Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Pink Outdoor Folding Lawn, Beach and Camping Chair | Personalized Outdoor Toddler Folding Chair for Kids

• Easy to open and close, the Bella Butterfly pink toddler folding chairs with carrying bag includes a handy cup holder for your child's favorite drink.
• Each corner of this kids chair has wide, grooved plastic feet that offer traction on outdoor surfaces and protection for indoor floors.
• Chair is covered with thick, surface-wash material to make this toddler folding chair durable for years to come.
• Reinforced edges prevent tearing and fraying and the color rich designs resist fading during camping day, beach days and after many days of use on the lawn.
• Chair comes with a matching carrying bag with sturdy carrying strap.
• Recommended Child Age for use is 3+ years.
• Available in standard or personalized (Add a name or message to toddler folding chair seat back).

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Fun Outdoor Furniture Durable, Heavy Duty Folding Lightweight Camp Chairs for Kids While Camping, At The Beach, Playing On The Lawn or Patio In Their Own Back Yard and more...

Sturdy, Folding Lightweight Chairs for Kids Feb 2, 2020- Trying to sit in an adult's folding chair when you are a toddler or youth is not fun at all and usually not safe. Kids need small folding chairs that are specifically designed for them to sit in on their outdoor adventures. Children's folding lawn, beach, camping type chairs come in bright colors and some have fun designs. Kids also want their drinks and snacks close at hand so you can find child and youth size outdoor folding chairs with cup holders to take care of that need. Some also come with a canopy for sitting on those hot days at the beach.

Sturdy and lightweight folding camping, beach chairs for kids, toddlers and youth often come with carrying bags to make them easy to transport. Children often just like to have these bright colorful folding chairs as extra indoor seating in their own bedroom.

Be it Butterflies, Paw Patrol, pink, blue, personalized, with canopy, cupholder or carrying bag you can find the perfect small, portable folding camp, beach, lawn chair here to fit and delight your child.

Popular Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey and the Roadster Racers Fold n Go Kid folding camp Chairs with Carrying Bag with Draw String for Kids.
Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey and the Roadster Racers Fold N Go Kid Folding Chair with Carrying Bag

• This Fold N Go Kid Camp Chair has colorful character graphics and can be used indoors or outdoors.
• This Melissa and Doug Camping Chair for kids has sturdy metal tubular construction with great locking feature to keep the chair from folding while in use.
• Easily fold flat for storage and comes with its own carrying bag.
• No assembly required.
• Recommended for children ages 3 years and up.
• Mesh cup holder.
• If your child loves Mickey or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this little chair will be a big hit.
• more...

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Fun Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Kids Folding Portable Beach, Camping, Lawn, Picnic Character Chair.
Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Kids Folding Portable Camping, Beach, Lawn, Picnic Character Chair

• Bold stripes and big blue eyes on this Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Folding Chair provides a unique seat for your busy child.
• The sturdy metal frame is covered with thick, surface-wash material that parents love.
• Reinforced edges prevent tearing and fraying.
• Color-rich designs resist fading, even with many days of use in the sun while camping or at the beach.
• Wide, grooved plastic feet offer good traction on outdoor surfaces and protection for your indoor floors.
• Wide, reinforced arm rests feature a mesh cup holder for your child's snack or drink.
• Folds into carry pouch with sturdy strap for easy carrying.

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Children's Lawn Chairs - Kelsyus Kids Portable Outdoor Folding Camping, Beach Chair with Canopy and Cup Holder.
Kelsyus Kids Outdoor Portable Folding Camping, Beach, Lawn Chair with Canopy and Cup Holder

• The Kelsyus Kids Chair with extended sun canopy protects kids from the elements with 50+ UPF.
• Folded down and closed, the canopy becomes the carry bag with durable snap-lock buckles.
• Two padded shoulder straps for hands-free backpack-style portability.
• Converts from a quad-style camp chair into a shaded retreat.
• Built-in cup holder just like mom and dad's chair.
• Weighing only 5 lbs, the chair is easy for kids to carry and move around on their own.
• Durable steel frame supports children up to 75 lbs.
• Recommended child age: 3 years and older.

  Available Online at:  Amazon  
Wilcor Kids Animal Black Bear Folding Camp Chair with cup holder and carrying bag for children, Black Bear Character.
Wilcor Kids Black Bear Animal Folding Portable Camp Chair with Cup Holder and Carrying Bag

• This Black Bear folding indoor or outdoor chair for children includes arm rests, cup holder and carrying bag.
• Built with a high strength durable steel frame and comfortable strong nylon material.
• This animal folding chair has 125 lb. weight limit.
• Measures 24" W x 28" H x 15" D when open. Seat measures 14" across and is 11" off the ground.
• Built-in cup holder just like mom and dad's chair.
• Opens and closes in seconds and comes with a heavy duty carry bag.
• Also available in Horse, Moose and Puppy adorable animal designs.
• Mechanism on one leg to lock the chair in place.

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Purple Kids Folding Camping Chair with Sunshade Canopy and Carrying Bag for Camping, Beach, Outdoor Activities.
Purple Kids Folding Camping Chair with Sunshade Canopy also for Beach and other Outdoor Activities

• This nice kid folding chair has an overhead canopy to provide sun protection on those hot sunny days.
• Also for comfort their is a breathable mesh back to the chair.
• This chair also has a mesh beverage holder and side tech pocket that kids will love.
• For durablility this folding chair has triple reinforced durable corners and durable 13mm steel frame.
• Recommended for children ages 3 years and up. Chair Weight capacity up to 150 lbs.
• Canopy size: 14.5" x 15", seat is 10" from ground; seat size 12" x 15".
• Lightweight, strong and easy to store in included carry bag.
• Available in multiple colors.
• more...

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Redmon Kids Folding Beach Camp Chair with Umbrella and Carry Bag in Blue.
Redmon Kids Folding Camping, Beach, Outdoor Chair with Umbrella and Carry Bag in Blue

• 100% Polyester the Redmon Beach Baby Kids Folding Camp Chair with Unmbrella comes with a matching tote bag.
• Unbrella is easily removed and used separately.
• Matching carry bag has a draw string for closure and easy transport.
• Convenient cup holder and arm rests.
• Dual safety chair locks to prevent inadvertant closing.
• Child weight up to 50 lbs.
• Nice little all seasons chair.
• Customers report that chair is a lighter blue than shown in the picture.

  Available Online at:  Amazon   Ebay 
VMI Folding Chair Child Size for Kids, Lion Face.
Indoor / Outdoor Seating For Kids - VMI Fun Lion Face Folding Camp Chairs with Carrying Bag, Child Size for Kids with Locked Open Feature for Safety

• This Lion Face folding camp chair with carrying bag for children makes for ideal indoor or outdoor seating for kids.
• The VMI Kids folding chair is made of durable fabric and is extremely comfortable.
• Children of all sizes will enjoy the built-in cup holder.
• Kid Fold up camp chair includes a carrying bag for easy transport.
• Locked Open feature for child's safety.
• Chair also available in Bunny Face, Frog Face and Monkey Face.
• Good for camping, beach, around the house and even at kindergarden.
• more...

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Uquip Outdoor Camping Portable Folding Chairs KIRBY for Kids with Padded Arms, Finger Pinch Protection and Drink Holder.
Uquip Kids Camping Outdoor Portable Folding Chairs with Padded Arms, Finger Pinch Protection and Cup Holder

• Highly rated the Uquip Kids Folding Camping Chairs has finger pinch protection.
• This high quality chair has padded arms and powder-coated steel frame, along with wipeable 600D rip stop fabric.
• This chair has a robust design supporting up to 130 lbs. in weight.
• Seating surface: 13" x 10.6", height: 11", Backrest height: 26.4".
• Built-in cup holder just like mom and dad's chair.
• This children's outdoor lawn chair has wide feet to give it stability even on soft ground.
• Integrated cup holder.
• Light weight of only 4.4 lbs.

  Available Online at:  Amazon  Ebay  

Kids Folding Chair Safety Note: Never allow your child to stand in their portable folding chair, no matter how sturdy it is.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)...


1. I'm looking for a brightly colored child's folding camp chair that locks into place when it is fully open.
Well I think one of the brightest colored, fun folding chairs for toddlers is the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Outdoor folding chair for kids. This kids chair locks into place when open and kids seem to love claiming this chair as their own.
2. My granddaughter loves pink. Do you know of any kids pink camping chairs?
Check out the Butterfly pink folding chair for kids by Melissa and Doug. This chair has a pink surface wash material, a cup holder for their drink and grooved feet for stability. I think your granddaughter will love it.
3. I want to take my son camping with me, but he needs his own camping chair, not mine. He is 3 years old.
Kids love the Kelysus folding camping chair for children that has a built in cup holder just like mom and dad's chair does. The other nice thing about it is the chair has a canopy to help protect them from the sun and a light rain. It only weighs 5 lbs. so kids can easily move it around or even carry it using the backpack type straps on it.
4. I need a good sturdy folding lawn chair for when my grandkids come. It needs to be a chair that doesn't tip over easy or pinch their fingers.
Take a look at the highly rated Uquip Kids Outdoor Folding Chair with finger pinch protection. Other nice features on this chair are padded arms, cup holder, supports up to 130 lbs. in child's weight and has wide feet to give it stability even on soft ground.




When To Transition Your Child From The Crib To A Toddler Bed

Many people are concerned about moving their child from their crib to a toddler bed too soon or too late. There are some general guidelines but it really comes down to each individual child. While age and size can help provide some indicators much of it depends on the childs mental and emotional development as to when they are ready to handle this dramatic change in their life.

If the child is starting to climb out of the crib then you definitely need to start the process of moving him/her from the crib into a toddler bed. There is too great of a risk that the child can fall and injure themselves while climbing out of the bed. If your child is three feet tall or taller you should probably move them out of the crib because they are just getting too large for most cribs. Any time you feel the child is too big, or active for their crib you can move them. If the child has started potty training they may need to be in a bed to allow them to get up and use the bathroom as needed.

Most children can be safely moved to a toddler bed anywhere from 18 months to 3.5 years old. Many child experts recommend that you wait until the child is closer to 3 before moving them. This is a big change for most children, they are giving up their familiar and comfortable crib. This can make it a very stressful situation for the child, if it seems to be causing undue stress for your little one you are certainly better off to hold off and wait a little longer before moving the child.

If your toddler is climbing out of their crib yet resists being moved to a toddler bed you do have some alternatives. You could install a crib tent on the crib. This is a framework covered with a mesh like cloth that appears very similar to the popular dome tents. This mounts on the top of the rails of the crib and fully encloses it to keep the baby from climbing out of the crib and possibly injuring themself.

Whenever you do decide to move the child try to get them excited about it and carefully monitor how they are reacting to the change. There are a variety of things you can do to try to ease the transition for them.

9 Kid's Outdoor Folding Camping, Beach, Lawn Chairs At A Glance...
• Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Outdoor Folding Lawn, Beach and Camping Personalized Toddler Child Size Kid Folding Camp Chairs with Carrying Bag, Name, Message
• Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Folding Camp Chair, Sturdy Color Rich Outdoor Folding Camp, Lawn Character Chairs for Kids
• Mickey Mouse Club House Mickey and the Roadster Ranchers Fold N Go Kid Size Camp, Lawn, Beach Chairs with Carrying Bag for Kids
• Kelsyus Kids Portable Outdoor Folding Camping, Beach Chair with Shade Canopy
• Wilcor Black Bear Animal Indoor or Outdoor Heavy Duty Kid Folding Camping Chair with Cup Holder and Carrying Bag
• Purple Kids Portable Folding Outdoor Camping Chair with Sunshade Canopy
• Redmon Kids Folding Beach, Camp Chair with Sunshade Umbrella and Carrying Bag in Blue
• Comfortable VMI Fun Lion Face Folding Chair, Child Size for Children with Integrated Cup Holder
• Highly Rated Uquip Outdoor Kids Folding Camping Chairs with Finger Pinch Protection and Padded Armrests

Summer Pop n Sit Big Kid Folding Camp Chair. This folding camping chair is great for kids 3 to 5 years of age, up to 50 lbs. This kids chair has a removable canopy when up will help protect your child from the sun's rays.



Children love their own kid's size chair to sit in when outside camping or in their own yard. The Summer Pop n Sit SE Big Kid Folding Chair is a perfect size for kids 3 to 5 years old and up to 50 lbs. in weight. The innovative pop and fold design allows for set up in seconds and it, along with the canopy, will also fold quickly for storage in the included carry bag. This kids folding chair has a removable canopy that when in the upright position will help protect your child from the sun's rays while camping, at the beach or at outdoor sporting events. Kids can even enjoy the built-in cup holder on the armrest of this folding chair to hold their own drink. Some customers state that the cup holder is small so you may have to use a different cup size than normal.




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