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Bread Box for 2 loaves stored on your Kitchen Countertop. This 2 door bread box is perfect for keeping multiple loaves of homemade or store bought bread fresh.


Bread Keeper in a bamboo 2 door, 2 shelf double bread box for multiple loaves. This double wooden bread box will allow you to keep plenty of bread fresh for your use.

Large Two Shelf, Two Door Bamboo Bread Box Keeper for Multiple Loaves of Bread

If you are like me and like to keep different breads on hand and fresh, you should consider this choice large double bread box for multiple loaves to keep your various breads fresh and ready to enjoy. It comes with a thick bamboo cutting board and a stainless steel bread knife. This rustic Bamboo Bread Box has an adjustable shelf, a dedicated loaf cutting board and a high qualty stainless steel bread knife. While some bread boxes don't have a cutting board and others use the shelf as a cutting board, this one has a dedicated cutting board and does not require you to move the bread from the shelf so you can use the shelf as a cutting board. The bread knife and the cutting board fit neatly under this Farmhouse style bread holder on your kitchen countertop, so it is handy when you need it.


The feature that I like on this bread box is the two doors because when you open them wide you still have all your countertop space available to you for using the cutting board, vs. other bread boxes that have one door that pulls down onto your kitchen countertop.


This large bread box has carefully measured air vents that will keep your many loaves of homemade breads fresh for a longer period of time. Store your biscuits and rolls as well as your loaf bread. Top of this bamboo bread box gives you space to keep your fresh bread recipe books handy.


Never have to share your bread cutting board with meat or vegetables. Your bread cutting board and knife have a perfect storage spot underneath your large bamboo bread box so it is always handy when you want to cut yourself a slice of delicious homemade bread.


The design of this two door double bread box allows you to have full use of your kitchn countertop area that is located in front of your bread keeper.


Your precision Luv UR Kitchen bread cutting board has a cutout for storage of your bread knife and also includes a magnet to hold the knife in place. This 2 Door, 2 Shelf bread box for multiple loaves of bread is delivered in a nicely designed package so it will make a perfect Housewarming gift or, really just a Great gift for Any occasion.


Bake your homemade bread in your bread machine, display it in your beautiful multiple loaf bread box keeper, cut with your convenient cutting board and knife, Eat and Enjoy!



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Homemade Bread Tidbits...

April 4, 2022 - There are 3 main types of bread to store in your bread box:


  • bread that rises high and so has to be baked in pans
  • breads with a medium volume, like French or Rye breads
  • breads that hardly rise at all and therefore are called flatbreads



Fruit and Nut Breads

Fruit and/or Nut breads use a normal bread recipe and then fruit, nuts and maybe sugar are added. Some popular fruits and nuts are raisins, walnuts, currants, dates, orange peel, bananas and dried fruits such as apricots.


Many fruit breads, or something like hot cross buns eaten at Easter, also have spices added to the bread recipe. Some sample spices used are nutmeg, cinnamon or peppermint.


Multigrain and Kibbled Bread


Multigrain or mixed reads are made from a mixture of white or rye flour, wholemeal and may contain honey, wheatgerm, non-fat milk solids, gluten, cracked and whole grains of wheat and other cereals such as oats, rye, barley, corn, rice millet and triticale.


A wide choice of multigrain breads can be achieved by blending various nuts, grains, vegetable pieces, seeds, fruit and spices. There "light" and "heavy" multigrain breads.


"Light" multigrains have an openness similar to white bread, with oats, small kibbled grains or other wheat mixed through out the bread. "Light" breads are similar to white bread in terms of composition.


"Heavy" multigrains are characterised by small volume, dense texture and a high grain content. "Heavy" breads are similar to or denser than wholemeal bread.


Multigrain bread contains whole grains of different types. Kiled bread contains kibbled grain which is grain that has been broken into smaller pieces. Rye, corn, oats, millet, soya, rice and alfafa are many of the types of grain that can be added to make multigrain bread. The grain should be soaked in water for several hours before mixing. Unsoaked grain in bread is hard enough to break teeth. Multi-grain bread also needs extra protein (gluten) to make the dough stronger and hold up the extra weight of the grains.


Bread Boxes

Bread boxes are basically a bread loaf container that is not airtight but creates an environment between those extremes. Moisture from the loaves of bread raise the humidity in the box, yet air circulation keeps the bread from getting as moist as in a sealed plastic bag. Place your multiple loaves of bread unwrapped on the shelves of the bread box where just the right amount of air circulation is to keep mold from being able to form, yet where there is just enough humidity to keep bread soft and fresh.


If you like fresh baked bread then your kitchen needs a nice bread box to keep your loaves of bread fresh.


A bread box is available in all different sizes, shapes and materials, such as a small roll top wooden box for rolls or one loaf of bread, a large stainless steel box for multiple loaves of bread, one with doors that open left and right and have multiple shelves for several loaves and other bread items. Most bread boxes are designed to sit on your kitchen countertops.

Luv UR Kitchen large two door, two shelf fresh Bread box keeper for your home made breads and rolls. Stylish extra large bread box for your kitchen countertop with 2 glass doors so you can keep track of how much fresh bread you have available. This double shelf bread box for kitchen counter storage is perfect for multiple loaves of bread.



When you love to bake fresh bread, fresh rolls, fresh bisquits that you need to keep fresh for a period of time, then you can make good use of this double bread box for multiple loaves and other small bread items. The two glass doors on this large bread box keeper open wide and give you easy access to not only two shelves for your multipe loaves of your fresh bread, but use of the countertop in front of your bread box. Find your cutting board and cutting knife stored right under your Farmhouse style bread box and slice whatever you need for the moment. View how much bread you have left through the glass windows on the bread box double doors. This stylish double bread box comes with a cutting board and stainless steel bread knife. Everything you need to enjoy your fresh homemade bread at any time.



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Another kitchen item that is real nice to have at your fingertips is this large stainless steel utensil holder for your kitchen countertop. Stop having to hunt through several kitchen drawers looking for the right utensil when you are cooking and really need that item quickly.

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