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Kids Out Camping

Camping Activities That Kids Love

1. Take A Walk In The Woods Or Around The Area - Don't just walk but point out things about nature to your children. Make note of squirrel's nest or bird's nest in the trees. Point out beautiful birds or butterflies.  Talk about what type trees you are passing and the pluses for each type. For instance, some trees stay green in the winter while others dump their leaves on the ground to cover roots and eventually turn to mulch.

2. Roast Wieners or Marshmallows Over the Fire - On a cool evening then there is nothing more fun than watching a warm campfire and roasting wieners and marshmallows.

3. Tell Stories by the Campfire - Let the kids tell their own stories while sitting around the glow of the campfire. The adults may have to get things started with a couple of stories but then the kids will want to get into the act with their own stories, even if they are made up ones.

4. Another Great Activity That Kids Love is to Sing Camp Fire Songs - Music tends to bring people closer together. Singing songs around the campfire is a relaxing and fun activity while camping in the woods.

5. In the Evening or Early Morning Gaze at the Stars Together - Due to all the street and building lights in the city it is hard to see the stars at night and, due to people's busy schedules, and in some areas crime rates, people tend not to go out at night for a stroll or to look up at the stars.
If you don't know much about the beautiful star filled nights yourself then read up some before your camping trip so you will be able to point out highlights to your children.

6. Nature Watch with Binoculars - Get some kids binoculars so they can watch the birds, butterflies, squirrels, rabbits, etc. without really disturbing their natural habitat. Some children will enjoy doing this for hours. Maybe they can spot Mr. Woody Woodpecker in the trees.

7. Skip Pebbles Across the Water - If you are camping around a body of water, teach your children how to skip pebbles across the water.

8. Kids Own Tent - Get the kids their own camping tent. They will love the privacy and so will you.

9. Go Swimming - If you are camping by a lake or pond then older kids will love to go swimming. Just make sure that all safety precautions are taken.

10. Go For A Short Hike In The Area - This is a great time to teach your children some survival skills in addition to just enjoying the beauty of the walk. Show them how to mark their trail for a safe return back to the camp site. Teach them what to do should they actually get lost. Make sure they carry water, Mylar blanket, flashlight, some first aid supplies in their backpacks in case they need them. For kids, it is just fun to see what is over the next rise on the trail.

11. Paint Rocks - Paint Hi, Hello, Smiley Face or whatever on some small rocks and leave them on the trail for other campers to find when out on their next adventure.

12. Learn About Trees - Show your children pictures of trees and their leaves and then let them find that tree around your campsite or along the trail as you hike.

13. Glow In The Dark Tic Tac Toe - This is a game that kids love to play on nice weather evening while camping.

14. Take An Outdoor Shower - Kids love to do most anything that is new. Take along your inflatable shower house and the solar water heater for the experience of taking a shower in the woods.


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