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Giantex Portable Washing Machine for RV, Condo, Apartment, Small Space. Compact, lightweight and easily moveable to a space where you need to use it.


Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine - lightweight and compact for easy movement anywhere in your living space.

Giantex Top Load Compact Portable Mini Washing Machine, 9.92 lbs. Capacity


Clean fresh clothes are what everyone desires, but if you have a small living space with no washing machine hookups, it takes more work to wash and dry them and keep them clean. This Giantex portable washing machine is just the right size washer for keeping your laundry clean in that small apartment, condo, dorm room or small house where you live. This Giantex washer has a 9.92 lbs. laundry capacity, a drain pump, 10 wash / spin program settings, 8 water level selections and an LED Display. Detergent and procedure choice for washing are also included.


The Giantex washing machine is lightweight and compact and can easily be moved around in your home to where you need to wash clothes or store the washer. It has a honeycom shaped inner tub that can wash up to 9.92 lbs. of clothes at one time. On the washer's control panel you press water level / spin button to select the appropriate wash water level. When you have selected the delay start function, the digital timer will sho your preset time and then when it is washing, the timer will show the washing time left. If for some reason you need to add water during washing, you can press water level / spin button and then un-press will stop adding water.


A nice feature on the Giantex washing machine is the imbalance adjustment function. If the laundry being washed inside the tub becomes unequally spread inside the tub, then the Giantex washers imbalance function will start automatically to adjust the clothes imbalance situation. The washer has bottom feet that can be adjusted to meet your needs if your floor is not exactly level.


When the child lock function is set, if the top lid is opened then the washer will stop running and an error alarm sounds. The Giantex portable automatic washing machine has a nice stainless steel inner tub that holds your clothes. With a built-in drain pump you ill have automatic drainage of your wash / rinse water. The length of the drain pipe is 78.8" and the length of the water inlet pipe is 39.4", both making it easy to position your washer next to your sink or bathtub for use.


You can wash small loads like baby diapers, socks and underwear, t-shirts and jeans or you can wash something larger like sheets and pillowcases in this top loading Giantex washing machine. Inside the stainless steel tub is a collection box used to filter out hairs and other small debris from your dirty clothes.


There is a built-in handle on each side of the washing machine to make it easy for you to move around within your apartment, RV, dorm room or small house. Even though this washer is small it holds a good bit of clothes. It spin drys the clothes well for quick drying by hanging and air drying or placing in an electric dryer.


Giantex small size portable automatic washing machine that uses a grounded 110V outlet, comes with the needed drain hose and works well in small spaces. Washer dimensions are 19" L x 19" W x 33.5" H. You may even have a home with a standard size washer and dryer installed but would enjoy one of these type washers just for small loads or to keep you from having to traverse steps up and down to your basement area just to wash a small load of laundry. If you feel like your need a little larger capacity portable washing machine take a look at this apartment size washing machine which gives you 17.5 lb. clothes capacity.





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When You Should Choose A Portable Washing Machine...

May 15, 2022


Save Trips To the Laundromat - No one wants to haul a load of wash to the laundromat every day. But, it is easy to keep your clothes fresh and clean by washing a small load in the comfort of your home each day. You can start your wash and get on with your other chores or simply relax at the same time your clothes are washing.


No Standard Hookups or Space for a Full Size Washing Machine - Portable washing machines are designed for people who live in small spaces like apartments, condos, RV / camper, dorm room or small house. These small washers use a standard 110v outlet so they work in any living space with electricity and no installation is required.

Have a Standard Washer In The Basement - Some people have their standard washer and dryer in their basement or an out building. They like a small washer that can be used for small loads of clothes without having to go up and down the steps as often or, to go out in inclement weather to another building.


Wash a Lot of Baby Diapers - These small washers are great for keeping cloth baby diapers clean and fresh without mixing the diapers in with your other clothes.



Giantex small portabble washing machine for small living spaces.  Compact and lightweight to make moving around easy.



When you need a easily moveable washing machine for a small camper / RV, college room, small condo, small apartment, or otherwise small living space this Giantex portable washing machine is a small, compact size washer that will work for you to get your laundry done easily. The display panel on the washer will show you the time to start, if pre-set, or the time left to finish washing while clothes are washing. It is a fully automatic mini washing machine that is easy to use. It is a nice size washer for the elderly's or a single person's laundry needs. Their clothes washing requirements are usually a lot less than that of a large family and one of these small portable washing machines are just perfect for their needs.


This is a top load washer that has an imbalance adjustment function in case your laundry gets off balance and starts the washing machine to vibrate. This Giantex portable washer has a 9.92 lb. capacity, so you can wash a good number of your clothes items at one time. . All washing selections are clearly displayed on the control panel. This Giantex portable full-automatic washing machine saves you from hand washing or making that dreaded trip to the laundromat so you can keep clean clothes available to wear.




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