot and use the locking strainer lid to drain your cooked pasta easily and safely.
  • Heat Resistant Handles - handles stay cool while cooking, plus the handles provide a comfortable grip for lifting and draining the pot.
  • 5.5 Quart Capacity - Bialetti Pasta Pot has a generous 5.5 quart capacity for all you pasta cooking needs.
  • Cookware colors - Red, Black, Stainless Steel, Blue and Purple pot colors to complement your kitchen decor.
  • Recommended to Hand Wash
  • 5 Year Warranty

Pasta Pot with locking strainer lid by Bialetti in Red. Strainer holes in lid make draining your pasta safe and easy. Oval shape of the Bailetti pasta pot allow you to cook and enjoy all sizes and shapes of your favorite pasta.


Red Bialetti Pasta Pot
Oval Shape Pot

Pasta Pot with Strainer



You will find the strainer lid on this pasta pot by Bialetti a great feature. The lid with built-in straining holes twists and locks into place to make it more convenient and safer to drain excess water from the pasta pot. This nice pot is not just for making pasta, you can use it to cook vegetables, potatoes, stews, soups and more. The Italian inspired oval design allows you to cook all shapes and sizes of pasta from longer lasagna and spagetti to shorter shapes like fusilli or macaroni. Made with durable nonstick aluminum construction with PFOA-free nonstick interior. The heat-resistant handles on the Bialetti pot stay cool while cooking and also have a very comfortable grip. This 5.5 quart pasta pot with strainer lid comes in red, black, stainless steel, blue and purple to match your kitchen decor.



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