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Relaxing Rabbit.

Why Urban Dwellers Are Flocking To Camping For Relief

Stress!  More and more people have come to understand that stress creates all sorts of health problems and they need to find a way to relieve the stress in their life.

Urban living offers a person hard concrete to walk on, few large trees, few birds and butterflies, lots of noise, few stars and lots of lights and certainly not much space between you and many, many other people.

If you are a person who likes a peaceful environment then your life is full of stress trying to make sure all the people that you live close too, work with or just drive the roads with are somewhat happy and not angry.

Your life is constantly on a timetable.  Got to get up on time.  Got to get the kids to school on time.  Got to get to work on time.  Got to go to all the after school activities on time.  Got to get the groceries now because there is no other time in the schedule. No time to just relax. 

If anyone who lives in a rural area visits the city and spends the night, they always complain about the noise.  Since the city never sleeps, the noise never stops either.

So, to get mental and physical relief urban dwellers are heading for the camp grounds.  With so many nice tents, campers, RVs and accessories to make camping comfortable people are packing up and heading out every chance they get, no matter the time of the year.

Getting a nice tent with a screen porch allows one to sit and read; bug free and care free.  Sit and listen to the relaxing melody of the birds in the area while maybe catching a glimpse of some wildlife like deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc. 

Get up to a beautiful sunrise, watch the trees wave at you and go to bed looking at the star filled skies.  And even if it is a rainy or cold day, then snuggle up in a warm sleeping bag in your quiet tent and read a good book.

With all of today's camping accessories you no longer have to "rough it" while camping out so it makes for an ideal excursion to relieve your stress from urban life.


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