FXR Recon Men's Heated Snowmobile Gloves, Battery Powered Winter Gloves
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FXR Recon Heated Snowmobile Gloves for men in Heated Clothing. These heated gloves have heating elements that track around each finger on the backside of glove providing up to five hours of heat to your fingers. Made for keeping your hands and fingers warm while enjoying snowmobiling.


Heated Snowmobile Gloves for Men. Great heated gloves for Snowmobiling.

Heated Snowmobile Gloves for Men

As you know when snowmobiling your hands and fingers can get really cold. Going really fast on a sled in 10 degree weather can be really brutal on your hands if they are not well protected ith some warm gloves, preferably warm heated snowmobile gloves. This FXR heated recon gloves for men have a 3 stage thermal heat setting that is controlled by an exterior gauntlet easy control button that is in a much friendlier location. Gloves have a synthetic fiber thermal insulation name thinsulate (portmanteau of the words thin and insulate, tradmarked by 3M) that is used in clothing for warmth. It is considered "the warmest thin apparel insulation" available. These gloves use 300g thinsulate on the back of the hand and 200g on the palm and forchettes (strip of leather or fabric joining the front and back sections of a glove finger). These top of the line FXR heated gloves shown here will allow you up to 5 hours of warmth depending on the heat setting you are using. These gloves are actually very warm even without the battery turned on.


These snowmobile gloves have a reinforced full grain leather palm and thumb and a breathable Hipora membrane liner. A Hipora liner provides a durable wind and waterproof barrier for keeping hands warm and dry. The gloves come in different sizes from small to 4X Large and in a Black color. The gauntlet opening size makes it easy to put these gloves on, especially over a large winter coat you may be using for sleding.


When you purchase the FXR headed gloves, rechargeale 7.4V lithium polymer batteries and a North American wall charger is included with your gloves.


If you have long days of snowmobiling you may want to carry an extra set of batteries with you.


You will find that these heated snowmobile gloves are a game changer when it comes to keeping your hands and fingers warm while in the snow out on the slopes.





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Places To Take Your Snowmobile Adventures...

February 22, 2022 - Snowmobiling is a lot of fun and there are many places to explore on your snowmobile. Here are a few places you might want to put on your bucket list for a wonderful snowmobile experiece:


Experience Snowmobile in Michigan


Michigan offers more than 11,000 frozen lakes and plenty of open fields giving you a diverse terrain to explore. With 6,500 miles of groomed snowmobiling trails, Michigan offers one of the most extensive interconnected snowmobile trail systems in the nation. All this is made even better with the states abundant and dependable snow.


Snowmobiling in Montana


You can chose groomed or ungroomed trails to experience the spectacular terrain while snowmobiling through Montana. Also enjoy one of Montana's cabin rentals to give you time to stay in Montana and enjoy other awesome winter activities.


Snowmobiling in Colorado


With over 3,000 miles of snowmobiling trails throughout the state of Colorado, you won't have any trouble finding a place to rent and to enjoy your snowmobiling adventures When you combine the thrill of a high speed ride while enjoying the alpine scenery you will understand why snomobiling is so popular in Colorado.


Heated Snowmobile Gloves


No matter where you choose to enjoy your snowmobile ride, you will need to keep your fingers warm. There is no better way than to use a heated pair of waterproof gloves like the ones shown here.

FXR Heated Snowmobile Gloves for  Men to provide warmth while snomobiling in cold weather. These heated gloves will keep your hands toasty warm and dry while snowmobiling the trails.



For snowmobilers the worse part is cold toes and cold fingers. For your fingers some snowmobilers choose mittens and others choose heated snowmobile gloves. Even though most snowmobiles come with heated handgrips, they only provide heat when the sled is actually moving (not just running). In addition, it takes a while for the handgrips to heat up and in the mean time your digits are freezing. So, go prepared with a pair of waterproof, heated gloves. These FXR Recon Heated gloves are top quality gloves that are well made and waterproof. They are good enough to help keep your hands and fingers warm even without the battery turned on. But, even better with the battery powered heat in use. They have 3 heat settings for your warming comfort. They are advertised to last up to 5 hours, but people who have bought and love these gloves say that 3 hours is more realistic, especially in really cold weather. So, think about carrying an extra set of charged batteries with you. Another consideration, is that once your hands warm up they tend to stay warm for a good while, so turn the gloves off to save battery life.


If your toes are also always cold while riding your snowmobile on the trail you might want to take a look at these battery operated heated socks as well.





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