Apartment Size Portable Washing Machine for Condo, RV, Apartment, Small House

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Apartment size portable washing machine for small apartment. This portable washing machine is perfect for keeping clothes clean from the comfort of your small apartment, camper, RV, small house with no washer hookups, etc.


Wash Clothes clean with a small portable washing machine that can be used in your apartment, small home, camper, RV, etc.

Apartment Size Portable Washing Machine for Apartment, Condos, Camper, RV, Dorm, Small House

If you live in a small apartment with no washer hookups, you should consider this apartment size portable washing machine to keep your clothes fresh and clean without having to carry them to a laundromat all the time. This washer is an easy to use 17.5 lbs. capacity full-automatic compact laundry washing machine with 10 programs on the control panel of the washer, 8 water level selections and a timer on the LED display. The detergent and program options allow you to select the approriate washing program and water level to meet the needs of the type clothes your are washing.


The feature that I like is that this washing machine requires no installation and it is easy to operate. The transparent lid on the washing machine allows you to view and monitor the water and clothes washing conditions while it is running.


When your portable washing machine is not in use this washer allows you to easily move it to your storage spot in your apartment or small house. Some people have a closet in their bathroom that they keep their washer in when not in use. This portable washer is compact and lightweight making it easy to move around. You can have peace of mind about clean clothes knowing that you can quickly get your portable washing machine out of your apartment storage space and freshen up all your clothes when you need too. Everyone who has used a washing machine knows that when your clothes get clumped up on one side then it causes a lot vibration and you have to stop the machine and move the clothes around more evenly and then restart the spin feature of the washing machine. With the Nictemaw portable washing machine's imbalance adjustment feature it will start automatically to adjust the imbalance situation when the vibration is beyond a certain level.


This small portable washing machine has other uses than for apartment dwellers. Many people use an apartment size portable washer when they live in a college dorm room, RV, camping trailer, small house or just in a home where they want to wash small loads of things like underwear, diapers, socks, and t-shirts without washing a large load in the house standard washing machine.


This washer is lightweight, smart, compact, fully automatic and very easy to use especially in small residential spaces. It has washing and dehydration functions. You don't need to buy an additional dehydrator. With a child lock function your portable washing machine will not be interrupted while it is running. There is a built-in side handle that helps when moving the washing machine around in your apartment, house, dorm, RV or camper.


A BUILT-IN drain pump on the Nictemaw portable washer effortlessly automatically drain the washing machine water from any height through a longer drain pipe. Made of quality materials such as the stainless steel tub, professinal motor and features a low operating noise of 42 dB.


This apartment size washing machine has a multi-function control panel that is easy to use. All washing funtions and operations are clearly marked, including the wash water level / rotation, program / delay, child lock and wash time setting. Detergent and program options are available for selecting the appropriate programs and water level for the type clothes you are planning on washing.



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Keeping Your Clothes Fresh and Clean No Matter Where You Live

April 6, 2022 - All of us like clean clothes to wear, clean sheets to sleep on and under, and it is usually easier to keep them clean with a washing machine, rather than hand washing. If you live in a larger home with traditional washer and dryer hookup located in a nice utility room then you are in good shape. But, a lot of people live in smaller spaces, like apartments, condos, dorm rooms, campers, etc. where there is no utility room or washing machine hookups. So, to meet our needs of clean clothes these neat, compact portable washing machines have been designed for us to use in housing like apartments, condos, campers, dorm rooms, etc.


Not only are these portable washing machines built in a small size, they use a traditional 110v outlet and hookup to your sink faucet for a water source and drain into your sink or bathtub drain. They are usually designed with wheels so they are easy to move around in your area.

A portable automatic washing machine is actually pretty powerful and can wash a nice size load of clothes. You can wash t-shirts, work / dress shirts and blouses, pillow cases and sheets and towels and wash cloths. If you have a baby or small child they go through a lot of clean clothes or cloth diapers in a short period of time. With one of these small automatic portable washing machines you can keep your childs clothes fresh and clean quickly and easily, no matter where you are living (small apartment, camper, RV, college dorm room, etc.).


Unless you like having smelly clothes pile up in your living space, then keep them washed and fresh with your own small washing machine that is compact, easy to move around and requies no traditional washing machine hookup for use.


Small portable automatic washing machine that provides a way for apartment dwellers to keep their clothes fresh and clean without having to make constant trips to a laundry mat or to use the washing machine at mom's house. No standard washer hookups are required to use one of these apartment size compact washing machines. Washing machine is hooked to a water faucet in your apartment and a drain hose allows for draining into sink or tub drain.


Portable automatic washing machine is great for keeping your clothes clean when you need to wash clothes in your small living space that has no traditional washing machine hookups. You will find that a small portable automatic washer is easy to use and cleans your clothes really well.


Great portable rv washing machine for all you rv campers and your dirty clothes. No washing machines at the campground or just don't want to go that far to wash your clothes, then check out the fully automatic portable washer shown here. Keep your clothes clean and fresh without having to leave the comfort of your rv.


Nictemaw washing machine for small spaces.  Full Automatic System - Set the washing / spinning program and then this apartment size washing machine can work alone to wash your clothes clean. No more lugging a load to the laundy mat just to have clean clothes.


Portable Washing Machine for Apartment, Small Space Living...


When you live in a small space and need an apartment size washing machine, small camper washer, condo washer, college dorm clothes washing machine, small home washer so you can wash your dirty clothes without lugging them to a laundry mat, then you will love this extremely quiet apartment size small portable washing machine by Nictemaw. A transparent lid on this portable washing machine allos you to view and monitor the water and washing conditions of your clothes at all times. There are ten programs on the washers control panel, along with 8 washing water level selections and a timer that are all found on the LED display of the washer. You will also find detergent and program options to allow you to select the appropriate programs and water level based on the type material of the clothes you will be washing. This little apartment size washing machine is compact, full function, lightweight and gets the job of clean clothes for you done. The washing machine comes equipped with an extended drain pipe and a drain pump to help your washing machine drain water easily and quickly.




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