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Champion 40065 2800 - 4750 Watt Wheel Kit with 8 inch Never Flat Tires.

Wheel Kit for Champion 40065 Generator 2800 to 4750 Watts - 8 inch Never Flat Tires...

Free Shipping

Champion Power Equipment C40065 Wheel Kit for Champion 4000 Watt Generator.

Champion Power Equipment C40065 Wheel Kit for Champion 4000 Watt Generator...

Original Wheel Kit

Champion Weather Resistant 2800-4750 Watt Generator Cover Silver.

Champion Genertor Cover 2800-4750 Generator

Weather Resistant

Champion Inverter Generator Rain Dust Storage Cover.

Champion Inverter Generator Storage Cover

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Wheel Kit for Champion Power Equipment 40065 Generator with Folding Handle and 8 in Never Flat Tires.

Wheel Kit with Folding Handle and Never Flat Tires for Champion Power Equipment Generator 8 in Tires for 2800, 3500 to 4750 Watt Generators ...

  • This versatile Champion Power Equipment 40065 2800 to 4750 Watt Generator Wheel Kit with Folding handle, Support Leg and Never-Flat 8 inch tires is made for ease of installation and takes your generator to a new level of mobility.
  • When you have a power outage you don't won't to find that the wheels on your generator cart are flat from sitting up and lack of attention. You need to be able to roll your portable generator easily to where you need alternative power at that time.
  • 8" SOLID tires eliminates the chance of a flat when you most need to move your handy generator and the folding handle along with the tires make moving your heavy generator a breeze.
  • Wheel kit comes with 2 8 inch never flat timres, foldable handle, support leg with cushions, all the necessary hardware for assembly and installation instructions.
  • The Champion 40065 has replaced the old mobiity kit, C40065 and is compatible with Champion portable generators manufactured after January, 2013.
  • Kit designed for Champion generators 2800-4750 watts.
  • Make moving your portable generator to where you need it a one person task.

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SureCan 5 Gallon Gas Can with Rotating Spout - Dispenses from the bottom.

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Champion 50 Amp RV Ready Parallel Kit for Linking 2 2800-Watt or Higher Inverter Generators Together.

Champion 50-Amp RV Ready Parallel Kit for Linking Two 2800 Watt or Higher Generators Together

Classic Accessories Large Portable Generator Cover Black.

Classic Accessories Portable Generator Cover

Large, Black






Preparing For Emergencies Checklist

The fact of the matter is that not one person knows just exactly what the specific problems that could eventually result during a major emergency. The best thing one could possibly do is to try and make themselves prepared for anything that could happen.

The following are some of the tips, advice and recommendations in order to amply prepare for an emergency. This information is taken in part from the emergency service from the California office of the Red Cross.

Water is Life, Life is Water

As much as possible, try to keep a water supply of a gallon for every person each day and one that would be enough to go on for up to three to seven days.

Water should be kept in containers made of plastic. Also, make sure that you also have filters and tablets for the purposes of purification ready and available when needed.

In this day and time you can find canned water that is designed to last for years as an emergency water source.

Store Food for You and Your Family

Food that is not as easily perishable should be stored for you and your family, and such foods must be enough to last you, your family, as well as your pets, for three days up until one week.

Examples of such foods are canned goods, powdered juices, boxed vegetables and food.

For more long term emergencies have on hand some of the freeze-dried emergency foods that last for many years and are easy to prepare for some fairly tasty meals when used.

Have an Alterative Cooking Source

It is always a wise idea to have a cooking source that could serve as an alternative besides the usual electric stove you may be used to.

Having a ready wood burning stove, barbecue stove or a propane stove on hand is the best recourse in case the electricity goes out or if gas becomes no longer available.

However, if you are to utilize propane, ensure that the tank is completely full and that an extra propane tank is also available. The same goes for your wood burning stove. Have firewood and matches available at all times.

Have A Portable Generator

Having a portable generator on hand, along with the necessary fuel to run it, can allow you to salvage food in your refrigerator and freezer, plus give you some of the other comforts of home that we have grown so accustomed too, like TV, cell phones, computers, heat, AC, etc.

It is also very important if someone in the family needs electricity to power important medical devices that are helping to keep them alive.

Collect Clothes

Have a ready and available stock of clothes for your kids and yourself as well as sleeping bags.

Have a Light

A flashlight is the item that you simply could not do without especially during emergencies. Try to consider using recharging through solar means as well as units that are cranked by hand. This is in order to avoid any future worries about having a stock pile of batteries.

Keep Prescriptions

As much as possible, try to keep any prescriptions that you or your family member may have filled. Also, try to maintain an added supply of medication both non-prescription and prescribed ones.

Contact your healthcare provider for any refill prescriptions in advance.

Always keep on hand a good First Aid Kit. It is good to have one in your home as well as your automobile.

Have Cash and Some Gasoline

Credit is good unless there is an emergency. Try to keep ready cash just in case the atm’s fail or the system of your bank is not working.

Also, it is best if you keep the gas tank of your car half full. This is so to avoid the long lines in gas stations.

Have Books and Games

During emergencies, it could be safe to have some books and some board games available to entertain yourself and your children during a power failure.

Know Thy Neighbor

It is also better if you acquaint yourself with the neighbors you have in your area. There could be instances wherein you may need each other’s help if ever the basic services are somewhat interrupted.

All in all, preparation is always the best cure against any unexpected circumstance that an emergency might bring.

The Champion Power Equipment 40065 Generator Wheel Kit

Wheel Kit for Honda Generator EU3000is -Solid Never Flat Tires - All Terrain Cart.



Rolling your Champion portable generator around on wheels is so much easier than having to pick it up to move it. Also, Never flat tires mean you don't have to worry about your tires being flat when you need them the most during an emergency.


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